75th Regiment
In 1787 the 75th Regiment was raised by the E.I.C for service in India. Its first honor was the Royal Tiger badge
superscribed "India", awarded 1807 for services in 1796-1806, including 4th Mysore war, 5th Mysore war, and 2nd
Mahratta war.

In 1835 the regiment were employed as Mounted Infantry in the first Kaffir war served in South Africa until 1843.
After  serving duty in England and Ireland, the regiment headed back to India in 1849.

After the outbreak of the Mutiny on May 10, 1857, the Regiment was ordered on the 12th to proceed to Umballa which in
a series of forced marches resulted in covering a distance of 48 miles in 38 hours and on the 16th orders were issued for
the formation of 2 brigades to advance towards Delhi. In late May the regiment was attacked by Cholera and lost Colonel
Hallifax and 29 men.

The first real fighting began on June 3rd at Badli-ki-Sarai and the 75th suffered heavy losses as part of the 1st Brigade
and spent three months fighting until  Nicholson led them through a breach in the walls. The victory, which was very costly
to the Regiment in terms of casualties, earned three VCs. After Delhi they became part of a flying column and after being
rerouted to help save Agra they took part in the relief of Lucknow. They returned to England in 1862.

At the time of the Cardwell reforms, the 75th were in Malta the following epitaph was found near Floriana barracks :-

Here lies the poor 75th
But under God's protection
They'll rise again in kilt and hose
A glorious resurrection.
For by the transformation powers
Of Parliamentary laws
They go to bed the 75th
And rise the ninety twas.

The author was Sergeant Sharpe.
South Africa 1834-1853
Indian Mutiny
Delhi, Relief of Lucknow