John Mitchell
Africa General Service 1902, E.VII.R., one clasp, Somaliland 1902-04
(J. Mitchell, Car. Mte., H.M.S. Hyacinth.); Naval Long Service & G.C., E.VII.R. (John Mitchell, Car. Mte., H.M.S. Resolution.),
John Mitchell was born Oct 29, 1858 in Appledore Devon.
He joined the service as a shipwright in March 1888 and
signed on for 12 years.He extended his length of service in
1900, was awarded the LSGC in 1903 and was pensioned in
In 1904 the Hyacinth, led a squadron of three ships which
took part in the Somaliland campaign. On 20th April the
Hyacinth, and HMS Fox arrived off the Gulluli River after
dark, and on the following day a small landing party went
ashore under Flag-Captain Hood. 125 men of the Hampshire
Regiment accompanied the sailors. The brigade advanced
upon Fort Illig in face from a brisk fire from rifles, and
two old fashioned cannon loaded with mixed iron, and
finally carried the place at the point of the bayonet.

The Hyacinths’ subsequently cleared the village and some
caves at the bottom of the cliffs. The enemy left between
60 and 70 dead, and the British re-embarked with a loss of
3 killed and 11 wounded. Fort Illig was then reduced, and
the British ships withdrew.
H.M.S. Hyacinth

Displacement -
5650 tons
Dimensions -
She was built by
London & Glasgow
Co,. in 1898 and
was sold  for scrap
in 1923.

538 medals to ship
(out of a total of