WO97 1883-1913 Page 1
This is the 1st page of a typical soldiers discharge papers for the period from roughly 1883 to the First
World War. These documents are in the WO 97 series at the National Archives.
As can be seen from the 1st page, these are attestation documents that were added to until the man's
discharge and not discharge documents as they had been previously. The 1st page contains basic
biographical information on the man, and the details of his attestation into whatever unit he was being
enlisted into. They also acted as a legal document and in instances where the man was found to have lied
at attestation he would be court martialled.

Short Service attestation of Robert Wilson, who joined the Cameron Highlanders at Inverness on the
16th of July 1886 as Number 1918. He plainly later transferred to the Royal Artillery and was numbered
Robert Wilson, born in the parish of Armadale, Linlithgow, aged 18 years 9 months on enlistment, a
miner by trade. Belonged at enlistment to the 2nd Brigade Scottish Division Royal Artillery (a Militia
unit). Wished to join the Cameron Highlanders, the notice being given by Sergt. Major William
Cunningham. The attestation is witnessed and confirmed on the 14th of July 1886.