Colonel S.J.K. Whitehill
(later Lieutenant-General Whitehill)
23rd Bombay Light Infantry & Guzerat Irregular Horse
A cdv identified on the reverse in contemporary handwriting as Col.
Whitehill, 23rd L.I.  The photographer is shown as Ritter,
Molkentetter & Co., with studios in Bombay and Poona.  Whitehill in the
photograph is wearing what appears to be an 1854 India General
Service medal with one clasp (presumably the clasp for Persia given his
war services which follow).

Steven James Keate Whitehill is shown in the 1860 East India Register
and Army List as a Captain in the 23rd Bombay Light Infantry and also
as Commanding the Guzerat Irregular Horse, an irregular cavalry
regiment with British officers and native troopers.  His date of
appointment to the Bombay Army is shown as 1836.

He is shown in Hart’s Army List for1891 as a Lieutenant-General on the
Supernumerary List.  His War Services are states as:

“Lieut. General S.J.K. Whitehill served with the 23rd Bombay N.I. with
the force in Sind under Lord Keanne from 1838 to 1842, and with a
field force in the Northern Concan in pursuit of Raggoojee Bangria
from 1844 to 1866.  Served with the Persian Expeditionary Force in
1857, and present at the bombardment and capture of Mohumra (Medal
with Clasp).  Served in command of the Guzerat Horse with Brigadier
Parke’s Brigade in pursuit of Tantia Topee in 1858-59; also in command
of the Guzerat Horse with the field force under Major Honner and
Colonel Stiles against the Wagheers in Kattywar in 1859-60; and in
command of a field force in the Rewa Kanta in 1860.”