List of Officers and Non-military Men and their Families present
before and during the whole of The Siege of Lucknow

From "A Personal Narrative of the Siege of Lucknow From its commencement to its relief by Sir Colin Campbell"
By L.E. Rutz Rees,One of the Surviving DefendersPublished by Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, &Roberts 1858
Abbott Mrs., and child (child dead)
Aitkin, Lieut. and Quartermaster,13th Native Infantry, and wife
Alexander Clare, 1st Lieut. Artillery (killed).
Alexander J., 2nd Lieut. Artillery wounded).
Allnut , Clerk in Bank, wife(dead). and four children. (one dead)
Alone, A., Mr (wounded), Innes' Outpost and sister
Alone, B. Uncovenanted Service Innes' outpost and mother (Wounded).
Anderson Major Civil Engineers (dead)'
Anderson, 25th ,Native Infantry, wife(dead)and child (dead)
Anderson., J.C, Lieutenant Engineers.
Anderson, Mrs. Dr.
Anthony David, Uncovenanted Service. Financial Garrison
Apthorp, Major, 41st Native Infantry, Wife, and child (dead)
Archer, Mr., (Martiniere), wife, and two children.
Arno, Miss.
Arthur, Lieutenant, 7th Light Cavalry (killed).
Bailey (wounded).
Balley, Mrs., and two children.
Banks, Major, Provisional Chief Commissioner (killed), wife and child.
Barber, Adjutant, 2nd Oude Cavalry (killed), and wife.
Barfoot, Mrs.
Barlow Captain Brigade Major Oude Irregular Force, (dead), and wife.
Barnett, Mrs., and child.
Barrett, Uncovenanted Service (dead), wife and three children. (one child dead).
Barry, Mr., Uncovenanted Service.
Barsotelli, Signor, of Calcutta
Bartrum, Mrs., and child (dead).
Barwell, Lieutenant, Fort Adjutant, Major of Brigade, wife and child.
Bassano, Captain, Her Majesty's 32nd (wounded).
Bates, A., Uncovenanted Service, and wife.
Bax, Lieutenant, Second .in Command, 1st Oude Cavalry (killed in district).
Baxter, Uncovenanted Service (dead) wife and three children (one child dead).
Beale, Uncovenanted Service (killed) wife and two children(all dead)
Bell, Overseer, mother-in-law. (killed); wife and child-
Benson, Mr., Deputy Commissioner; wife and child (child dead).
Best, Uncovenanted Service, Judicial Garrison ; wife and child (child dead)
Bickers, Uncovenanted Service, (wounded) ; wife and three children
Birch, F. W., Lieutenant 71st, Aide-de-camp (slightly wounded).
Birch, Mr. H. H., Uncovenanted Service, and Miss Birch.
Birch, Lieutenant, 59th Native Infantry (killed), and wife.
Bird, Dr., Assistant Surgeon.
Bird, Major, 48th Native Infantry.
Bird, Mrs., and two children (one child dead).
Blancy, P., Sagos Garrison (wounded).
Blaney, C., Bhoosa Garrison (wounded), Uncovenanted Service, wife and nephew.
Blenman, Uncovenanted Service (wounded), and mother.
Blunt, Clerk, Judicial Garrison, and wife.
Blythe, Uncovenanted Service, wife and child (child dead).
Boileau, Mrs., widow of Mr. Boileau of the Civil Service, and four children (one dead).
Boileau, Captain T. F., 7th Light Cavalry, 2nd in Command Volunteer Corps (wounded), wife and two children.
Bonham, 2nd Lieut. Artillery (wounded four times).
Boulderson, Mr. Assistant Commissioner (slightly wounded).
Boulton, Lieutenant, 2nd Light Cavalry (killed in District).
Bowhear, Miss.
Boyd, Assistant-Surgeon, 32nd Regiment.
Brackenbury, Lieutenant, 32nd Regiment (killed).
Brandof, Mrs.
Brett, Mrs., and child (child dead).
Brown, C., Clerk, Sagos' Garrison (killed).
Brown, J., Clerk, Anderson's Garrison (killed).
Brown, W., Uncovenanted Service, and wife.
Brown, Apothecary's Apprentice, Her Majesty's 32nd (wounded).
Browne, Oswin, Uncovenanted Service (dead), and wife.
Browne, G., Lieutenant, 32nd Regiment (wounded).
Browne, Miss.
Bruere, Major, 13th Native Infantry (killed), wife and four children.
Burmester, Captain, 48th Native Infantry (killed in District).
Bryce, 2nd Lieutenant Artillery (wounded, dead).
Brydon, Surgeon, 71st Native Infantry (wounded), wife and two children.
Bryson, Alexander, Uncovenanted Service, Sagos' Garrison (killed), wife and four children (one child dead).
Burnett, Mrs., and child.
Cameron, of Allahabad (dead).
Cameron, Mr. R., of Calcutta (dead).
Cainpagnac, C., Uncovenanted Service, wife and daughter.
Campagnac, I,ieut., late King's Service, wife and daughter.
Campbell, W., Ensign, 71st Native Infantry.
Campbell, C. W., Lieut., 71st Native Infantry (wounded).
Campbell, W., Ensign, 71st Native Infantry.
Campbell, Surgeon, 7th Light Cavalry (killed).
Cane, Mrs., and three children.
Capper, Mr., Civil Service, Deputy Commissioner.
Carnegie, Capt., Provost-Marshal.
Case, Lieut.-Col., 32nd Regiment of Foot (killed), wife and sister.
Casey, Uncovenanted Service (dead); wife and five children, (one child dead).
Cataina, C., Volunteer.
Cataina, T., Uncovenanted Service, and mother.
Chambers, Lieut., Adjutant 13th Native Infantry (wounded).
Charlton, Ensign, 32nd Regiment (wounded).
Chrestien, Uncovenanted Service, and wife.
Clancey, Mrs., and two children.
Chick, late Sub-.Editor of " Central Star," Judicial Garrison, wife and two children (one child dead).
Clancey, Uncovenanted Service, Judicial Garrison (killed)
Clarke, Stanley, Lieut. First Oude infantry, and wife
Clarke, Mrs., and child (both dead).
Clarke, J. Longueville, Lieutenant Second in Command Oude. Irregular Infantry (killed in district).
Clarke, Miss
Clery, Lieutenant. Re, Majesty's 32nd.
Collins, Mr. R. M. Uncovenanted Service, Civil Dispensary Wife and child (both dead). .
Collins, W, Assistant to Mr. F. Deprat
Connell, Mrs., and child. .
Cook, Lieut. 32nd regiment (wounded).
Cook, Mrs., and four children, (one child dead).
Couper Mr. G, Civil Service, Secretary to Commander-in-Chief, 'wife and three children.
Court. Mrs., (Sergt.) and two children.
Crabb Uncovenanted Service (killed).
Crank, Mr., (Martiniere).
Cubitt, Lieut. 1st Native Infantry-(wounded).
Cunliffe, 2nd Lieutenant Artillery (killed).
Cunliffe, Mr., Civil Service (killed in district).
Curtain, Mrs., and three children
Curwan, Mrs, and child.
Dacosta, Mrs.
Dailicott, Hospital Apprentice, Her Majesty's 32nd (killed).
Darby, Assistant Surgeon, 10th. Oude Infantry
Darrah, Lieutenant, 41st Native Infantry, wife and two children
Dashwood, Lieutenant, 48th Native Infantry, (dead), wife and three children (One child dead).
Dashwood, Ensign, 18th Native Infantry (killed)
Deprat, Mr. F., Merchant (killed).
Derozario, Mrs.
De Verrine, Mr. (Martiniere).
Dias, Uncovenanted Service, and wife.
Dinning , Captain 71st Native Infantry.
Dodd, Mr. (Martiniere).
Donnithorne Uncovenanted Service, Financial Garrison, wife and two children (one child dead).
Dorin, Mrs. (killed).
Dorrett, R., Uncovenanted Service, Financial Garrison.
Dubois, Uncovenanted Service, and wife.
Dudman, E., Uncovenanted Service, mother, wife, and three children (two children dead).
Duffy, Mrs., and child.
Duhan, Mr., Volunteer.
Edgehill, Captain, Military Secretary, wife and one child.
Edmonstone, Lieutenant, 32nd. Regiment (wounded).
Eldridge, Riding Master, 7th Light Cavalry (killed).
Ereth. Mr., Railway Contractor (killed), wife (wounded Evans, Mrs. (dead).
Ewart, Clerk. Judicial Garrison.
Farquhar, Lieutenant, 7th Light Cavalry (wounded).
Farquharson, Lieutenant. 48th Native Infantry (killed).
Fayrer, Mr., Volunteer, Oude Irregular Force (killed).
Fayrer, Assistant Surgeon, Residency Surgeon, wife and child.
Fernandes (Uncovenanted Service).
Fitzgerald, W. E., Uncovenanted Service, wife, mother, and three children (one child dead).
Fitzgerald, Mrs., and child.
Fletcher, Lieutenant, 48th Native Infantry (wounded).
Forbes, Captain 1st Oude Cavalry (slightly wound), wife and three children (two children dead).
Forbes (Uncovenanted Service), and mother.
Forder W., Mr., Postmaster Post Office Garrison
Forrester, Clerk (wounded
Foster, Lieutenant, 32nd.Regiment(wounded recovered)
Francis Major R.B Commanding Muchee Bhawn
French, Uncovenanted Service)
Fullerton, Lieutenant. 44th Native Infantry ( (dead), wife and child (child dead)
Fulton, Captain, Garrison Engineer (killed).
Gabriel, Uncovenanted Service, wife and three children
Gall, Major, 2nd Oude Cavalry (killed,), and wife
Garnboa (deserted), and mother.
Gardner, Miss (wounded).
Garland Mr R, P., Uncovenanted Service, Extra Assistant Commissioner (dead) wife and child.
Garrett, Mrs. and two children.
Germon, Captain, 13th Native Infantry. and wife.
Giddings, Paymaster 32nd Regiment, and wife.
Gordon, Mr. J., Uncovenanted Service, Judicial Garrison, wife and two children.
Graham Lieutenant, Adjutant 1st Oude Cavalry (dead), wife, two children (one child dead).
Graham, Lieutenant, 3rd Oude Irregular Cavalry (wounded).
Grant, Lieutenant, 71st Native Infantry (killed)3 wife and child (both dead).
Grant, Lieutenant, 2nd in command 5th Oude Infantry (killed).
Grant, Mrs. (Sergeant).
Graves, Lieutenant, 41st Native Infantry (dead).
Gray, Brigadier Oude Irregular Force.
Graydon, Lieutenant, Commanding 7th Oude Infantry (killed).
Green, Captain, 48th Native Infantry, and wife (dead).
Green, Ensign, 13th Native Infantry (dead).
Greenhow, Assistant-Surgeon Oude Irregular Force,
Griffiths, Mrs.., (Sergeant) and three children.
Gubbins, Mr. M. R., Financial Commissioner, and wife.
Hadow, Surgeon, 5th Oude Infantry.
Hale, Mrs., and child (both dead).
Halford, Colonel, 71st Native Infantry (dead), wife and daughter.
Hamilton, W., wife and three children (two children dead).
Hampton, Miss.
Handscombe, Brigadier, Commanding Oude Brigade (killed).
Hardinge, Lieutenant, Oude Irregular Force Deputy-Assistant Quarter-Master-General(wounded).
Hardingham, F, Uncovenanted Service, and mother.
Harmer, Lieutenant, 32nd Regiment (wounded).
Harris, Rev. H. P., Assistant Chaplain, and wife.
Hawes, Captain, 5th Oude Infantry (wounded).
Hay, Lieutenant, 48th Native Infantry (wounded).
Hayes, Captain Fletcher, Military Secretary (killed), wife and child.
Hearsey, Captain W., Oude M. Pol.
Hely, Veterinary Surgeon, 7th Light Cavalry (killed).
Hembro, Uncovenanted Service, wife and three children.
Hernon, Mrs., and four children.
Hewitt, Ensign, 41st Native Infantry (wounded).
Higgins, Apothecary, Her Majesty's 32nd, wife (dead), and two sisters.
Hill, Mr. James, (Merchant).
Hilton, (Martiniere), wife and two children.
Hoff, Edward, Uncovenanted Service, Sagos Garrison, wife and child (child dead).
Horan, Mrs. (killed), and three children (one child dead)
Horn, Mrs., and three children.
Howard, B.
Hughes, Capt., 4th Oude Infantry (killed)
Hutchinson, Lieut., attached to Engineers
Hutton, Uncovenanted Service.
Huxham, Lieut., 48th Native Infantry (wounded) wife and two children (one child dead).
Hyde., Apothecarv (wounded); wife and two children.
Inglis, Brigadier, Commanding Garrison. wife and three children.
Inglis, H., Lieutenant, 41st Native Infantry (wounded).
Inglis, Ensign, 63rd Native Infantry.
Innes, McLeod, Lieutenant, Engineers.
James, Lieutenant, Deptity-Assistant Commissary-General(wounded).
Jeoffroy, Mr.,of Calcutta.
Johannes, Merchant, wife and child.
Johnson, Uncovenanted Service.
Jones Uncovenanted Service, and wife.
Jones, T. E. (deserted).
Joseph, Mrs., and three children.
Joyce, W., Uncovenanted Service, Judicial Garrison, wife and child.
Joyce, R., Uncovenanted Service, Judicial Garrison,
Ireland, G., Uncovenanted Service, wife and child,
Ireland, W.
Kavanagh, H., Uncovenanted Service, wife and four children (one child = dead).
Keir, Lieutenant. 41st Native Infantry.
Kemble, Captain, 41lst Native Infantry (wounded).
Kendall, Mrs., and child (child dead)
Kennedy, Mrs. and Miss.
Keogh, Mrs., (Sergt.) and five children (three children dead)
Kight, Mr. Fitz-Herbert, Editor of 11 Central Star; Local Sergeant Financial Garrison
Kingsley, wife of Sergeant Kingsley, and four children.
Langmore, Lieutenant, Adjutant 71st Native Infantry.
Lawrence, Sir H. M., Chief Commissioner of Oude, K.C.B.(killed).
Lawrence, Mr., Civil Service, Deputy Commissioner (wounded).
Lawrence, Lieutenant, H. M. 32nd.
Lawrence, John, Uncovenanted Service, wife and two children (one child dead).
Leach, Mr. F., Civil Apothecary, Civil Dispensary.
Leslie, Uncovenanted Service, and wife.
Lester, Lieutenant, 32nd Native Infantry (killed).
Lewin, 2nd Lieutenant (killed); wife and two children.
Lincoln, Uncovenanted Service, wife and child.
Longden, Mrs. (Sergeant).
Longton, Mrs. and child.
Loughnan, Lieutenant, 13th Native Infantry.
Lowe, Major, Commanding 32nd Regiment (wounded).
Luxted, Pensioner, Uncovenanted Service, wife and daughter
Lynch, Mrs. (Sergeant), and child.

Mahar, Mrs. (Sergeant), and two children.
Mansfield, Captain, Her Majesty's 32nd (dead).
Manton, Mrs. (Sergeant).
Marley, Mrs. and child.
Marriott, Major, Pension Paymaster, and wife.
Marshall, W., Opium Contractor (killed), and wife.
Marshall, Miss.
Marshall, J., Mr., Supervisor, Post Office, wife and child.
Martin, Lieutenant, 7th Light Cavalry (killed).
Martin, Mr., Deputy Commissioner wife aid two children (dead).
Martin, Bandmaster, P. 0., and wife.
Martiniere College, about fifty boys (a few wounded and dead).
Master, Lieutenant-Colonel, 7th Light Cavalry.
May, W., Uncovenanted Service, Engineers, P. 0.
McAuliff, Uncovenanted Service (killed).
McCabe, Captain, Her Majesty's 32nd Foot (killed .
McDonald, Surgeon, 4th Native Infantry (dead).
McDonnough, Mrs., and two children.
McFarlane, 2nd Lieutenant Artillery (wounded).
MeGrath, Ensign, Her Majesty's 84th Regiment.
M'Gregor, Ensign, 41st Native Infantry (dead).
McGrennan, Uncovenanted Service,. Civil Dispensary, and wife
McLean, Captain, 71st Native Infantry (killed).
Macmanus, Uncovenanted Service (killed).
Mecham, Lieutenant, Adjutant 7th Oude Infantry.
Mendes, Uncovenanted Service, (killed), and wife (dead).
Miller, Mrs., and four children.
Mitchell, Uncovenanted Service.
Molloy, Mrs., and five children.
Morgan, J. J., Uncovenanted Service, Artillery (wounded), and wife.
Morton, Mrs., and child (child dead).
Morton, Mrs., and two children (both children dead).
Nazareth, Uncovenanted Service, wife (dead) and two children.
Need, Captain W. W., merchant, (killed), wife and three children.
Nepean, Miss
Nugent, Mrs., Senior.
Nugent, Mrs., Jun., and three children.
O'Brien, Lieutenant, Her Majesty's 8,Ith (wounded).
O'Dowda, Ensign, 48th Native Infantry (wounded).
Ogilvy, Surgeon, Sanitary Commissioner, and wife.
Oliver, Overseer, Magazine (wounded), wife and two children.
Ommaney, Mr., Judicial Commissioner (killed), and wife.
Ommaney, two Misses.
Orr, Adolphe, Captain, Oude Military Police, wife and child.
Ouseley, Lieutenant, 48th Native Infantry, wife and three children (two dead).
Overitt, Apothecary, 32nd Regiment.
Overitt, R., Jun, Apothecary's Apprentice Hospital 32nd Regiment.
Owen, -, Uncovenanted Service.
Owen, Alfred.
Palmer, Lieut.-Colonel, 48th Native Infantry, and daughter (killed).
Parry, Secretary of the Delhi Bank, wife and four children.
Partridge, Assistant Surgeon, Oude Irregular Force.
Pearce, Uncovenanted Service, Artillery, wife and two children.
Pedron, Mrs.
Pelling, Mrs.
Peters, Mrs.
Peuder, Mrs., and four children.
Pew, Senior,- Uncovenanted Service, and wife.
Pew, A., Junior, Uncovenanted Service, wife and two children (one child dead).
Phillips, Uncovenanted Service, Judicial Garrison, and wife.
Phillips, W., Uncovenanted Service, wife and child.
Pidgeon, Uncovenanted Service Judicial Garrison (killed), and wife
Pitt, Surgeon, 13th Native Infantry, and wife.
Polehampton Rev. Assistant Chaplain (dead), and wife.
Potter, Clerk, Judicial Garrison.
Power, Captain, Her Majesty's 32nd Regiment (killed).
Purcell, Mrs., and child.
Queiros, F., Uncovenanted Service, wife and child.
Queiros. E., Junior Uncovenanted Service.
Queiros, A.
Radeliffle, Captain, 7th Light Cavalry commanding Volunteer Corps (killed), wife and three children (one child dead )
Rae (Pleader), (wounded), and wife.
Raleigh, Cornet, 7th Light Cavalry (killed).
Ramsay, Telegraph Office (killed), and wife
Rees, L. E., Mr., of Calcutta, Innes' outpost.
Reilly, Mrs., and child (child dead).
Rennick, Mrs
Roberts, Miss.
Robinson, Miss.
Rodgers, Miss.
Ruggles, Lieutenant, 41st Native Infantry, and wife.
Rutledge, Uncovenanted Service (wounded), wife and two children.
Ryder, Mrs. (Sergt.)
Sago, Mrs.
Samson, Mrs.
Sanders, Capt., 41st Native Infantry.
Sangster, Uncovenanted Service, sister, wife. and two children.
Savaille, Miss.
Schilling, Mr., (Principal, Martiniere) and sister.
Selimidt, R.,(wounded, since dead).
Scott, Surgeon, 32nd Regiment.)
Scott, Mrs., and child (child dead).
Sewell, Lieut., 71st Native Infantry.
Sequera, J., Senior, Uncovenanted Service, Invalids, and wife (killed).
Sequera, Edwin, Uncovenanted Service (killed), and sister.
Sequera, H., Uncovenanted Service.
Sequera, C., Bhoosa Garrison (wounded).
Sexton, Mrs.
Sheppard, Lieut., 2nd in command 2nd Oude Cavalry (killed).
Simons, Capt, Artillery (killed).
Sinclair, J., Merchant (wounded), and mother.
Sinclair, pensioner.
Smith, Adjutant, 48th Native Infantry (wounded).
Smith, Mrs., and three children.
Soppitt. Lieut., 4th Oude Infantry, and wife.
Soule, J.
Staples, Capt., 7th Light Cavalry (killed), and wife.
Stevens, Capt., Her Majesty's 32nd Regiment (killed), wife and daughter.
Strangways, Capt., 71st (wounded slightly), children (one child dead).
Stribling, Quarter-Master, 32nd Regiment.
Stuart, Capt., 3rd Native infantry, wife and child.
Studdy, Ensign, 32nd Regiment (killed).
Sullivan, Hospital Steward, Her Majesty's 32nd Regiment.
Swaries (wounded), wife and three children.
Symes, Mr. W., Anderson's Garrison.
Thaine, Lieutenant, 13th Native Infantry.
Thomas, 1st Lieutenant, Artillery, Madras, wife (dead), and child.
Thompson, Apothecary, Acting, Assistant Surgeon, Oude Irregular Force, wife and three children.
Thornhill, Mr., Assistant Commissioner (kilted), wife and child (child dead).
Thriepland, Clerk, Judicial Garrison (wounded).
Todd Clerk, Judicial Garrison, wife and child.
Tulloch, Lieutenant, 58th Native Infantry, Engineers Department.
Twitchern, Mrs.
Velozo, Clerk, Uncovenanted Service, wife and sister.
Vanrenen, Lieutenant, 2nd in command 9th Oude Infantry.
Vaughan, Uncovenanted Service (wounded, since dead), wife and child.,
Virtue, Mrs. and Miss
Wall, Mr.(,Martiniere).
Ward, Ensign, 48th Native Infantry.
Ward, Uncovenanted Service.
Warner, Lieutenant, 7th Light Cavalry.
Waterman, Captain, 12th Native infantry
Watson, widow of Sergeant Watson, and c (wounded )
Watson, Lieutenant, 2nd in command 7th Oude Irregular Infantry, wife and child.
Webb, P. C., Lieutenant, 32nd Regiment (killed).
Wells, Surgeon, 48th Native Infantry (wounded slightly ),wife and child.
Wells, Uncovenanted Service (killed), Artillery, wife and child.
Weston, Captain, 65th Native Infantry -Oude Military Police.
Wharton, J., Clerk Sagos' Garrison.
Wilkinson, Mrs., (deal).
Williams, St. Clare, Extra Assistant-Commissioner, Sagos'
Williams, F., Clerk,, Sagos' Garrison, wife and two children.
Wilson, T. F., Captain, Deputy-Assistant-Adjutant-General
Wiltshire, Uncovenanted Service (dead).
Wittenbaker, Senior, Uncovenanted Service, Financial Garrison, wife and eight children.
Wittenbaker, Junior (killed), Financial Garrison.
Woods, widow of Sergeant Woods, and three children, (one child dead) .
Worsley, Ensign, 71st Native Infantry.
Yerbury, Commissariat Dept., wife and two children

I am enabled, before going to press to add that the last mail (25th January) brought the news, supplied by the Calcutta Englishman of the murder
of the prisoners, Sir Mounstuard Jackson, Captain Patrick Orr, Lieutenant Barnes, and Sergeant Norton, and the death of Miss Christian.
Mrs. Orr and Miss Madeleine Jackson are still alive.