Charles Frederick Clark
Queen's South Africa Medal with  1 clasp,
Cape Colony
C.F. Clark, P.O. 1st Cl., H.M.S. Barrosa.

Petty Officer 1st Class Charles Frederick
Clark was born at Devonport on Boxing Day
1864 and was employed as a Clerk when he
joined the Royal Navy. He joined the Royal
Navy on his sixteenth Birthday and completed
two years boy service rejoining to complete
service for a pension in 1892. Discharged
"dead" at the Royal Naval Hospital at
Stonehouse on 11 October 1902.

Medals to Barrosa were earned during the
period 11th October 1899 to 8th March 1901.
Only 31  medals with single clasp issued to this
ship out of a total of 158.
The award of the Cape Colony clasp
relates to incidents where a
detachment under Lt. Bloomfield went
ashore at Port Elizabeth on 10
December 1900 for the local defence
of the port following a renewed
attempt by the Boers to invade the
Cape Colony. They returned to the ship
on the 16th but Bloomfield's
detachment landed again on 10 January
1901 where they appear to have stayed
until shortly before Barrosa sailed
back to Plymouth via Simonstown.
To the left is HMS Impregnable. In 1862 she was
established as a new training ship. It was on this
ship that Clark began his career along with many
other boys his age and on which he was recorded in
the 1881 census.