WO97 1850's-1870's Page 4
This is the 4th page of a typical soldiers discharge papers for the period from roughly 1850 to the mid
1870's when the army began a Brigade structure. These documents are in the WO 97 series at the
National Archives.
As can be seen from the 1st page, these are discharge and not attestation documents, i.e. they were
filled in at time of discharge. The  4th page contains biographical details on the soldier at attestation and
discharge along with a description so that if at a latter date the man came forward they would know it
was him and not an imposter. Normally on the last page is also any notes made by the Chelsea Hospital
about the pensioner, such as in-pension status, death etc.  

No.4112 Private John Wiltshire.

By trade a Labourer, born in the parish of Ledbury, Herefordshire, attested for the 80th Regiment at
Aldershot in the county of Hampshire on the 24th of January 1856 at the age of 24.
His final description when discharged at (blank) is age 42 years 3 months, 5ft 4½ inches tall, fresh
complexion, grey eyes, grey hair.
Intended place of residence was Ledbury, Herefordshire.