United Malwa Contingent
In 1857, the United Malwa Contingent was stationed at Mehidpore, thirty miles from Augur in
Central India.  Following the outbreak of the Indian Mutiny on May 10, 1857 at Meerut, a
detachment of some 200 sepoys of the United Malwa Contingent was at Indore when a revolt
broke out there.  An attack was made by some mutinous troops of the Holkar, the ruler of
Malwa, on the Residency at Indore on July 1st.  The men of the Malwa Contingent when
ordered to refused to act against the mutineers and eventually began to fraternize with them.  
Being joined by additional mutineers from Mhow, they marched off to Gwalior, forming into
what became known as the Indore Brigade, and collecting a miscellaneous rabble of budmashes
on the way.  

Following reports of mutinies at Nimach and Nasirabad, four troops of the Mulwa Cavalry
were dispatched against the mutinous troops from those stations.  The Cavalry mutinied on the
way, killing Lieutenants Brodie and Hunt before joining the rebels.  They later fought against
General Polwhele at Sassiah on July 5th.

The main body of the United Malwa Contingent remained stationed at Mehidpore under its
British Officers until November 1857, when it was attacked by a crowd of Velatees and
Rohillas, together with the budmashes of the city.  The Contingent fought for over eight hours
with the rebels before the mutineers finally captured the Contingent’s artillery, at which
point, the native enlisted men of the Contingent turned on their officers, killing Captain Mills
who was in command of the infantry and
Surgeon Carey.  

Following the conclusion of the Mutiny, the United Malwa Contingent, like most of the Bengal
regiments which had mutinied, was officially disbanded.

See Major
Timins write up for additional information.