George Paine

Egypt Medal, with clasp for
Alexandria 11th July to G Paine
Armrs Crew  H.M.S. Monarch

George Paine was born on Nov 24,
1862 in Southsea Hants. He enlsited
Sept 1881 and served in dozens of
ships during his career which ended
initially in 1907. His service record
also makes mention of 2 months
service in 1914.

Paine held the Chief Armourer's
rating when he was pensioned onshore
and earned a LSGC in August 1901.

Pictured below is a sketch of HMS
Monarch from the Illustrated London
News July 15, 1882.

She was built in 1868 carried a crew
of 575 and had a speed of 14.9
Knots. She weighed 8,332 tons, was
330 feet long with a 57.5 foot beam
and a 24.2 foot draught