Special Notice
Sergeant Frederick Charles Macaulay
Tim is working on an article about the family and since he owns medals to his father and two brothers, it would be of great
assistance if he could locate the following:

The medals of Sergeant Frederick Charles Macaulay, Ist King Edward Horse, KIA in France January 14, 1916
consisting of a 1914-15 Trio and plaque and BSA Co Medal for Rhodesia 1896 (Sergt M.M.P)

While he would love to own the medals, this request is more about knowing the location of the medals for research purposes.
If possible he would like to have a photo or scan of Frederick's medals and to confirm entitlement. Tim would of course keep
any information about the owner confidential.

It is believed that his medals appeared for sale in David Hall List 12 March 1976.

If you can help please
contact him