WO97 1883-1913 Page 3
This is the 3rd page of a typical soldiers discharge papers for the period from roughly 1883 to the First
World War. These documents are in the WO 97 series at the National Archives.
As can be seen from the 1st page, these are attestation documents that were added to until the man's
discharge and not discharge documents as they had been previously. The 3rd page contains a statement
of service of the man in question.. promotions, trails, transfers etc. and a reckoning of his time in service.

Attested as a Private 14 July 1886. Posted to the Seaforth Highlanders from Depot on 28th March 1887.
Volunteered for service with the Royal Artillery on the 15th of October 1887 and re-numbered as Gunner
#63777. He joins the Northern Irish Brigade.