John Bowyer
Egypt Medal, clasps Suakin 1885 and Tofrek, to J.
H.Bowyer, Pte. R.M.L.I.

John Henry Bowyer was born in Oct 1865 and
enlisted in Feb 1883. Bowyer was wounded while
serving with the Naval Brigade in East Africa.

In August 1895, HMS Blonde commanded by
Commander Henry M. Festing , was one of a
squadron of five ships under Rear-Admiral H.H.
Rawson, with his flag in “St George,” which took
part in the punitive expedition against M’Buruk bin
Rashid, Chief of M’Wele, who had failed to comply
with an ultimatum on the subject of obedience.  On
august 12th a Naval Brigade, 400 strong, started
inland from Mombassa, accompanied by about 1000
porters and Soudanese troops, and commanded by
the Rear Admiral in person.  After some resistance
the British force rushed the British stockades, and
though M’Buruk escaped, two of his sons were
killed.  The British lost 3 killed and 11 wounded.