There follows a transcription of a memorial in Exeter Cathedral, sent to me by Phillip Maddocks.
Erected 1860 By The Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers And Privates
of the 9th Queens Royal Lancers  Who Served With The Regiment In India
In Memory Of Their Comrades
Who Fell There In The Service Of Their Country
Killed In Action or Died Of Wounds
Brevet Lieut-Colonel Robert A Yule
Captain Lucius J  French
Captain Thomas W H Hutchinson
Horatio Lindsey
John Crews
James Kelly
Samuel Newman
John Bishop
William J Reed
Henry Ladbrook
Andrew Cray
William Rimel
James White
Alfred Leech
Joseph Shepherd
Farrier George Crittenden
Samuel Allison
Daniel Arnold
John Burns
William Bowling
William Clark
William Clayton
Hugh Daily
Edward Durtnall
John Dyson
James Fairweather
Henry Frampton
John Gardiner
John Giles
James Goff
John Hartley
Edward Harrison
Thomas King
Thomas Martin
George Matthews
James Mitchell
George J Prangnell
James Peckham
John Purcell
Francis Rudland
John Stillman
George Stanley
Henry Turner
James Upton
John White
John Weedon
John Wells

Died From Effects Of Climate
Brevet Major Octavius H St George Anson
Brevet Major William Hamilton
Trumpeter-Major Edward Harper
Josiah Carter
Henry Horwood
William Richards
Charles Jackson
Frederick W Tills
William H Beecham
William Parker
Thomas Collins
John Roberts
James Beckley
William Saunders
George C Newman
James Lee
John E S Shaw
Thomas Peacock
Joshua Dunn
James Avery
Charles Baker
Edward Bulman
Henry Corner
Michael Corkery
Henry Clark
Charles Churchill
Alfred Coombes
William Davies
William Elvey
Thomas Forrester
James Fowkes
William Fowkes
William Griffiths
Robert Greenfield
John Hutching
William Howard
Henry Howland
George Hopkins
Thomas Hunt
Henry J Hibbitt
William R Harris
Thomas Josh
Edwin M Lewis
John Lewis
William H Morris
John Miller
Henry Martin
Walter Newell
Robert Newell
Michael O’Brien
George Parker
Thomas Robinson
John Reynolds
William Smith
Jesse Standen
Frederick T Smith
James Smithers
Samuel Tapsell
Joseph Taylor
James Thomas
Henry Tickner
George Welsh,
John Wright
John Woods
Thomas Williams
William Wright
Henry White
Charles Ward
Robert White
Exeter Memorial - 9th Lancers