Deputy Surgeon
General Archibald Hamilton Hilson, C.I.E,
M.D., LRCS.Ed.
A cabinet photo of Deputy Surgeon General A. H. Hilson dated
1892 by the firm of Johnston Hoffmann of Calcutta, Darjeeling
and Simla.

He is wearing the uniform of the Bengal Medical Staff with the
rank insignia for a Colonel, the rank equivalent for a Deputy
Surgeon-General, and two campaign medals, the Indian Mutiny
medal and the India General Service medal with clasp for

Interestingly, it appears that while the ribbons are worn
correctly, the campaign medals actually attached to them are
reversed. The medal worn with the Indian Mutiny ribbon
appears to be the Indian General Service medal and should not
have a clasp and the medal worn as the India General Service
medal, which was never issued without a clasp, should have the
clasp for Bhootan.

Deputy Surgeon General Alexander Hamilton Hilson, C.I.E., died
on January 4, 1894, age 59, at Upper Norwood, London.  

His obituary is set out below:
VOL. 108, Page 77
January 17, 1894

THE death is announced of Surgeon-Colonel A. H. Hilson, C.I.E., retired list, Indian Medical Service, at Norwood, at
the age of 58 years. The gallant officer, who was in possession of a distinguished service reward, entered the Army in
1851, and retired in1891. He served with distinction in the Indian Mutiny campaign, being present at the actions of
Sahunpore, Phoolpore, Belwah, Amorah, Doomerajagunj, and Judepspore (severely wounded), granted medal.
He also served in the Bhootan campaign, receiving the medal with clasp.

He became surgeon in 1869, surgeon-major in 1873, brigade-surgeon in 1884, and surgeon-colonel in 1888. He was
honorary surgeon to the Agra Volunteer Rifle Corps, Inspector-General of Civil Hospitals, Bengal, and on retiring
from active service was awarded a distinguished service reward. Ho was created a C.I.E. only last year.