About Me
Born in the mid-sixties I grew up playing with toys that always had a military theme.. no surprise that I
ended up in the Army. I am still serving and am currently attached to an RA unit on the Salisbury Plain
training area. I am married with 3 of the best kids anyone could want (Liam, Ellianne & Tamsin by name)
and my passion is for research in the Victorian Military era. I compiled the Roll of the Indian Mutiny Medal
1857-59 (British Forces) and that of the 2nd China War of 1856-60 some years ago and have since
completed a similar roll on the Imperial Yeomanry in the Boer War. I have a lot of on-going work as well,
including the Rolls for the Pegu campaign of 1852-53 and the Roll of the Royal Garrison Regiment (1901 on).

I am an active researcher at the National Archives where I try to attend on a weekly basis - I can do
research for anyone who wants a fast turn-around as long as you are willing to buy me a pint and pay some
of the petrol! I also collect Victorian Military medals, mostly IGS54 medals with bars to Pegu, Persia and
Perak, QSA's,  and enjoy researching the men who gained these awards.  

Member of the OMRS (#5750).

In the photo above, I am at the back minus helmet.. this was 1988 and I have lost a few hairs on my head
since then!