1870's Discharges
I have been databasing for some time now the indexes to the discharges of soldiers in the 1871-1879
period. This is a difficult period for the genealogist/military researcher as a lot of the soldiers were on
short service engagements (5 to 7 years) and a lot of the papers of these men do not exist. As such,
not only might men have served between census takings in 1871 & 1881 and the researcher may be
non the wiser, but even known soldiers cannot be found as the regiment is not known.

In my index I have kept it simple, Names, Regiments and Year of discharge are all I have.. but for
now all I am putting on line is the names. This may seem a waste of time for some names (Smith,
Jones etc.) but space is limited and I am only an email away (KevinAsplin@aol.com) for further
research. If someone just wants the basic information I am happy to provide for a small fee (a few
beers after hundreds of hours of work is not exactly exploitation!).

To date I have just over 50,000 men from the Dragoon Guards, Foot Guards and 1st to 60th
Regiments of Foot. More to follow, but I am taking a break to do something else!
Names are sorted Alphabetically as follows:-

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