Sutlej Medal Rolls
The Sutlej medal was unusual in that it was issued with four different exergues, the particular one issued representing the first
action the recipient took part in.  The four exergues were: (1) MOODKEE 1845; (2) FEROZESHUHUR 1845; (3) ALIWAL 1846;
and (4) SOBRAON 1846.  For each addition action the recipient took part in, a clasp for that action was attached to the medal.

As a result, the official medal roll overstates by one the actual number of clasps for each medal, as the reverse of the medal
reflects the recipient's initial "clasp" entitlement.  Thus, a medal reflected on the roll as a medal with one clasp for Moodkee would
actually be a no clasp medal with the Moodkee reverse.

Follow these links for good descriptions of each battle:
MOODKEE ;  FEROZESHUHUR ; ALIWAL; and SOBRAON                                                       
The medal was hard won by most. In particular those men of
the 50th Regt of Foot which suffered an incredible casualty
rate of 63% The majority of casualties occurred in the 4
battles but on May 20th, 1846 the collapse of the barracks
killed no fewer than 48 men, 16 women and 17 children.