Colonel Edward Ramsden Priestley
(The Black Watch)
Ensign             27-11-1835    45th Foot
Transferred    04-06-1836    25th Foot
Lieutenant       13-01-1838    Adjutant
Captain            20-10-1843
Brevet Major   20-06-1854
Major               03-04-1857
Lieut. Col.        10-08-1858    42nd Foot
Colonel            10-08-1863

Colonel Priestley served as Adjutant of the 25th Regiment of Foot (The King's
Own Borderers), and with five companies on board H.M.S. Southampton,
landed at Port Natal, and served in the campaign which defeated the insurgent
Boers in 1842.

Served with the 42nd Highlanders in the suppression of the Mutiny in India
from 20th November 1857, including the actions at Khodagunj and Shumsabad,
siege and fall of Lucknow and assault of the Martiniene and Bank’s Bungalow
(Mentioned in Despatches). Also took part in the attack on the fort of
Rooyah, the action at Allygunge and capture at Bareilly (Medal with Clasp for

Colonel Priestley died 25th March 1868.

This cdv photo of Colonel Priestly was taken in India by the well-known
photographic studio of Howard Bourne and Shepherd and has their backmark
on the reverse.  Colonel Priestly is wearing the uniform of the 42nd Foot
(notice the trews he is wearing) and if he is wearing his medal for the Indian
Mutiny, it is not visible in the photo.