Benjamin Sykes

Presented a Long Service & Good Conduct Medal in around 1879.

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L/Mil/10/219 – Unattached Lists, Bengal Army, January 1881

Unattached List No.1348
Ex 39th Foot
Aged 35 years 10 months.
5ft 6¼ inches
Fresh complexion
Brown eyes
Light brown hair
Blacksmith by trade, b. Lincoln
Enlisted 26/01/1861 at Manchester, 10 year engagement
Entered India on the ‘Jumna’, 10/11/1869
To Unattached list as Convalescent Sergeant, Naini Tal (Rank QMS) on 19/11/1878.

L/Mil/10/237 - Unattached Lists, Bengal Army, January 1900

Details as above, but pensioned. Allowed to remain in India on pension, details in Controllers of Pension Circular, No.73 of 1882.
Resident at Naini Tal.

Thackers Indian Directory 1900 –
Mr. B. Sykes, resident at Naini Tal. Agent at ‘Eaton House’ and proprietor of Waverley Hotel, Naini Tal.

N/1/315 p204 – Death certificates, Bengal
Benjamin Sykes, Hotel Proprietor, died aged 60 at Lucknow on the 14th of February 1904. Buried the next day at Lucknow
cemetery. Cause of death, malarial fever & congestion of liver.

L/AG/34/31/10 p229 – Grant of probate – Bengal
Mr B. Sykes, Proprietor of the Waverley Hotel, Naini Tal, died 14/02/1904 at Lucknow. Letters of administration to the estate of
the late Mr. B. Sykes, valued at Rupees 67,376-4-0. Granted 08/07/1904 to Mrs. M. Sykes, Widow.

N/1/405 p332
Margaret Sykes dies in 1914.. film not available.

Thackers Indian Directory 1912 –
Waverley Hotel, Naini Tal being run by a Mr. R. B. Sykes.

PRO details..

WO 12/5309 Musters 1876-77, 39th Foot

No.171 Col. Sgt. Benjamin Sykes, with unit at Dagshai. On married list, wife Margaret and 3 children aged 5y & 3m, 2y & 8m, 1m
(dated June 1876). Date of joining the married list was 29th September 1868.
Regiment at Camp Kalka on 30/11/1876 and Camp at Delhi on 31/12/1876.
Sykes is on detachment at Nowgong under Captain F.H. Chambers from end of January 1877. 39th Foot march to Jhansi.

WO 16/1702 Musters, 1877-79, 39th Foot.

Col. Sgt. Sykes on detachment at Nowgong throughout the period until listed in November 1878 as being ‘on route to Naini Tal’.
He is transferred to the Indian Unattached list as a QMS from 19/11/1878 as the QMS, Naini Tal Convalescent Depot.
Married list of December 1877 shows 3 children aged 6y & 9m, 4y & 2m and 2y.

Children of Benjamin & Margaret Sykes.

Annie Elizabeth Sykes  
Christening:  21 MAY 1871   India Office Ecclesiastical Returns-Bengal Presidency, , , India

Emily Sykes  
Birth: 25 NOV 1873 @ Peshawar. Daughter of Benjamin & Margaret Sykes, Colour Sergeant, HM 39th Regt.
Christening:  25 DEC 1873   India Office Ecclesiastical Returns-Bengal Presidency, , , India
Baptized by J.W. Adams, Chaplain of Peshawar

Robert Benjamin Sykes  
Birth:  12 APR 1876        

Charlotte Jane Sykes  
Christening:  13 OCT 1878   India Office Ecclesiastical Returns-Bengal Presidency, , , India

Frances Rebecca Sykes  
Birth:  31 JAN 1881   of Naini Tal, , , India
Benjamin Sykes - Unattached List Bengal Army 1881