Lt. Col. Alexander Ferrier Kidston
Black Watch
This picture is posted as tentatively being Lt. Col Kidston. This
speculation is based on the particular medals he is wearing in the

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who can confirm (or deny)
the identity and if it is Kidston, any other biographical information would
be greatly appreciated

Ensign                 9 Nov. 1858
Lieutenant          2 Dec. 1862
Captain              12 Feb.1873
Major                    1 July 1881
Bt. Lt. Col.          21 May 1884
Lt. Col.                  1 July 1885

Lt. Colonel Kidston served with the 42nd Highlanders throughout the
second phase of the Ashanti War in 1874, and was present at the battle of
Amoaful, capture of Coomassie (Medal with Clasp).  Served with the 1st
Battalion Black Watch in the Egyptian War of 1882 and was present at
the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with Clasp and Khedive’s Star).  Served
in the Soudan Expedition of 1884 with the 1st Battalion Black Watch, and
was present at the engagement at El Teb ( Brevet of Lt Colonel, two
clasps).  Served in the Nile Expedition in 1884-85 with the 1st Battalion
of the Black Watch, and took part with the River Column under
General Earle, and was present in the engagement at Kirbekan (two Clasps).

Hart’s Army List 1889