O.S. Leishman
Queen’s South Africa Medal with 4 clasps Relief of Mafeking, Defence of
Kimberley, Orange Free State,Transvaal..1476 Pte. O. S. Leishman. Cape PD 1

King’s South Africa Medal with 2 clasps South Africa 1901,  South Africa
1902.. 1476 Pte. O. S. Leishman. CP Dist 1

1914-15 Star...Lt. O.S. Leishman Hartigan’s Hse

British War Medal Lt. O.S. Leishman

Victory Medal Bilingual ..Lt. O.S. Leishman
Unusual to see both a "Defence" and "Relief" clasp on the same medal.

In the Cape Police he served in "B" Squadron, OC Major W.E. Ayliff

Hartigan’s Horse raised by Major M.M. Hartigan, a serving officer of the South African
Police, in the Eastern Province of the Cape in 1915. He was allowed to recruit a squadron
from the Police personnel of his district. The regiment served with the Southern force
during the invasion of G.S.W.A. and in 1916 became the 9th S. A. Horse (Hartigan’s
Horse) and served throughout the campaign in German East Africa.

Leishman was a Lieutenant with No 1 Troop, B Squad