92nd Highlanders
Shortly after the French had declared war on Great Britain in 1793, the Government asked the Duke of Gordon to raise
another regiment. The newly formed regiment under the command of the Duke’s son, the Marquess of Huntly was paraded for
the first time at Aberdeen on the 24th June 1794.Although originally numbered the 100th, they were numbered the 92nd and
in 1798 and their first taste of action was in 1799 when they found themselves fighting on the sand dunes of Holland.

Eleven years later, in late 1810 the 92nd had joined Wellington’s army before Lisbon and spent more than a year fighting on
the Peninsula. After the war the regiment returned to Ireland. In the spring of 1815 following Napoleon’s return to France
they soon found themselves once more under Wellington's command and by the middle of May they were in stationed in
Belgium. They were involved in fierce fighting at Quatre Bras and at Waterloo were in the second line behind the
Netherlands Brigade when they heard that the Prussians were coming to their aid. With orders to “charge” they were
caught up amongst the cavalry of the Scots Greys and with a cry of "Scotland for Ever," they seized hold of the stirrups
of the Scots Greys and together they charged into the midst of the French lines.

They were at Gibraltar in 1854 when the Crimean War was raging and it wasn’t until several years later that they saw action
in India as they took part in the closing stages of the Indian Mutiny.

In 1878, the whole of the British Embassy staff in Kabul was murdered and there followed a period of mountain fighting in
which the 92nd were to play a major role up and formed part of the force of 10,000 who marched 300 miles from Kabul to
relive the British forces besieged at Kandahar.

In 1881,the regiment was diverted from its return home and took part in the first Boer War and suffered great losses at
the disaster known as Majuba. The 92nd were still in South Africa when in 1881 came the merging with the 75th, The
combined regiment was to be known as the Gordon Highlanders with the 92nd becoming its 2nd Battalion.
Military General Service
Egypt, Corunna, Talavera, Busaco, Cuidad, Fuentes d'Onor, Badajos, Salamanca,
Vittoria, Pyrenees, St. Sebastian, Nivelle, Nive, Orthes and Toulouse
Indian Mutiny
Charasia, Kabul and Kandahar
Kabul to Kandahar Star