Casualty Rolls
More will be added as time permits. Any comments or additions would be welcome.
Casualty Rolls of the Crimean War of 1854-56. Extracted from the London Gazettes of the period
and first published in book by Cook & Cook. These are mostly second-hand details of battle
casualties (not disease) and are not renowned for accuracy, however they are a good starting
point. I have added in a few details taken from musters and Depot books and changed the rolls
from Regimental order to Surname order.

A-C  D-F  G-I  J-L  M-O  P-R  S-U  V-Z
Casualty Rolls of the South African Campaign of 1877-79 (the Zulu War). Extracted from the work
by Tavender which was published in a Regimental and Rank order -
here it is listed by surname.
These casualties are Battle casualties, not those who died of disease.
Casualty Roll for the Afghan Campaign 1878-1880 - here it is listed by surname.