Albert Boorman

Medal : Wheeler Sjt., 1st Bn. Mil. Train, China 1860, no bars

NO.1390, Military Train. Joined 09/03/57 aged 29 & 9m. 5ft 8.25 inches tall, Fresh Complexion, Blue eyes, Brown hair.
Attested 10/03/57 at Westminster, b. Brighton, Sussex, a wheelwright by trade.

At this time Boorman had been already married for 3 years as he married a 30 year old widow called Emma Jones (nee Everson,
father George Everson, a calico glazier) on the 28th of May 1854 at the church in Plumstead, Kent. Boorman was already a
wheelwright by trade at this time and he gave his father's details as being a Plumber called John Boorman. For some reason he
also gave his age as 20, when plainly he was actually older, and Emma was also older than she stated.

Enlisted 09/03/57, paid a bounty of £2 with 2s & 6d to recruiters. London to Aldershot on 11th of March 1857, 33 miles, paid 2s
& 6d for journey. Joins 1st Bn. at Aldershot under Lt. Col. J.A. Witton, assumes the Wheeler Sjt. post straight away. Listed on
leave in May muster, no dates given. Colonel Witton goes on Half Pay on the 28th to August. Under command of Major (Lt.
Colonel from 29th September) George Robeson. Battalion to Shorncliffe from 15th to 21st December 1857.

Robeson retires on 15th June 1858. Battalion then commanded by Major Godfrey Cooper (from a Captain in 6th Bn., 15th June).
2 Troops in Aldershot by March 1859, HQ and two other Troops at Shorncliffe, musters do not contain details of which men are

2 Troops at Shorncliffe with the HQ travel to Aldershot on the 24th of October 1859. The whole Bn. (4 Troops plus HQ & Stores)
to Portsmouth on the 19th of November where they board the Troopship 'Simoom'. She arrives at Hong Kong on the 24th of
March 1860.

1st Bn. in Hong Kong under Major Godfrey Cooper in April and May 1860, at Taliwan bay in June. Boorman is on Regt. Employ in
April, Garrison Employ in May. Boards 'Albuera' on the 1st of June, arrives Taliwan Bay on the 8th of July. On same ship 24th July
to 11th of August when he lands near the Peiho. At this time Boorman pays a remittance to Mrs. Emma Boorman of £10.
Shown at Tientsin in October when the majority of the unit is at Pekin. On duty in December, the HQ of the 1st Bn. having
returned to Tientsin in November 1860 where it remains until September of 1861.

Tientsin, convalescent in June 1861. Regimental employ in July and August. The Battalion is at Hong Kong/Kowloon by October
1861 and boards a ship at Hong Kong on the 26th of November. The unit arrives in England on the 29th of March 1862 after 124
days at sea and moves to its new location at Aldershot. The musters contain reference to an officers messing bill from the
'Albuera' so it is assumed this was the ship that they returned on. In its absence the 7th Bn. has been renamed as the 1st and
sent to Canada, the returning soldiers are thus 'folded into' the other Battalions with the bulk going to the 2nd Bn.

Boorman joins the 5th Bn. Military Train, under the command of Major Joseph Salis at Woolwich on the 1st of April 1862. A
Furlough follows from the 2nd of May to the 3rd of June 1862 and on the 1st of August he transfers back to the 1st Bn.

1st Bn. returns from Canada, arrives Woolwich 24/07/62.
Boorman from 5th Bn. 01/08/62. The Wheeler Sgt. gets 1/- a day extra, £4, 10s in this first qtr. Major Hill in charge.

Duty in 04/63. Major James H. Buller takes command on 09/10/63 after Hill retires by sale of commission.

No change, still at Woolwich 1864-65

Military Train is reformed into Regional areas around March 1865. The 1st Bn. merges with the 3rd Bn. at Woolwich under the
command of Colonel Henry Bird. Boorman is now one of 2 Wheeler Sjt's, the other being 1445 Wheeler Sjt. Thomas Moore (ex
3rd Bn.). Boorman is on Furlough 20th-30th December 1865, having been listed as 'at Arsenal' from July to December.

Garrison Duty in June 1866, Regimental Employ in August & September, Regimental Duty in October and February 1867. A 3rd
Wheeler Sjt. in the shape of 791 Henry Robinson joins from Aldershot on the 11th of November 1866.

Regimental Employ in June 1867, Robinson to Aldershot on the 8th of September 1867. Boorman with a large amount of the
Woolwich men is shown as 'From Payment of Capt. Bryson 1st October 1867', no explanation is given for this. Furlough from the
1st to 30th of December 1867.

Married List appears in Musters, Boorman is shown as married to Emma, date as of 28th May 1854, no children. Re-engaged at
Woolwich, aged 41 & 8 months on 22nd February 1869. Paid £3 4s in lieu of free kit, £2 bounty and £1 marching money.

Listed in musters as 16th Troop at Woolwich on 1st December 1869. Transfers to A.S.C. on 15th February 1870 and joins
Woolwich (Transport Branch) Division as No.269, by the 14th February 1870  he is however at Aldershot.

On the 20th of September 1870 at Aldershot Emma Boorman dies of 'natural causes'. The death certificate in the Farnham district
(Frimley sub-district) shows that she was 47 at her time of death, and the information was supplied to the registrar by W.H.
Bailey, the deputy Coroner for North Hampshire, after an inquest held on the 22nd of September. By this time the other Wheeler
Serjeant is 852 Henry Spinks. Both men are actually classed as 2nd Class Staff Sergeants from the 1st of March 1870.

No details

From 01/03/73 Boorman is on an extra sixpence per day. By this period the muster rolls carry very little detail, however his
medical documents show that Boorman had gone to Woolwich on the 3rd of May 1873 and did not return to Aldershot.
The medical documents of Boorman also show he undertook a medical examination on the 10th of May 1873 by Staff Surgeon
Thomas Moriarty which showed his physical condition as:-
Height 68.25 inches
Circumference of Chest 44 inches
Weight 180lbs
Brown hair, pulse of 78 beats, respiration at 18 breaths per minute, muscular development was very good, habits regular,
Conduct good, Temperate. His medical papers also show that he was re-vaccinated on the 22nd of January 1877.  

WO 97/2148.
2nd Class Staff Sergeant Albert Boorman of the Army Service Corps appears on a Regimental Board at Woolwich on the 19th of
March 1878. The 3 members of the Board were all officers of the Commissariat & Transport Corps, namely Deputy Commissary
(ranked as Captain) George Ramsey and Assistant Commissaries (ranked as Lieutenant) Francis Russell Gossett & George Gunn
The Board recognised his 21 years and 10 days of service (2 years 4 months in China being his only foreign service) and that he
had claimed discharge and pension after a second term of limited engagement. Boorman's conduct was shown as very good, and
that had he not have been promoted he would have been in possession of 5 Good Conduct Badges (1d on 10th March 1860, 2d
on 10th March 1865, 3d on 10th March 1870, 4d on 10th March 1873 & 5d on 10th March 1878). Boorman was also shown as
being in possession of a China War medal and a Long Service and Good Conduct medal with a gratuity of £5 per year. He did not
have a School Certificate.

He was finally discharged on the 2nd of April 1878, a total service of 21 years and 24 days, giving his intended place of residence
as 82 Sandy Hill, Plumstead, Kent.

The 1881 Census finds Boorman still at the address he gave on his discharge documents, however the person who compiled the
records misread the name and he ended up as Bowman, also by this time he had remarried:-

Dwelling:    82 Sandy Hill Rd
Census Place:    Plumstead, Kent, England
Source:    FHL Film 1341176     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 0750    Folio 87    Page 7
Marr    Age    Sex    Birthplace
Albert BOWMAN    M    54     M    Brighton, Sussex, England
Rel:    Head
Occ:    Coach Builder
Amelia BOWMAN    M    53     F    Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
Rel:    Wife

1st Wife's Birth Information:-

Sex:  F  

Event(s): (IGI)
Christening:  29 Dec 1822  
Saint Leonards, Shoreditch, London, England  

Father:  George EVERSON  
Mother:  Martha  

1st Wife's previous Marriage:-

Sex:  F  

Marriage(s): (IGI)
Spouse:  Joseph JONES  
Marriage:  13 Sep 1841  
Saint John The Baptist, Shoreditch, London, England  
Albert Boorman - Military Train & ASC - Served 1857 to 1878