Waller Scott Mackenzie was the third son of his Excellency Captain
James George Mackenzie, R.N., Governor of the Falkland Islands.  
Waller married Susanna, second surviving daughter of the late George
Jefferys of Battle, Sussex at St. James, Piccadilly, London, in 1864.

Waller Scott Mackenzie’s military career, as listed in Burgoyne,
Historical Records of the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders (London, 1883),
is as follows:

Ensign 11th of May 1855; Lieutenant, 17th of November, 1857. Served
with the Regiment during the Mutiny, including the action at the Kala
Nuddee, occupation of Futtehgurg, siege and capture of Lucknow, and
was present at the storming of the Martiniere and Begum’s palace;
campaign in Oude with capture of Fort Mittowlee, and action at Biswah.  
Was promoted to a half-pay captaincy, 8th of June, 1867, and shortly
afterwards appointed to the 8th Regiment and subsequently retired.  
Appointed Major in the Royal London Militia 25th of April 1877.  
Major Mackenzie had the Indian medal with clasp for Lucknow.
Special thanks to a 93rd collector who owns
Mackenzie's medal, spotted this page and provided
enough pictures to make the composite shown to the left.