WO97 1850's-1870's Page 2
This is the 2nd page of a typical soldiers discharge papers for the period from roughly 1850 to the mid
1870's when the army began a Brigade structure. These documents are in the WO 97 series at the
National Archives.
As can be seen from the 1st page, these are discharge and not attestation documents, i.e. they were
filled in at time of discharge. The 2nd page contains a rough outline of the service of the soldier in
question from attestation to discharge. It will contain details of promotions, sentences of court martials,
increases in pay as the man attained good conduct badges (through length of service) and is signed by
the man in question and the members of the Regimental board.

No.4112 Private John Wiltshire.

80th Regiment:
Private 24th January 1856 to 2nd October 1865, 9 years and 252 days.
Obtained 1st penny good conduct pay, 1st March 1860
Obtained 2nd penny good conduct pay, 14th July 1863
Service allowed to reckon in Hereford Militia per War Office authority dated 26th January 1860.. a further
193 days (served before enlistment).
Re-engaged at Darjeeling for term of 11 years, 3rd October 1865.
Private - 3rd October 1865 to 29th August 1874 – 8 years 331 days.
Obtained 3rd penny good conduct pay, 14th July 1868.
Forfeited 1 penny GCP, 19th June 1869.
Restored 3rd penny good conduct pay, 19th June 1870.
Obtained 4th penny good conduct pay, 15th July 1873

Further services from 30th August to 14th September 1874 – 16 days.
A total of 19 years and 62 days service.