WO97 1883-1913 Page 3a
This is the 3rd page of a typical soldiers discharge papers for the period from roughly 1883 to the First
World War. These documents are in the WO 97 series at the National Archives.
As can be seen from the 1st page, these are attestation documents that were added to until the man's
discharge and not discharge documents as they had been previously. The 3rd page contains a statement
of service of the man in question, this being a continuation sheet, and has details of promotions, trials,
transfers etc. and a reckoning of his time in service.

No.63777 Robert Wilson of the Royal Artillery, serving with the 1st Brigade, Northern Irish Division.
Deserts off furlough on the 28th of November 1888.
Rejoined the 4th Brigade, Western Division on the 29th of October 1889 and is put in gaol awaiting trial.
Convicted of desertion and jailed on the 11th of November 1889, his former service being forfeited.
Imprisoned from the 11th of November 1889 to the 6th of January 1890 (Bodmin Prison).  
Transferred to the 10th Brigade, Mountain Artillery as a Gunner on the 25th of August 1890.
Posted to the 9th Brigade, Mountain Artillery on the 1st of December 1890.
Granted 1st penny of Good conduct pay, 23rd July 1892.
Forfeited GCP on 21st September 1892.
Restored 1st penny of GCP on 22nd August 1893.
Forfeited GCP on 24th August 1894.
Restored 1st penny of GCP on 24th February 1895.
Granted 2nd penny GCP on 24th February 1897.
Posted to 4th Brigade, Mountain Division RA, 2nd March 1898.
Transferred to the 1st Class Army Reserve on 25th March 1898 and then to Field Artillery Reserve on the
1st of January 1899.
Recalled to the Army Service under Special Army Order due to the Boer War.
Joined 85th Battery Royal Field Artillery, 16th December 1899. Posted to 3rd Division Depot on 2nd
March 1901. Previous service lost by desertion restored.
Discharged at end of 1st period of engagement (normally 12 years) on 30th November 1901.
War gratuity (for Boer War) of £5 paid by the District Paymaster, Woolwich.
Total service: 14 years, 157 days.