Lieutenant Richard Parsons
35th Foot
Fine cdv of Richard Parsons wearing the uniform of a Lieutenant in the
35th Foot as the numeral “35” is clearly shown on the helmet plate on his
shako.  The photographer is C. T. Newcombe of Regent Street in London.  
Lieutenant Parsons is wearing the medal for the Indian Mutiny and the
Silver Medal of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.  He is also
wearing a mourning band on his left arm, possible due to the death of Queen
Victoria’s husband Albert in 1861.

Richard Parsons was born 20th March 1838 at Licadoon, Limerick.  His
military promotions were as follows:

Ensign                        09-05-1856  35th Foot

Lieutenant                 15-05-1857p

Captain                      16-03-1870p

Major                        01-07-1881p
                         2nd Battn.  Worcs. Regt.

Lieutenant Colonel        19-12-1886

Died post 1910.

War Services:

Captain Richard Parsons was present at the attack on Jugdespore and retreat into Arrah on 23rd April 1858, also at various
affairs in the Shahabad district, including the dispersion of the rebels from Jugdespor on 18th October, their pursuit into the
Kymoor Hills and night attack at Sulya Dehar (Medal).

Has been presented with the Silver Medal of the Royal Lifeboat Institution for his exertions in rushing into the surf and
attempting to rescue, at the risk of his life, the master of the brigantine "Industry", of White haven, which was wrecked off
Kingstown, Co Dublin, Ireland in a gale of wind on the 9th February 1861.