The information given here is extracted from the medal rolls and paylists/musters of the 1st Dragoon Guards in this period. Sadly,
as a time-expired (limited service soldier) William Young left no service papers for me to find!

WO Ref.    Year & Location    Remarks

12/115    1854-1856
Dublin, Edinburgh, Hamilton, at Sea, Crimea, Scutari, Exeter  
William Young is recruited at the London District on the 28th of June 1854, he is paid a bounty of £5 & 5 shillings and is described
as 18 years old and 5ft 7&5/8 inches tall. He joins the 1st Dragoon Guards in Dublin on the 5th of July 1854 where he is numbered
as No.1725 of that corps. The Regiment are in Ireland for only a short time before they sail from Dublin to Glasgow, travelling from
Glasgow to Edinburgh on the 30th of August 1854 . At Edinburgh, Pte. Young spends 3 days in hospital from October to
December 1854 and after moving to Hamilton under Captain George Paynter, 59 days between April and June 1855. The Regiment
transit to Liverpool in July 1855 and board 2 ships for the Crimea..
‘Arabia’ – 23/07/55 to 10/08/55
‘Himalaya’ – 28/07/55 to 17/08/55
Pte. Young is on board the ‘Himalaya’ and arrives in the Crimea on the 17th of August 1855, he is however invalided to Scutari
after just over a month on the 29th of September. The Regiment as a whole is sent to Scutari during the Winter of 1855, arriving
on 2 ships..
Transport ‘Onedia’ – 03/11/55 to 06/11/55
Transport ‘Simla’ – 05/11/55 to 10/11/55
Young is plainly not well as he is sent from Scutari back to the Depot on the 11th of December 1855. He arrives at the Exeter
based Depot (under command of Captain R. Thoms) on the 13th of February 1856 and is in hospital for 29 days to the end of
March 1856.

12/116    1856-57
The Regiment return from Scutari in the first week of August and are at Aldershot until they merge with the Depot at Exeter
(where Young is serving) on the 1st of November 1856.

12/117    1857-58
Exeter, Aldershot, Canterbury, Sea, Bangalore    
The Regiment move from Exeter to Aldershot by Troops from the 1st to the 11th of June 1857. The unit establishment is
increased in August 1857, William Young being promoted to Corporal on the 6th of the month to fill one of the new spaces. The
larger unit is then transported from Aldershot to Canterbury by Troops from the 8th to the 14th of August and then to Gravesend
on the 24th of that month. The unit boards the Steam Ship ‘City of Manchester’ on the same day for transit to India.
The Transport arrives in India on the 10th of November 1857 and the 1st Dragoon Guards are at Bangalore by the end of that

12/118    1858-59
Corporal Young is present with the unit at Bangalore throughout the period, being promoted to Sergeant on the 6th of December
1858. He is shown on ‘Rifle drill’ at the March 1859 muster.

12/119    1859-60
Bangalore, Madras    
Sergeant Young is on ‘Duty’ at the June and July 1859 muster and is part of the detachment in March 1860 under Lt. Cols. Pattle
and Sayer, the remainder of the unit remaining at Bangalore.

12/120    1860-61
Madras, China, Madras, Bangalore    
The Madras detachment is assigned for service in China and departs from Madras on the 19th of April 1860 on board several
transports. After passage through Hong Kong and Talien-whan Bay they arrive in China on the 5th of August 1860. Musters show
that Sergeant Young is reduced to Private on the 20th of September 1860, the reason for this is not shown, but may have
something to do with the battles fought on the 18th of the month at Chang-Kia-wan. The 1DG passage to Pekin (where Young is
shown as being on duty at the October 1860 muster) and return to the coast to re-embark by early November. The China wing
arrives at Madras on board transports on the 17th and 23rd of January 1861 and are at Bangalore within weeks.

12/121    1861-62
Bangalore    Pte. Young remains at Bangalore throughout the muster, he is shown as receiving 1d GCP from September 1861, and
as being on duty at the October and December 1861 musters.

12/122    1862-63
Bangalore    Pte. Young remains at Bangalore throughout the muster, he is shown as being on duty at the April 1862 muster.

12/123    1863-64
Bangalore    Pte. Young remains at Bangalore throughout the muster, he is shown as receiving 2d GCP from 21 September 1863,
and as being on duty at the June 1863 muster.

12/124    1864-65
Bangalore, Secunderabad    
The regiment is on the move at the November 1864 muster, and is stationed at Secunderabad by the end of December 1864.

12/125    1865-66
Secunderabad, Bangalore, Sea    
The 1st DG are at Secunderabad until January 1866 when they are on the move to Bangalore, arriving there by the end of
February 1866. Young is in hospital at the September 1865 and January 1866 musters and on duty at the March 1866 muster.

12/126    1866-67
Sea, Colchester    
The unit leaves India from Madras in March 1866 on 2 ships..
Ivanhoe –19/03/66 to 23/07/66
Lady Melville – 06/03/66 to 24/07/66 (Young was on this vessel)
The ships land at Gravesend and then the men passage to Colchester on the 25th of July (312 men). They are joined there by the
Depot (169 men) who had travelled from Canterbury on the 23rd of July and 73 men from Portsmouth.
Private Young is granted a furlough from the 1st to the 30th of August 1866 and is then discharged (having completed his first 12
year period of limited service) on the 8th of September 1866. He is paid a 5 shilling allowance and a 5s 3d fare payment to allow
him to get the train to London. At the time of his discharge, Young was with E Troop.
The muster at his discharge gives his trade as being that of shoemaker, and his birthplace as being Oxford.  

A search of the 1881 census produces 2 men of the correct name who were born in Oxford, however both have children born in
the UK in the last years of this William Young’s career.

As well as a 2 bar China medal for the 1860 campaign, Young was entitled to a Crimean War medal with bar ‘Sebastopol’ and
appears on Roll WO 100/24 p46. The regiment as a whole earned medals to 18 officers and 346 men. The bar itself was on a
separate roll (WO 100/24 p56, signed in Turkey on 26/11/55) which denotes that it was sent to Young at the Depot.
William Young - 1st Dragoon Guards - 1854-66