Thomas Southwood
Queen’s South Africa medal no clasp
Bosn T.G. Southwood, RN HMS Niobe

Built Vickers, Barrow, laid down December
1895, completed December 1898.

Length 435 feet pp 462 feet 6 inches overall,
beam 69 feet, draught 25 feet 6 inches,
displacement 11,00 tons load. Crew 677.

2 shaft triple expansion engines,
16.500/18,000 ihp, 20/20.5 knots
6in gun shields, 4.5-2in decks, 16 x 6in Mk
VII (16 x 1), 14 x 12pounder (14 x 1), 3 x
3pounder (3 x 1), 2 x 18in TT

1910 Sold to Canadian Government.
1914 North America and West Indies Station.
October 1915 Depot ship at Halifax.
6 December 1917 Damaged by ammunition
1922 sold for scrap.
Southwood was born Jul 10th, 1861 in
Paddington, Middlesex. He signed up for 10
yrs on his 18th birthday seems to have served
continuously until 1912.

In the 1881 census he was shown as an
unmarried 19 year old AB aboard "Cleopatra"
In the 1901 census he shows up as on board
Niobe (with 666 others) stationed at
Gibraltar and his marital status is M.