Royal Garrison Regiment 1901-1905
Ongoing indexing of the men of the Royal Garrison Regiment. The RGR were a force raised in the UK in
1901 to man the Garrison posts of Gibraltar & Malta and later Canada & South Africa. The unit existed
from 1901 to 1905 and raised 5 Battalions in total, the men being numbered to around 8500. The men
in the RGR were normally veteran soldiers who had completed one period of service (12 years) and
were enlisted both from Militia units and those troops returning from South Africa as 'time expired'. In
their number they had men who had fought in all campaigns from the Zulu war to the Boer War as well
as several winners of DCM's. Their papers are often to be found separate to those of Regular Troops
and this was why I indexed these men. The partial index (containing RGR number, name, place of
birth and former regiment) can be found
HERE. Any questions on the men, or requests for service
papers, please
contact me.