Robert John Eagar was the son of Major Francis Russel Eagar of the 31st
Regiment and his wife Jane Oliver Eagar.  Robert was commissioned an
Ensign in the 31st Regiment on the 11 of June, 1830.  He was promoted
Lieutenant on the 25th of January, 1833.

Robert served with the 31st Regiment throughout the campaign in
Afghanistan in 1842, including the actions of Mazeena, Tezeen, and
Jugdulluck, and the occupation of Cabool and the engagements leading up to
it. (Medal) He was promoted Captain on the 8th of October, 1844.

Robert served in the Crimea from the 11th of June, 1855, and as Brigade
Major of 2nd Brigade, 1st Division from 19 August, 1855 to 17 January
1856, and was present at the siege and fall of Sebastopol and the attacks
of the 18th of June and the 8th of September. He was promoted to Brevet
Major on the 2nd of November, 1855 and Major on the 12th of December,
1855. (Medal and clasp, Brevet of Major, Knight of the Legion of Honour,
5th Class Order of the Medjidie and Turkish Medal)

Robert next saw service with his Regiment in the campaign in the north of
China in 1860, and was present at the action of Sinho and storming of
Tangku. For his services he was promoted Brevet Lt. Colonel on the 15th of
February, 1861. (Medal with clasp for Taku Forts and Brevet of Lt.
Colonel)  He commanded the 31st Regiment in the operations against the
Taeping rebels in 1862, including the recapture of Khading.
Robert John Eagar was promoted Lt. Colonel on the 30th of June 1863 and thereafter commanded the 31st Regiment for
eleven years until 1874.  Robert was made an ordinary member of the Order of the Bath in May of 1871.  Promoted to
Major General on the 25th of July, 1870, he was promoted to Lt. General on the 1st of July, 1881.

Lt. General Robert John Eagar, C.B., died at Duke Street, St. James on the 23rd of October, 1894 at the age of 83.  He
was buried at St. Peter’s Church, Leckhampton, Cheltenham.