Surgeon General Charles
Alexander Gordon, M.D., C.B
Honorary Physician to the Queen
Doctor Charles Alexander Gordon,  was present with the 16th Lancers at the
Battle of , Maharajpore 29th Dec. 1843 (Bronze Star).  Had medical charge
of  a force in an expedition in 1848 on the west coast of Africa and was
thanked in dispatch.  Served in the Indian Campaign of 1857-58 -- in medical
charge of Franks' Force in its advance to Lucknow, including the actions of
Chanda, Umeerpore, and Badshagunge; was present with the 10th Regiment
at the siege and capture of Lucknow; had medical charge of Lugard's Force,
including the relief of Azimghur, capture of Jugdespore, and action of
Chitowrah (CB, Medal with Clasp, twice mentioned in dispatches).  Had
medical charge of the force under Sir Charles Staveley left in occupation of
Tientsin, China, in 18660-61.  Being sent by the War Department as Medical
Commissioner to the French Army, he arrived in Paris on the 2nd of
September 1870, and continued uninterrupted therein throughout the siege
and bombardment by the German Army.
He was elected a Member of Council of the Societe de Secours aux Blesses,
an honorary member of the Ambulances de la Presse, and the Ambulance
Evangelique.  On the occasion of three of the great sorties and battles
around the walls, he attached himself to the American Ambulance and gave
professional assistance to wounded in the field, viz.- at Malmaison on the
21st October, Champigny on the 30th November, and Drancey and Bourget
on the 21st December.  At the fourth great battle, that of Montrelouton,
the 19th January 1871, he was present on the field in order to observe
the manner of working of the Ambulance system.  For his services the
Provisional Government created him an Officer of the Legion of Honor.