Discharge Papers (WO 97/1914)

Regimental Board held at Meerut, 7th October 1874 on 3345 Colour Sergeant George Chivers, 85th (The King’s Light Infantry).
President: Capt. Hon. E.A.H. a’Court
Members: Lieut. T.W. Robinson & Lieut. E.H. Ives.

Service amounts to 20 years, 136 days of which 4 years was at the Cape of Good Hope and 6 years 8 months in India.

Discharge on account of his having claimed it on termination of his second period of limited engagement.

His conduct has been very good and he was when promoted in possession of one Good Conduct badge and he would, had he not been
promoted, have been now in possession of four Good Conduct badges,
Has never been entered in the regimental defaulter book nor tried by court martial.
No wounds or other injuries, not in possession of a Certificate of Education.

Statement of Service

85th Foot
Attested Private,     25 Feb 1854 – 24 May 1854 – Under Age.
Private             25 May 1854 – 12 Nov 1854 – 172 days
Corporal         13 Nov 1854 – 31 Mar 1857 – 2 years 139 days
Corporal        01 Apr 1857 – 11 Nov 1859 – 2 years 255 days
GCP 1d - 25 May 1859
Sergeant         12 Nov 1859 – 13 May 1864 – 4 years 184 days
Re-engaged at Shorncliffe for 11 years, 14 May 1864 – 24 May 1864 – 11 days
Sergeant         25 May 1864 – 13 May 1867 – 2 years 354 days
Colour Sergeant        14 May 1867 – 07 Oct 1874 – 7 years 147 days
Entitled to 2d GCP – 25 May 1862
Entitled to 3d GCP – 25 May 1867
Entitled to 4d GCP – 25 May 1870
Continued (C/Sgt.)    08 Oct 1874 – 01 June 1875 – 237 days
Deduct Leap Year    1 day
Total Service         21 years 8 days.

Description - Enlistment

Trade – Labourer
Born – Avebury, Wiltshire.
Attested for the 85th Foot at Devizes on 25th February 1854 aged 17 years 9 months.

Final Description at Discharge

Discharged at Netley, 1st June 1875 aged 39 years, 5ft 5 inches tall, fresh complexion, grey eyes, light brown hair, a labourer by trade.
Marks on body: Mole on right calf.
Intended place of residence: Reading, Berkshire.

Muster Search

Muster    Year/Location    Occurrence

12/8845    1853-54
Bristol    Joined at Devizes, Wiltshire, 24/02/54 aged 17 years and 9 months, 5ft 5in tall, paid £4 bounty, 16 shillings to recruiting
party. Joined Depot of 85th Foot at Bristol under Major A.G. Grant, numbered as No.3345. Service Companies at this time in Mauritius.
“Chevers” on Musters at this time.

12/8855    1854-55
Bristol, Manchester, Bury, Sunderland    On detachment under Captain G. Warde at Manchester (travelled Bristol-Stockport 25/05/54
and then Stockport-Manchester). Back to Depot by end of June (Depot to Bury by 09/06/54). 4 Days in hospital in July-September 54.
Depot to Sunderland 15/08/54. Promoted to Corporal 13/11/54 on increase of the establishment.

12/8856    1855-56
Sunderland, Newcastle    3 days in hospital April-June 1855. Depot from Sunderland to Newcastle, 398 men, 18/05/55. Captain R.C.
Bruce in charge by September 1855 after Major Grant is promoted to Lt. Colonel and transfers to the West Indian Regt.. Major J.W.
Grey in charge of Depot from 01/10/55. Corporal Chivers on furlough, 01/12/55, rejoined 31/12/55. ‘In stationary quarters’ for 10
days and 4 days of marching in January-March 1856. Service Companies of Regiment at this time in South Africa.

12/8857    1856-57
Newcastle, Preston    Draft of 261 men under Major Grey travel to Portsmouth on 28/01/57 for the Service Companies (board ship
04/02/57). Remainder of Depot (188 men including Chivers) travel to Preston on 18/02/57 under Captain Robert Maunsell. Musters
show ‘Chivers’ instead of ‘Chevers’ for the first time from January 1857.

12/8858    1857-58
Preston, Hythe, Pembroke Dock    On Escort Duty in April 1857 (Preston to Weedon and back, 30/04/57 to 01/04/57). To the School
of Musketry, Hythe, 15/08/57. From Hythe to Pembroke Dock on 21/01/58 (Depot moved to Pembroke on 29/09/57).

12/8859    1858-59
Pembroke Dock    Depot under command of Captain Montague Barton in April 1858. Corporal Chivers on ‘Guard’ at musters of 12/58,
02/59 & 03/59.

12/8860    1859-60
Pembroke Dock, South Africa    Depot under command of Captain Charles W. Hogge in April 1859. Chivers is in a large draft under
Hogge that is sent to the Service Companies on 19/04/59. After 37 days on board ship the draft join the HQ of the 85th Foot in Natal
on 19/06/59. Chivers is awarded his first penny of G.C.P. on 25/05/59. Chivers is in Durban 10/59, 11/59, 01/60 & 02/60. Promoted
to Sergeant vice 2932 Sgt. John Williams, 12/11/59.

12/8862    1860-61
South Africa    Regiment in Natal. Chivers in Durban from April 1860 to February 1861, Natal from March 1861.

12/8864    1861-62
South Africa    Chivers on detachment at Fort Buckingham in July 61. ‘Guard’ at August 61 muster.

12/8866    1862-63
South Africa    Guard in August 1862 – Chivers with HQ, 2nd, 5th, 8th, 9th & 10th Companies in Natal, remaining Wing in detached

12/8867    1863-64
South Africa, Dover
Regiment leaves Natal for Dover on several ships in April 1863 (24/04/63-07/06/63, 27/04/63-08/06/63 & Chivers on 24/04/63-
08/06/63). A Wing also travels from East London to Dover on 27/04/63-08/06/63. 85th Foot move into Barracks at Dover, Chivers on
Guard on July muster and furlough 26/08/63 to 13/10/63. Chivers at Hythe on October muster, Guard on November muster and on
detachment in January & February 1864.  

12/8869    1864-65
Dover, Shorncliffe, Aldershot    Regiment moves from Dover to Shorncliffe at the end of April 1864. Chivers on Musketry in April 64 (he
is paid 2d/day for musketry instruction, 15 shillings 2d for a 3 month period). On furlough 16/05/64 to 14/07/64 (having re-enlisted to
complete engagement on 14/05/64). Regiment from Shorncliffe to Aldershot 29/09/64 (88 miles). Chivers on ‘duty’ in October 64 and
also February & March 65.

12/8870    1865-66
Aldershot, Recruiting, Manchester, Curragh Camp    On recruiting duty, on payment of London District from 13/07/65. Regiment move
from Aldershot to Manchester on 27-28/12/65 (17 officers & 527 men) with a draft to Chester (2 officers & 98 men). Chivers returns
to Regiment at Manchester on 16/02/66. Regiment from Manchester & Chester to Dublin on 21/02/66, to the Curragh Camp on
22/02/66 (768 men). Chivers on musketry in March 66.

12/8871    1866-67
Curragh Camp, Dublin, Recruiting    Chivers on musketry in April 66 muster and at Pigeon House Fort, Dublin in May and June 66
musters. Chivers at Linen Hall Barracks, Dublin in July and August 66 musters and Beggars Bush Barracks, Dublin in September 66
muster. The remainder of the 85th Foot move to Dublin during July 66 (366 men on the 2nd, 347 men on the 20th). Chivers is at the
Royal Barracks, Dublin, at the October 66 muster and then on Recruiting duty, on pay of London District, from 05/11/66.

12/8872    1867-68
Recruiting, Dublin, Curragh Camp, India    From Recruiting duty, London District, 02/06/67, joins ‘A’ Company. Promoted to Colour
Sergeant whilst recruiting on 14/05/67. Regiment from Dublin to Curragh Camp on 13-16/07/67 (29 miles, 570 men). Chivers on
furlough 12/10/67 to 03/11/67. Regiment travels to Queenstown and embarks for Bombay on 30/01/68, disembarking on 11/03/68.

12/8873    1868-69
India (Meean Meer)
At Meean Meer by the April 68 muster. Chivers in hospital over May 68 muster, ‘Guard’ on September 68 and December 68 musters,
‘on detachment’ in February 69 and ‘on duty’ in March 69.

12/8874    1869-70
India (Meean Meer, Lahore)    Chivers on guard over April 69 muster. On detachment at Lahore under Captain L. Cooper in August 69,
back to Meean Meer by September 69. Chivers in hospital over October 69 muster.

12/8875    1870-71
India (Meean Meer, Dugshaie)    Chivers on detachment in October & November 1870 under Captains Galbraith & Henderson at
Dugshaie. Remainder of Regiment join the detachment at Dugshaie in December 1870. Chivers on guard in January 71 & in hospital in
March 71.

12/8876    1871-72
India (Dugshaie, Umballa)    Chivers in hospital in April 71 muster and ‘attending hospital’ in May 71 muster, on ‘duty’ in August 71
muster. Chivers is at Solon over October 71 muster, and detached under Captain F. White at Umballa from November 71. Chivers
returns to Dugshaie by the February 72 muster.

12/8877    1872-73
India (Dugshaie, Meerut)    Chivers is en-route to Meerut under Major Thompson at the October 72 muster, the remainder of the 85th
being in station there by the November 72 muster.

12/8878    1873-74
India (Meerut)    Chivers remains at Meerut whilst remainder of the 85th are on camp of exercise over the November & December 73
12/8879    1874-75
India (Meerut), Embarkation to England    Chivers is at Meerut until October 1874 when he is shown as ‘En-route to Bombay’. Embarks
for England on 17/11/74.

Medal Roll – LSGC

The medal Roll of the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (WO 102/4 p155) shows that Colour Sergeant Chivers was recommended
for the medal in the year 1873-74. In that year the 85th Foot had a £40 gratuity, but after £15 was deducted for 542 Sgt. Major
William H. Austin the remaining 5 men had but a £5 gratuity each. This was a bit unfortunate for Chivers who had a good claim for a
£15 award as he attained the rank of Colour Sergeant.
The actual recommendation was made on the 2nd of June 1874 – no mention was made on the delivery details.  
George Chivers – 85th Foot – 1854 to 1875