Major General
William Earle
Major-General William Earle, CB, CSI - General Staff -

Killed at Kirbekan 10th February 1885
Commissioned 49th Foot, 1851. Served Crimea (49th
Foot. Medal, 3 clasps, Turkish and Sardinian Medals,
Turkish Order of Medjidie, MID). Egypt 1882 (MID
twice, CB, Medal & clasp, Khedive's star, Order of
Medjidie 2nd class).

Buried under a palm tree on the field of battle.

Earle was the only son of Sir Hardman Earle (1792-1877)
1st Bart.

He married Mary Codrington in 1864 and fathered two
daughters (Rachel and Grace)

In the rush to cash in on the public's demand for images
of General Earle after his death in the Sudan, the
company that put out this cdv took Earle's head,
probably from a competitor's photo, and pasted it on
the body of another officer in order to make their own
photo.  Note that the individual whose body they used
was wearing the Victoria Cross which General Earle was
not entitled to.