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Nominal Rolls
This is a copy of the index held at the National Archives, London, of the service papers held in the series WO 131. This series is for pensions granted at a later date to that at which the man was discharged, generally they are from men who served prior to the 1883 period. I'm grateful to Ted Beard for transcribing this copy from the original NA copy.
The index states Surname, First Name, Regimental Number, Rank on discharge, Regiment/Corps.
Abdilla, Salvatore, 147, RMF Art
Abel, William, 587, Private, 50th Foot
Abela, Domenico, 887, Gunner, RMF Art
Abela, Giovanni, 132, RMF Art
Abraham, George, 182, Private, 73rd Foot.
Abraham, Joe, 285, Private, 3rd WIR
Accruma, Maurice, 33, Gunner, RA
Accum, John, 344, 3rd WIR
Ackland, Charles, 889, Drummer, 3rd WIR
Adams, George, 1209, Private, 24th Foot.
Adams, George, 462, Private, 91st Hldrs.
Adams, James, 2168, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Adams, John, 2949, Private, 35th Foot.
Adams, John, 2603, Corporal, 70th Foot.
Adams, Johnethen, 318, Corporal, Cape Mtd. Rifles
Adams, William, 1301, Col. Sgt., 3rd Rifle Bde.
Addison, Richard, 1927, Private, R. Canadian Rifles
Agius, Giovanni, 818, Gunner, RMF Art
Agius, Guisseppi, 279, Gunner, RMF Art
Agius, Guisseppi, 881, Gunner, RMF Art
Agius, Orgelo, 1095, Gunner, RMF Art
Agius, Pelicius, 707, Sergt., RMF Art
Agius, Rosario, 127, RMF Art
Agius, Speridione, 396, Gunner, RMF Art
Agius, Vincente, 784, Gunner, RMF Art
Agness, William, 1635, Sergt., 6th DGds
Ahern, Edward, 988, Sergt., 10th Hussars
Ahern, Joseph, Private, Royal Dublin Fus.
Aherne, Thomas, 3139, Private, 1st Bt 22nd Foot
Ainsworth, William, 4453, Private, 50th Foot
Airlie, William, 3597, Private, 72nd Hldrs.
Aitchison, John, 322, Sapper, RE
Albert, John, 1349, Private, 6th DGds
Alcock, John, 833, Private, 72nd Foot
Alcock, William, 701, Private, 42nd Foot
Aldous, Richard, 1137, Private, 1st DGds
Alexander, George, 387, L/Cpl, 7th DGds
Alfonso, Vincenzo, 162, Gunner, RMF Art
Alfsandri, Antonio , 1169, Gunner, RMF Art
Alger, Robert , 649, Private, 85th Light Inf
Allan, Andrew , 2018, Private, 11th Hussars
Allen, Andrew, 1815, Sgt, 47th Foot
Allen, Christopher, 266, Private, 4th WIR
Allen, Frederick, 1544, Col/Sgt, 2nd Bt 16th Foot
Allen, George, 754, Cpl, 97th Foot
Allen, George, 1774, Private, Mil Train In Ireland
Allen, John, 14, Sgt, 2nd Bt 8th Foot
Allen, Robert , 2825, Private, 43rd Lt Inf
Allen, Robert , 698, Private, 6th DGds
Allen, William, 1886, Sgt, 11th Foot
Allen, William, 627, Sgt, 2nd DGds
Alleyne, Isaacs, 13, Sgt, 5th WIR
Allison, Robert, 1128, Cpl, Res Batt 9th Foot
Allman, William , 1736, Private, 25th Foot
Allows, Samuel, 1747, 25th Foot
Allsop, John  , 2418, Private, 65th Foot
Allsop, William, 4169, Private, 6th Foot
Allt, William, 2587, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Almanza, Guisseppi, 89, RMF Art
Alsip, John, 1532, Private, 84th Foot
Alson, Edward, 2543, Private, 53rd Foot
Alston, Joseph, 3313, Private, 72nd Highs
Alwood, John, 1867, Private, 3rd Lt Dragoons
Amato, Guisseppi, 858, RMF Art
Ambrose, James, 1177, Private, 67th Foot
Ammon, George, 3653, Private, 33rd Foot
Anderson, Charles, 2952, Private, 31st Foot
Anderson, George, 9048, Gunner, Depot RA
Anderson, Isaac, 1134, Private, 5th D Gds
Anderson, John, 1703, Private, 11th Hussars
Anderson, John, 350, Cpl, 6th D Gds
Anderson, Saul, 374, L/Cpl, 4th WIR
Andrews, Henry, 1253, Private, 2nd Bt 1st Foot
Andrews, John, 1262, Sgt, 4th Lt Dragoons
Andrews, Thomas, 3378, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Andrews, Thomas, 2676, Private, 45th Foot
Andrews, Thomas, 1096, Private, 94th Foot
Andrews, William, 750, Private, 15th Hussars
Angell, John, 1193, Col/Sgt, 2nd Bt 17th Foot
Angrove, John, 2280, Gunner, RA
Annetts, George, 803, Private, 45th Foot
Anthoney, William, 787, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Aquilina, Angelo, 206, Gunner, RMF Art
Aquilina, Carmezo, 108, Gunner, RMF Art
Aquilina, Giohino, 306, Gunner, RMF Art
Aquilina, Giovanni, 43, Gunner, RMF Art
Aquilina, Guisseppi, 777, Gunner, RMF Art
Aquilina, Guisseppi, 676, Gunner, RMF Art
Aquilina, luigi, 1115, Gunner, RMF Art
Aquilina, Michele, 186, Gunner, RMF Art
Aquilina, Tomaso, 68, Gunner, RMF Art
Aquilina, Vincenzo, 629, Gunner, RMF Art
Aquilina, Vincenzo, 338, Gunner, RMF Art
Aram, Eugene, 1071, Private, 3rd WIR
Archer, James, 287, Private, 3rd WIR
Archer, Thomas, 2663, Private, 1st Bt 23rd Royal Welch Fus
Arena, Guisseppi, 431,  Act/Sgt/Maj, RMF Art
Ares, Angelo, 974, Shoe/Smith, 4th Bde RA
Argent, Julien, 1105, Private, 8th Foot
Armstead, John, 3214, Private, 56th Foot
Armstrong, John, 630, Sgt, 9th Lancers
Armstrong, John, 3083, Col/Sgt, "61st Foot (also No.2260,  74th Foot)"
Armstrong, Joseph, 2310, Private, Not stated
Armstrong, Patrick, 1500, Private, "99th Foot (also No.3992,  unit not stated)"
Arnsfield, John, 1351, Private, "3rd Foot (also No.1491,  unit not stated)"
Arthur, Peter, 1766, Private, 26th Foot
Artingshall, John, 1067, 1st Bt 22nd Foot
Artiuasio, Antonio, 163, Gunner, RMF Art
Arundel, Philip, 418, Cape Mtd Rifles
Arundel, Robert, 4787, Bugler, 2nd Bt Rifle Bde
Asciach, Giovanni, 422, Gunner, RMF Art
Ash, James, 1132, Private, 9th Lancers
Ashe, Michael, 799, St Helena Inf
Ashwell, John, 582, 14th Lt Dragoons
Ashworth, Robert , 296, 1st Bt 10th Foot
Askin, Richard, 1146, Cpl, 2nd Bt16th Foot
Aspray, Mathew , 4429, Private, 50th Foot
Atherton, Eluid, 259, Private, Mil Store Staff Corps
Atheson, David, 1082, Shoe/Smith, RA
Atheson, James, 201, Cpl, 7th Hussars
Athinson, George, 821, Cpl, 9th Lancers
Atkinson, John, 812, Drummer, 3rd WIR
Attandsio, Guiseppi, 15, Dillon Regt
Attaro, Eugenio, 433, Sgt, RMF Art
Attaro, Giovanni, 374, RMF Art
Attaro, Guisseppi, 1369, Trumpeter, RMF Art
Attaro, Guisseppi, 380, Gunner, RMF Art
Attaro, Michele, 684, Gunner, RMF Art
Aualle, Litterio, 23, Royal Scilian Vols
Audibert, Luigi, 145, RMF Art
Audin, James, 1375, Private, 13th Hussars
Auger, Thomas, 2605, Private, 51st Lt Inf
Aughey, Joseph, 2040, Private, 81st Foot
Austen, Isaac, 489, Private, 1st D Gds
Austen, Thomas, 666, Private, 81st Foot
Austin, George, 2917, Private, 56th Foot
Austin, James, 762, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Auton, George, 2917, Private, 78th Highs
Avalli, Guisseppi, 460, Gunner, RMF Art
Averell, Isaac, 3909, Private, 76th Foot
Avery, James, 1231, 10th Hussars
Avey, Charles, 1315, 14th Lt Dragoons
Axisa, Georgio, 1105, Gunner, RMF Art
Azzoparoo, Andrea, 105, RMF Art
Azzoparoo, Antonio, 1113, Gunner, RMF Art
Azzoparoo, Antonio, 1329, Gunner, RMF Art
Azzoparoo, Guiseppi, 764, RMF Art
Azzoparoo, Michele, 411, RMF Art
Azzoparoo, Michelo, 943, Gunner, RMF Art
Azzoparoo, Salvatore, 1011, Arm/Sgt, RMF Art
Azzoparoo, Salvatore, 1099, Gunner, RMF Art
B    ?, Antonio, 292, Gunner, RMF Art
Baare, James, 1138, Cpl, 85th Lt Inf
Babb, Francis, 586, 75th Foot
Babone, Rah , 1009, Private, 3rd WIR
Backer, William, 1851, Gnr/Dvr, 10th Bt RA
Backhouse, George, 4445, Sgt, RA
Badcock, Edward, 880, Private, 2nd D Gds
Badder, James , 1425, Private, 14th Lt Dragoons
Baden, William , 2157, Private, 43rd Lt Inf
Badge, Edward, 3272, Private, Woolwich Mil Train
Baggott, George , 2913, Private, 35th Foot
Bailey, James, 781, Private, 2nd Life Gds
Bailey, James, 1127, Private, RA
Bailey, James, 381, Private, St Helens Inf
Bailey, Joseph, 512, Private, 4th WIR
Bailey, Prince, 576, Private, 5th WIR
Bailey, Richard, 595, Private, 6th WIR
Bailey, Thomas, 3424, Private, Depot 51st Foot
Bailie, Peter, 2266, Private, 65th Foot
Bain, James, 548, Sgt, 1st Bt 25th Foot
Bainbridge, John, 1737, Private, 11th Hussars
Bainbridge, Thomas, 3429, Private, 82nd Foot
Baines, Edward, 240, Private, 4th WIR
Baird, Angus, 4508, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Baird, John, 1619, Private, 2nd Foot
Baker, Charles, 3844, Private, 33rd Foot
Baker, Edward, 1500, Private, 11th Foot
Baker, George, 3002, Cpl, 106th Lt Inf
Baker, George, 629?, Gunner, RA
Baker, Henry, 3130, Ord/Rm/Clk, 44th Foot
Baker, James, 162, Private, 10th Hussars
Baker, James, 1443, Private, 14th Lt Dragoons
Baker, James, 986, 83rd Foot
Baker, James, 596, Dvr, RA
Baker, John, 305, Cpl, 7th Dragoons Gds
Baker, Philip, 330, Sgt, 21st Fus
Baker, Robert, 377, Private, 4th WIR
Baker, Thomas, 1284, Private, 37th Foot
Baker, Thomas, 656, Cpl, 42nd Foot
Baker, Thomas, 956, Private, Army Hosp Corps
Baker, William, 771, Private, 1st Bt 16th Foot
Baker, William, 809, Private, 40th Foot
Baker (alias Ormwood), William, 1961, Cpl, 14th lt Dragoons
Baldachino, Felice, 842, Gunner, RMF Art
Baldachino, Francesco, 149, Gunner, RMF Art
Baldachino, Giorgio, 202, Act/Bomb, RMF Art
Baldachino, Guilio, 928, Gunner, RMF Art
Baldrey, George, 1359, Private, 12th Lancers
Baldwin, David, 1807, Private, 44th Foot
Ball, James, 629, Private, Army Service Corps
Ballass, John, 3199, Private, 32nd Lt Inf
Balmer, William, 1627, Private, 65th Foot
Balyau, Domenico, 1180, Gunner, RMF Art
Balyau, Guisseppi, 790, Sgt, RMF Art
Bamber, Stephen, 848, Private, 7th Royal Fus
Banan, William, 1460, Private, 5th Fus
Bankier, James, 2979, Private, 72nd Highs
Bannici, Andrea, 293, Gunner, RMF Art
Bannister, Joseph, 622, Private, 4th WIR
Banoin, Salvatore, 608, Gunner, RMF Art
Barbar, Alexander, 1279, Sgt, 12th Brig RA
Barbara, Guisseppi, 891, Sgt/Maj, RMF Art
Barbara, Salvatore, 445, Gunner, RMF Art
Barclay, George, 1735, Cpl, 11th Foot
Barker, Francis, 774, 2cl/Ord, Medical Staff Corps
Barker, James Clement, 1298, Farrier, 11th Hussars
Barker, John, 1564, Private, 80th Foot
Barlow, Wiiliam, 453, Private, 63rd Foot
Barnard, George, 16, Sgt, 18th Hussars
Barnard, Jeremiah, 2179, Private, 40th Foot
Barnby, Isaac, 804, Dvr, RA
Barnes, Thomas, 1186, Privaye, 10th Foot
Barnett, William , 1622, Private, 8th Foot
Baron, Joseph, 2313, Private, 84th Foot
Barr, James, 775, Private, 57th Foot
Barraclough, Charles , 547, Private, 15th Hussars
Barrer, William , 2594, Private, 70th Foot
Barrett, Alfred, 713, Gunner, RA
Barry, John , 2275, Private, 103rd Foot
Barry, John , 2345, Private, 37th Foot
Barry, Samuel, 1138, Private, 90th Lt Inf
Barry, William, 1942, Private, 38th Foot
Bartlett, Joseph, 3683, Private, Mil Train
Bartlett, Richard, 2898, Private, 56th Foot
Bartolo, Antonio, 657, Gunner, RMF Art
Bartolo, Guisseppi, 65, Gunner, RMF Art
Bartolo, Michele, 460, Gunner, RMF Art
Bassett, Charles, 918, Trumpeter, 11th Hussars
Bassett, Charles, 2092, Private, 94th Foot
Bassett, George, 2463, Private, 74th Highs
Bassett, Richard, 1842, Private, 40th Foot
Bastiauini, Giovanni, 339, Gunner, RMF Art
Bateman, John, 576, Cpl, 7th Hussars
Bates, John , 2836, Private, 1st Bt 24th Foot
Bates, Thomas, 2394, Private, 1st Bt 6th Foot
Bates, Thomas, 371, Private, 57th Foot
Batt, John, 1900, Private, 44th Foot
Baubauro, Guisseppi, 803, Gunner, RMF Art
Bauldon, Thomas, 2813, Private, 66th Foot
Baxter, Alexander, 1028, Cpl, 91st Highs
Baxter, Isaac, 2522, Private, 34th Foot
Baxter, John, 2019, Cpl, 99th Foot
Beadle, Thomas, 840, Private, 7th Hussars
Beales, Joseph, 689, Cpl, 97th Foot
Beamish, Henry , 1991, Private, 18th Foot
Beatty, John, 1089, Sapper, RE
Beck, Thomas, 788, Private, 43rd Lt Inf
Beedmore, George, 1151, Private, 75th Foot
Beelon, William, 1340, Sgt, 1st Bt 19th Foot
Beer, Henry, 3239, 3 Bt Rifle Bde
Beesley, Thomas, 14, Private, 20th Hussars
Belcher, John , 2181, Sgt, 38th Foot
Belgrave, John , 120, Sgt, 3rd WIR
Bell, George, 4351, Private, "1st Bt 14th Foot (also No.3301,  68th Foot)"
Bell, George, 1607, Private, "6th D Gds (also No.1300,  15th Hussars)"
Bell, George, 265, Cpl, 8th Hussars
Bell, Henry, 2400, Cpl, 69th Foot
Bell, Herbert, 1268, Private, 2nd Bt 15th Foot
Bell, James, 752, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Bell, John, 3410, Private, "21st Fus (also No.992,  57th Foot)"
Bell, John, 4982, Shoe/Smith, 4th Bde RA
Bellizzi, Carmelo, 1068, Sgt, RMF Art
Bellizzi, Guisseppi, 232, Qt/Mst/Sgt, RMF Art
Belson, Michael, 919, Sgt, 14th Foot
Benbarry, Henry , 3762, Private, 33rd Foot
Bendell, Charles, 401, Private, 1st Bt 22nd Foot
Bendlip, Augustus, 463, Private, 3rd WIR
Benn, Joshua, 2515, Private, 69th Foot
Bennett, Benjamin, 582, Sgt/Cook, Medical Staff Corps
Bennett, Charles, 1206, Private, 2nd Bt 22nd Foot
Bennett, Charles, 433, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Bennett, Edwin, 731, Private, 3rd D Gds
Bennett, Francis, 1498, Private, 9th Lancers
Bennett, John, 953, Private, úrd WIR
Bennett, John, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Bennett, William, 530, Private, 30th Foot
Bennett/alias Charles Caston, John, 1871, Private, 61st Foot
Benson, Thomas, 2039, Private, 2Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Bent, George, 1073, Private, 2Bt 19th Foot
Bent, Robert, 18, Private, 5th WIR
Benton, William , 468, Private, 56th Foot
Bernard, Patrick, 2450, Drummer, 1stBt 12th Foot
Bernard, William, 1865, 25th Foot
Bernard, William, 659, Private, 3rd WIR
Berry, Joseph, 1170, Private, 2Bt 15th Foot
Bess, Samuel, 465, Private, 3rtd WIR
Besston, John, 2099, Private, 58th Foot
Best, Walter, 1201, Private, 4th Lt Dragoons
Bettiney, William , 441, Private, 43rd Lt Inf
Bettridge, William , 2561, Cpl, 34th Foot
Bezzina, Guisseppi, 173, Gunner, RMF Art
Bianco, Guisseppi, 113, Gunner, RMF Art
Bigg, George , 55, Private, 2Bt 14th Foot
Biggs, James, 2575, Sgt, 36th Foot
Billing, Edward, 2509, Sgt, 65th Foot
Billings, James, 40, Private, 101st Foot
Bingham, John, 769, Private, 12th Lancers
Bingham, John, 2281, Private, 70th Foot
Birch, John, 1230, Private, 2nd Bt 11th Foot
Birchall, James, 2620, Private, 56th Foot
Bird, Charles, 1246, Private, 2nd Bt 5th Fus
Bird, Joseph, 1471, Cpl, 56th Foot
Birknett, Thomas, 1004, Private, Royal Horse Gds
Birknett, William , 767, Col/Sgt, 98th Foot
Birks, Thomas, 375, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Bishop, James, 495, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Bishop, James, 2417, Private, 65th Foot
Bishop, Thomas, 3244, Gunner, RA
Bitton, John, 238, Private, 9th Lancers
Black, James, 3659, Private, 72nd Highs
Black, Peter, 3860, Private, 72nd Highs
Black, William, 1315, Gunner, RA
Blackburn, John, 2949, Private, 3rd Bt Rifle Bde
Blacklaw, James, 2442, Private, 71st Highs
Blackstone, William, 1275, Private, 9th Lancers
Blackwell, John, 1647, Private, 56th Foot
Blackwood, Samuel, 745, Sgt, 4th WIR
Blade, Timothy, 688, Private, 94th Foot
Blain, James, 2282, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Blair, Alexander, 956, Private, 78th Highs
Blair, James, 1135, Private, 72nd Foot
Blake, Edward, 508, Private, 1st Royal Dragoons
Blake, James, 664, Sgt, 2Bt 5th Fus
Blake, Robert, 1075, Private, 3rd WIR
Blake, Thomas, 2263, Sgt, 43rd Lt Inf
Blake, William, 2205, Cpl, 41st Welch Foot
Blanch, William, 652, Dvr, RA
Bland, James , 3046, Private, 24th Foot
Blandford, George, 913, Private, 11th Hussars
Blandford, Henry, 2568, Private, 89th Foot
Blay, Thomas, 507, Private, 30th Foot
Bledman, Samuel, 538, Private, 4th WIR
Bligh, Andrew, 989, Private, 73rd Foot
Blissett, George, 20, 5th WIR
Blood, William , 3326, Private, 75th Foot
Blunden, Trevor, 2041, 90th Foot
Blunt, Frederick, 4144, Private, 1st Bt Rifle Bde
Boakes, George, 1287, Private, 24th Foot
Boatfield, William, 1714, Private, 65th Foot
Boddy, James, 4409, Private, 102nd Foot
Boes, David, 1532, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Boggis, James, 1398, Private, 1sr WIR
Bolger, Michael, 2757, Private, 1st Bt 15th Foot
Bolton, henry, Sgt, 101st Foot
Bolton, William, 2531, Private, 1st Bt 8th Foot
Bond, James, 2549, Private, 65th Foot
Bond, John , 716, Sgt, 1st Dragoons
Bondin, Alessandro, 860, Gunner, RMF Art
Bonelli, Luigi, 1166, Gunner, RMF Art
Bonello, Guisseppi, 291, RMF Art
Bonello, Michele, 1270, Gunner, RMF Art
Bonello, Salvatore, 821, RMF Art
Bonello, Valentino, 1302, Gunner, RMF Art
Bonett, Giacomo, 117, RMF Art
Bonnanno, Salvatore, 170, Gunner, RMF Art
Bonner, Fillippo, 543, Gunner, RMF Art
Bonner, James, 3577, Private, 72nd Highs
Bonnici, Andrea, 293, RMF Art
Bonnici, Francesco, 910, Gunner, RMF Art
Bonnici, Guisseppi, 1367, Gunner, RMF Art
Bonnici, Pasquale, 648, Gunner, RMF Art
Bonnici, Vincenzo, 1078, Sgt, RMF Art
Bonse, Thomas, 3415, Private, 56th Foot
Bonz, Carmelo, 954, Gunner, RMF Art
Bonz, Guigielmo, 44, Gunner, RMF Art
Bonz, Vincenzo, 1190, Gunner, RMF Art
Bonz, Vincenzo, 642, Gunner, RMF Art
Boon, Henry, 2353, Sgt, 1st Bt 6th Foot
Booth, Joseph, 2042, Private, 99th Foot
Booth, Josiah, 1170, Cpl, 1st D Gds
Borg, Angelo, 182, RMF Art
Borg, Antonio, 430, RMF Art
Borg, Antonio, 266, Gunner, RMF Art
Borg, Caludius, 133, Gunner, RMF Art
Borg, Felice, 111, RMF Art
Borg, Fortunato, 450, Gunner, RMF Art
Borg, Fortunato, 245, Gunner, RMF Art
Borg, Gio Mario, 633, Gunner, RMF Art
Borg, Giovanni, 47, Gunner, RMF Art
Borg, Guisseppi, 347, RMF Art
Borg, Guisseppi, 1109, Gunner, RMF Art
Borg, Lazzaro, 994, Gunner, RMF Art
Borg, Michele, 231, RMF Art
Borg, Nicola, 410, RMF Art
Borg, Paolo, 494, Cpl, RMF Art
Borg, Paolo, 74, RMF Art
Borg, Tomaso, 395, RMF Art
Bostock, William, 419, Private, 8th Hussars
Boswall, Thomas, 1294, Col/Sgt, 37th Foot
Bottomley, John, 512, Private, 7th D Gds
Bouden, William, 2594, Cpl, RA
Boulding, James, 1515, Cpl, 29th Foot
Boult, William, 2154, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Bourke, Patrick, 1629, Private, Mil Train
Bowen, Patrick, 1266, Private, 83rd Foot
Bowen (alias Jones), John, 272, Gunner, 90th Foot
Bowerman, James, 2803, Private, Mil Train
Bowes, Charles, 616, Cpl, 9th Lancers
Bowland, William, 2246, Private, 1st Bt 15th Foot
Bowman, David, 1389, Private, 24th Foot
Bown, George, 346, Batt/Sgt/Maj, 12th Bde RA
Box, Joseph, 1853, Private, 70th Foot
Box, Josiah, 2441, Private, 65th Foot
Boyce, William, 3159, Private, 32nd Foot
Boyd, Arthur, 1851, Gunner, RA
Boyd, Robert, 2070, Private, RA
Boyd, William, 1506, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Boyle, Felix, 1370, Private, 2nd Bt 10th Foot
Boyle, James, 2168, Private, 52nd Lt Inf
Boyle, John, 1324, Private, 102nd Fus
Boyle, Michael, 699, Private, 109th Foot
Boyle, Michael, 787, Private, 32nd Foot
Boyle, Thomas, 1974, Sgt, 3rd Bt 14th Foot
Brace, George, 2417, Private, 70th Foot
Bradford, Hugh, 1709, Cpl, 3rd Lt Dragoons
Bradley, Charles, 1109, Private, 3rd Bt 21st Fus
Bradley, Edward, 503, Cpl, 4th D Gds
Bradley, John, 1926, Sapper, RE
Bradshaw, John, 2869, Private, 56th Foot
Bradshaw, Thomas, 2730, Private, 11th Foot
Brady, John, 2099, Private, 18th Foot
Brady, John, 926, Private, 58th Foot
Brady, John, 877, Private, Royal Newfoundland Coys
Brady, Patrick, 2656, Private, 31st Foot
Braleton, Patrick, 2185, Private, 11th Hussars
Bramham, Robert, 70, Private, 101st Fus
Brand, George, 143, Cpl, 101st Fus
Brandford, William, 338, Sgt, 4th WIR
Brandon, Daniel, 573, Cpl, 3rd WIR
Brannigan, Michael, 2138, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Brannon, Edward, 97, Private, 12th Royal Lancers
Brannon, James, 2666, Private, 66th Foot
Brannon, Thomas, 3392, Private, 61st Foot
Brartby, Thomas, 2901, Private, Res Bt 20th Foot
Brass, James, 2548, Private, 53rd Foot
Brathwaite, James, 342, Private, 4th WIR
Brathwaite, John, 23, Sgt, 5th WIR
Brauch, John, 779, Private, 4th WIR
Brauch, Samuel, 566, Sgt, 3rd WIR
Brauley, Leonard, 496, Gunner, RA
Brauthers, Robert, 1377, Drummer, 13th Foot
Breastneur, Jacob, 1714, Trumpeter, Cape Mtd Rifles
Breewood, John , 1006, Sgt, 24th Foot
Brennan, Jarrick, 322, Private, St Helena Inf
Brennan, Michael, 656, Private, 1st Bt 3rd Foot
Brenton, Tom, 350, Dvr, RA
Brettle, Samuel, 1006, Cpl, 10th hussars
Brewer, Samuel, 2272, Private, 15th Foot
Brickley, Thomas, 324, St Helena Inf
Bride, John, 1124, Gunner, 2nd Bde RA
Bridge, George, 549, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Brien, Martin, 1893, Private, Res Bt 91st Foot
Brien, Patrick, 2031, Sgt, 16th Foot
Brien, Patrick, 269, Private, 4th D Gds
Briffa, Antonio, 574, Gunner, RMF Art
Briffa, Francesco, 584, Gunner, RMF Art
Briffa, Rosario, 277, Gunner, RMF Art
Brigham, Thomas, 645, Private, 82nd Foot
Brigham, William, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Brincat, Guisseppi, 115, RA
Brinley, Charles, 838, Private, 58th Foot
Brisbane, Thomas, 1520, Cpl, 1st WIR
Brite, William , 553, Sgt, 10th Hussars
Broadhurst, George, 900, Private, 66th Foot
Brock, Edward, Gnr/Dvr, 6th Bt RA
Brocket, George, 344, Private, 1st Dragoons
Broderick, Denis, 1353, Private, 66th Foot
Brogan, Patrick, 4303, Private, 2nd Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Bromley, James, 1252, Private, 86th Foot
Brooks, Edward, 601, Private, 80th Foot
Brooks, Henry, 697, 34th Foot
Brooks, James, 332, Private, 43rd Lt Inf
Brooks, John, 2788, Private, Depot 51st Foot
Brooks, Samuel, 3260, Private, 72nd Highs
Brooks, Thomas, 1211, Private, 2nd Bt 15th Foot
Broom, William, 2919, Sgt, 44th Foot
Brotherton, Francis, 383, Private, 40th Foot
Brough, William, 2905, Private, Depot 69th Foot
Brown, Charles, 402, Cpl, 6th D Gds
Brown, Edward, 1291, Private, 2nd Bt 4th Foot
Brown, Francis, 731, Private, 3rd WIR
Brown, Henry, 597, 2Cl/Ord, Medical Staff Corps
Brown, James, 1237, Sgt, 109th Foot
Brown, James, 188, Private, Coldstream Gds
Brown, John, 2565, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Brown, John, 2937, Private, 29th Foot
Brown, John, 216, Gunner, RA
Brown, Richard, 766, Private, 3rd WIR
Brown, Richard, 3115, Private, 72nd Highs
Brown, Stephen, 464, Private, 91st Highs
Brown, Thomas, 803, Private, 1st Bt 20th Foot
Brown, Thomas, 1989, Cpl, 99th Foot
Brown, William, 535, Private, 15th Hussars
Brown, William, 427, Sgt, 1st Bt 91st Foot
Brown, William, 67, Private, 4th WIR
Brown, William, 2373, Private, 51st Lt Inf
Browne, David, 3243, Hos/Sgt, 32nd Lt Inf
Browne, John, 874, Private, 2nd Bt Rifle Bde
Browne, John, 678, Private, 4th WIR
Browne, Thomas, 2282, L/Cpl, 36th Foot
Bruce, Peter, 166, Private, 7th D Gds
Brunham, Partick, 3082, Private, 50th Foot
Bryan, Edward, 3665, Private, 65th Foot
Bryan, Edward, 3458, Private, 72nd Highs
Bryan, James, 1425, Private, 2nd Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Bryan, John, 930, Private, 1st Bt 7th Fus
Bryan, John, 3401, Private, 43rd Foot
Bryan, Michael, 2839, Private, 24th Foot
Bryan, Timothy, 1050, Cpl, 35th Foot
Bryant, George , 590, Sgt, 3rd WIR
Brydon, William, 835, Private, 99th Foot
Bryerty, Patrick, 2066, Private, 1st Bt 19th Foot
Buchanan, William, 1983, Private, 1st Bt 5th Fus
Buckett, John, 3664, Private, 7th Fus
Buckingham, George, 8065, Private, Grenadier Gds
Buckle, John, 1856, Cpl, 53rd Foot
Buckley, George, 1437, Private, 7th Fus
Buckman, Thomas, 3034, Private, 1st Bt 10th Foot
Budd, John, 869, Private, 15th Hussars
Buffow, George, 1086, Private, 3rd WIR
Bugeja, ?, 589, Gunner, RMF Art
Bugeja, Angelo, 930, Gunner, RMF Art
Bugeja, bernado, 1247, Gunner, RMF Art
Bugeja, Felice, 1260, Gunner, RMF Art
Bugeja, Francesco, 1046, Gunner, RMF Art
Bugeja, Guisseppi, 148, RMF Art
Bugeja, Lorenzo, 22, Maltese Provincial
Bugeja, Michele, 451, Gunner, RMF Art
Bugeja, Nicolo, 511, Gunner, RMF Art
Buitagia, Guisseppi, 572, Gunner, RMF Art
Buitagia, Luigi, 239, Gunner, RMF Art
Bulligieg, Antonio, 201, Gunner, RMF Art
Bulligieg, Michele, 225, RMF Art
Bulligieg, Michele, 814, Gunner, RMF Art
Bulligieg, Pasquale, 60, Watteville Regt
Bullock, John, 1311, Private, 6th Bt Mil Train
Bullock, William, 365, Sgt, 57th Foot
Bunce, George, 1881, Private, 2nd Bt 21st Fus
Burbridge, John, 610, Private, 12th Lancers
Burbridge, Thomas, 2898, Private, 2nd Bt Rifle Bde
Burges, John, 2684, Private, 32nd Foot
Burgess, Henry, 2271, Sgt, 73rd Foot
Burgess, John, 3224, 46th Foot
Burgess, Joseph, 135, Private, 6th D Gds
Burgess, William, 1036, Cpl, 94th Foot
Burgoyne, James, 1002, Private, 42nd Foot
Burke, Bartholomew, 985, Private, 40th Foot
Burke, James, 2959, Private, Military train
Burke, John, 3924, Private, 30th Foot
Burke, John, 1924, Private, 40th Foot
Burke, John, 2128, Private, 65th Foot
Burke, John, 2375, Cpl, 84th Foot
Burke, John, 2168, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Burke, Thomas, 3209, Private, 32nd Foot
Burke, Thomas, 63643, Private, 56th Foot
Burke, Timothy, 14, Private, 70th Foot
Burkitt, Edward, 638, Private, 6th Dragoons
Burlison, Richard, 452, Private, 17th Lancers
Burn, Bernard, 2845, Sgt, 32nd Foot
Burn, Charles, 416, Private, 8yh Hussars
Burnells, Joseph, 1540, Cpl, 20th Foot
Burnett, David, 2406, Cpl, 71st Foot
Burns, John, 601, Private, 10th Hussars
Burns, John, 3884, Drummer, 89th Foot
Burrows, Edward, 525, Private, 4th WIR
Burrows, Thomas, 2539, Col/Sgt, 32nd Foot
Burrows, Thomas, Private, 50th Foot
Burton, George, 2501, Cpl, 29th Foot
Burton, James, 1472, Sgt, 9th Lancers
Busatel, Francesco, 304, Gunner, RMF Art
Busatel, Francesco, 822, Gunner, RMF Art
Busatel, Giobatta, 212, Gunner, RMF Art
Busatel, Giovanni, 117, Gunner, RMF Art
Busatel, Guisseppi, 222, Gunner, RMF Art
Busatel, Salvatore, 518, Gunner, RMF Art
Busatel, Vincenzo, 150, Gunner, RMF Art
Bush, James, 129, Drummer, 101st Royal Bengal Fus
Bushell, John, 1707, Private, 4th Lt Dragoons
Buskill, Robert, 1685, Sgt, 77th Foot
Bussutil, Michele, 159, RMF Art
Bussutil, Michele, 968, Private, RMF Art
Bussutil, Vincenzo, 893, Private, RMF Art
Bustin, John, 2070, Private, 84th Foot
Butcher, Frederick, 56, Private, 78th Highs
Butcher, George, 3469, Gunner, RA
Butcher, John, 531, Private, 14th Foot
Butler, Andrew, 1819, Private, 65th Foot
Butler, Edward, 349, Private, 40th Foot
Butler, John, 929, Sgt, 82nd Foot
Butler, Robert, 930, Private, 12th Lancers
Butler, Robert, 2831, Private, Military Train
Butler, William, 2871, Private, 17th Lancers
Butt, James, 1659, Private, 46th Foot
Butt, William, 1862, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Buttimore, John, 2151, Sgt, 94th Foot
Buxton, Edmund, 2482, Private, 45th Foot
Buxton, Thomas, 1081, Private, 3rd WIR
Byrne, John, 4461, Private, 1st Bt 21 Fus
Byrne, John, 2848, Private, 32nd Foot
Byrne, John, 459, Private, 9th Lancers
Byrne, Laurence, 4063, Private, 33rd Foot
Byrne, Marcus, 731, Private, 1st WIR
Byrne, Michael, 2275, Private, 84th Foot
Byrne, Patrick, 28, Private, 20th Hussars
Byron, George, 1077, Private, 3rd WIR
Cable, William, 3581, Private, Depot 51st Foot
Cachia, Gaetiano, 704, Cpl, RMF Art
Cachia, Giovanni, 677, Gunner, RMF Art
Cachia, Lorenzo, 937, RMF Art
Cachia, Mario, 666, Gunner, RMF Art
Cachia, Paolo, 977, Gunner, RMF Art
Cachia, Vincenzo, 442, Gunner, RMF Art
Cadams, John, 3724, Private, 90th Lt Inf
Cafsar, Guisseppi, 120, RMF Art
Cain, Daniel, 897, Private, 74th Foot
cain, James, 253, Private, 107th foot
Cairns, James, 2319, Private, 72nd Highs
Calafato, Guiseppi, 39, Maltese Provincial
Caldwell, John, 54, Private, 15th Hussars
Calfe, Samuel, 1821, Private, 16th Lancers
Callaghan, John, 954, 2Cl/Ord, Medical Staff Corps
Callaghan, Thomas, 1224, Private, 11th Foot
Callaghan, Thomas, 2097, Private, 70th foot
Callaghan, Thomas, 341, Gunner, RA Detachment 16th Bde
Callaghan, Timothy, 258, Private, 101sr Fus
Callaghan, Timothy, 2188, Private, 18th Foot
Callefa, Angelo, 97, RMF Art
Callefa, Antonio, 171, RMF Art
Callefa, Carlo, 80, RMF Art
Callefa, Felice, 142, Gunner, RMF Art
Callefa, Feliciano, 2, Cacciation Maltese
Callefa, Guisseppi, 556, Gunner, RMF Art
Callefa, Guisseppi, 123, RMF Art
Callefa, Guisseppi, 70, RMF Art
Callefa, Lorenzo, 1178, Gunner, RMF Art
Callefa, Paolo, 232, Gunner, RMF Art
Callender, William, 672, Cpl, 4th WIR
Cameron, James, 2078, Private, 91st Foot
Camilleri, Angelo, 371, Act/Bomb, RMF Art
Camilleri, Angelo, 381, RMF Art
Camilleri, Antonio, 1561, Gunner, RMF Art
Camilleri, Antonio, 1076, Sgt, RMF Art
Camilleri, Benigino, 229, RMF Art
Camilleri, Costantino, 108, Sgt, RMF Art
Camilleri, Enrico, 13, Cacciatoti Maltese
Camilleri, Fillippo, 1230, Gunner, RMF Art
Camilleri, Gio Maria, 442, Act/Bomb, RMF Art
Camilleri, Giovanni, 28, Maltese Provincial
Camilleri, Giovanni, 1090, Sgt, RMF Art
Camilleri, Giovanni, 592, RMF Art
Camilleri, Guiseppi, 82, Sgt, RMF Art
Camilleri, Guiseppi, 1315, RMF Art
Camilleri, Guisseppi, 137, Coastal Art
Camilleri, Guisseppi, 110, RMF Art
Camilleri, Guisseppi, 715, Gunner, RMF Art
Camilleri, Luigi, 763, RMF Art
Camilleri, Saverio, 579, RMF Art
Camilleri, Vincenzo, 491, Gunner, RMF Art
Campbell, Alexander, 2767, Private, 24th Foot
Campbell, Donald, 1400, Private, 78th Higghs
Campbell, James, 1214, Cpl, Royal Canadian Rifles
Campbell, John, 243, Private, 3rd WIR
Campbell, John, 3242, 92nd Foot
Campbell, Joseph, 699, Private, 4th WIR
Campbell, Michael, 49, Private, 1st D Gds
Campbell, Patrick, 686 ?, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Campbell, William, 1704, Private, 92nd Highs
Cannon, John, 2297, Sgt, 40th Foot
Capon, Frederick, 379, Private, 91st Highs
Cappello, Caledonio, 627, Gunner, RMF Art
cardin, James, 3395, Private, 61st Foot
Cardona, Fillipo, 80, Gunner, RMF Art
Cariana, Antonio, 1069, Gunner, RMF Art
Cariana, Antonio, 444, RMF Art
Cariana, Francesco, 21, Maltese Provincial
Cariana, Guisseppi, 217, Gunner, RMF Art
Cariana, Salvatore, 391, Gunner, RMF Art
carlton, John, 2081, Private, 45th Foot
Carmichael, James, 2315, Private, 54th Foot
Carnana, Gio Batta, 532, Gunner, RMF Art
Carney, James, 2609, Private, 1st Bt 16th Foot
Carnilleri, Michele, 282, Gunner, RMF Art
Carpenter, Isaac Scott, 910, Cpl, 4th WIR
Carpenter, John, 1066, Private, 2nd Bt 11th Foot
Carpenter, Sanuel, 594, Private, 10th Hussars
Carr, Alessio, 156, Gunner, RMF Art
Carr, Jabez, 1701, Private, 80th Foot
Carr, Walter, 121, Private, St Helena Inf
Carrick, Robert, 961, Drummer, Res Bt 91st Foot
Carrol, James, 253, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Carter, Henry, 1355, Private, 14th Lt Draggons
Carter, John, 2590, Private, 26th Foot
Carter, John, 703, Private, 63rd Foot
Carter, Joseph, 2523, Private, 31st Foot
Cartledge, Joseph, 1019, Private, 35st Foot
Cartwright, James, 1013, Private, 2nd D Gds
Carty, John, 2024, Private, 65th Foot
Carty, Timothy, 1447, Private, 86th Foot
Caruana, Salvatore, 298, Gunner, RMF Art
Case, William, 4012, Drummer, 89th Foot
cash, Francis, 3661, Private, 2nd Bt Rifle Bde
Casha, Felice, 81, Gunner, RMF Art
Casha, Francesco, 283, Gunner, RMF Art
Casha, Gaetano, 153, RMF Art
Cassar, Francesco, 603, Gunner, RMF Art
Cassar, Giorgio, 494, Gunner, RMF Art
Cassar, Guisseppi, 110, Gunner, RMF Art
Cassar, Michele, 569, RMF Art
Cassar, Salvatore, 652, Gunner, RMF Art
Cassar, Santo, 598, Bombardier, RMF Art
Cassidy, John, 615, Cpl, 7th Hussars
Cassidy, Thomas, 206, Gunner, RA
Castle, John, 111, Private, 1st Bt 24th Foot
Castles, Thomas, 306, Private, 82nd Foot
Caston/alias John Bennett, Charles, 1871, Private, 61st Foot
Catania, Antonio, 104, RMF Art
Catchpole, John, 3557, Private, Coldstream Gds
Cates, Isaac, 2748, Private, 2nd Bt Rifle Bde
Catesby, Richard, 1099, Private, 3rd WIR
Cathcart, William, 980, Private, 4th WIR
Catheral, James, 1803, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Cattle, Charles, 1405, Private, 69th Foot
Cauchi, ?, 770, Private, RMF Art
Cauchi, Cannelo, 244, Gunner, RMF Art
Cauchi, Emmanuel, 32, Cacciatori Maltese
Cauchi, Gabriele, 493, Private, RMF Art
Cauchi, Giovanni, 830, Private, RMF Art
Cauchi, Guisseppi, 294, Private, RMF Art
Cauchi, Vincenzo, 31, Maltese Provincial
Caulder, Edward, 732, Private, 3rd WIR
Caulfield, Thomas, 10565, Sgt, RA
Cawley, David, 2307, Private, 67th Foot
Caxton, William, 1102, Private, 3rd WIR
Chads, William, 26, Private, 5th WIR
chamberlain, Henry, 1029, Private, 48th Foot
Chambers, George, 3917, Private, 33rd Foot
Chambers, George, 2003, Private, 72nd Highs
Chambers, James, 2641, Private, 11th Foot
Chambers, William, 738, Private, 3rd WIR
Chance, Robert, 1094, Private, 12th Lancers
Chaney, Benjamin, 639, Private, 10th Hussars
Chaplin, James, 1366, Sgt, 2nd Bt 4th Foot
Chaplin, Richard, 1216, Private, 4th Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Chazkley, Edmund, 1941, Private, 1st Bt 16th Foot
Che..?, Francesco, 1007, Cpl, RMF Art
Chelvers, Robert , 2223, Private, 11th Hussars
Cherno, Masamba, 873, Private, 3rd WIR
Cherry, John, 2392, Private, 10th Foot
Cherry, William, 1958, Sgt, Res Bt 12th Foot
Chetati, Michele, 203, RMF Art
Chetcati, Francesco, 88, RMF Art
Cheves, William, 2669, Private, Scots Fus Gds
Christian, Thomas, 1455, 25th Foot
Christie, John, 613, Private, 3rd WIR
Ciantar, Felice, 55, Maltese Provincial
Cini, Stefano, 150, RMF Art
Clamp, Samuel, 2584, Sgt, 34th Foot
Clancy, David, 6788, Sapper, 15th Coy RE
Clangura, Guisseppi, 871, Gunner, RMF Art
Clark, Ernest, 1681, Private, 80th Foot
Clark, William, 1609, Private, 8th Foot
Clark, William, 208, Sgt, Cape Mtd Rifles
Clarke, Charles, 3377, Cpl, Depot 51st Foot
Clarke, Edward, 4013, Private, 56th Foot
Clarke, Henry, 1129, Sgt, RA
Clarke, James, 103, Gunner, 12th Bde RA
Clarke, James, 3810, Private, 33rd Foot
Clarke, Joseph, 598, Private, 18th Hussars
Clarke, Richard, 1090, Private, 15th Hussars
Clarke, Robert, 412, Private, 63rd Foot
Clarke, Samuel, 249, Cpl, 4th WIR
Clarke, Thomas, 1867, Private, 32nd Foot
Clarke, Thomas, 470, Private, 48th Foot
Clarke, William, 2490, Private, 32nd Lt Inf
Clarke, William, 2716, Private, 51st Foot
Clarke, William, 1944, Private, 57th Foot
Clarke, William, 852, Private, 6th D Gds
Clarkworthy, Richard, 810, Private, 85th Foot
Clayton, Thomas, 532, Private, 2nd Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Clear, Michael, 1589, Private, 84th Foot
Clear, Richard, 2432, Private, 29th Foot
Clear, Thomas, 2010, Private, 32nd Foot
Cleary, Michael, 2183, Private, 1st Bt 13th Foot
Clegg, James, 3498, Private, 66th Foot
Clegg, Thomas, 1755, Private, 4th Lt Dragoons
Cleghorn, James, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Clements, Caesar, 77, Private, 4th WIR
Clements, John, 7046, Gunner, RA
Clerk, John, 1714, Private, 54th Foot
Clifford, Richard, 3056, Private, 26th Foot
Clisby, William, 606, Private, 10th Hussars
Clive, Robert, 1093, Private, 3rd WIR
Clowen, Matthew, 2184, Private, 57th Foot
Clunie, Alexander, 2202, Private, 93rd Highs
Cobbett, William, 1019, Private, 9th Lancers
Cockran, John, 2297, Private, Depot 89th Foot
Cockran, William, 1881, Cpl, Mil Train
Cockrane, John, 4602, Sgt, 79th Highs
Cockrane, Jolly, 659, Private, 1st WIR
Coffey, Daniel, 655, Private, 57th Foot
Coker, James, 80, Drummer, 4th WIR
Coker, John, 350, Private, 3rd WIR
Coldrick, Wiiliam, Private, 3rd D Gds
Cole, Ebeneezer, 2052, Private, 40th Foot
Cole, George, 773, Private, 41st Foot
Cole, James, 644, Private, 3rd WIR
Cole, John, 1089, Private, 15th Hussars
Cole, John, 2384, Private, 69th Foot
Cole, William, 183, Private, Woolwich Mil Train
Coleby, William, 2923, Col/Sgt, 1st Bt 23rd Fus
Coleman, Walter, 931, 2Cl/Ord, Medical Staff Corps
Coles, Thomas, 1136, Private, 68th Foot
Collingham, William, 3855, Private, 33rd Foot
Collins, Andrew, 1757, Private, 72nd Highs
Collins, Charles, 1131, Private, Medical Staff Corps
Collins, Daniel, 563, Private, 40th Foot
Collins, Denis, 3631, Private, 43rd Foot
Collins, James, 2394, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Collins, John, 603, Private, 30th Foot
Collins, William, 2433, Private, 45th Foot
Collman, Augustus, 1131, Private, 15th Hussars
Colmer, William, 2077, Sgt, 75th Foot
Colrin, John, 3307, Private, 72nd Highs
Colton, John, 446, Private, 10th Hussars
Combar, Christopher, 577, Private, 30th Foot
Comerford, John, 2423, Private, 66th Foot
Comley, Edmund, 3451, Private, 17th Lancers
Compagno, Guisseppi, 1123, Sgt, RMF ART
Condon, Michael, 2851, Private, 66th Foot
Condren, John, 1304, Private, 1st Bt 18th Foot
Conliff, Christopher, 2241, Sgt, 41st Foot
Conn, Isaac, 361, Private, 17th Lancers
Connell, Connor, 2009, Private, 108th Foot
Connell, John, 4715, Private, 50th Foot
Connell, Michael, 812, Sgt, 1st Bt 16th Foot
Connell, Michael, 1262, Private, 2nd Bt 9th Foot
Connell, Patrick, 3931, Private, 50th Foot
Connell, Patrick, 3907, Private, 66th Foot
Connolly, John, 3550, Private, 57th Foot
Connor, William, 1337, Private, 77th Inf
Connors, Charles, 385, Private, 18th Hussars
Conroy, John, 2226, Private, 65th Foot
Conway, Michael, 3135, Private, 86th Foot
Cook, James, 1453, Dvr, 4th Bde RA
Cook, Samuel, 2098, Private, 85th Foot
Cook, Thomas, 3122, Sgt ?, 52nd Foot
Cook, William, 1564, Col/Sgt, 53rd Foot
Cooke, William, 4090, Private, 33rd Foot
Cooper, Edwin, 2181, Private, 11th Hussars
Cooper, John, 1096, Private, 15th Hussars
Cooper, Joseph, 3705, Private, 33rd Foot
Cooper, Joseph, 698, Private, 70th Surrey Inf
Cooper, William, 1287, Private, 2nd Bt 17th Foot
Cope, Benjamin, 2027, Private, 45th Foot
Cope, William, 837, Cpl, 17th Lancers
Copley, Edward, 929, Cpl, 81st Foot
Copp, William, 3981, 33rd Foot
Coppini, Francesco, 165, RMF ART
Coppini, Galvatore, 359, Gunner, RMF ART
Coram, Tomas, 152, Private, 14th Hussars
Corbett, George , 521, Farrier, Canadian Mtd Rifles
Corbett, Michael, 30463, Private, Woolwich Mil Train
Corbitt, George, 810, RA
Corcoran, William, 3794, Cpl, 44th Foot
Corfield, George, 1383, Sgt, 41st Foot
Corkney, Cornelius, 4510, Private, 50th Foot
Cormick, Soloman, 809, Private, 2nd Bt Rifle Bde
Cornell, Samuel, 2281, 40th Foot
Corrigan, Hugh, 2011, Private, 27th Foot
Cosgrove, Arthur, 1423, Sgt, 104th Foot
Coulson, Edward, 729, Private, 3rd WIR
Court, Charles, 610, Private, 1st Bt 25th Foot
Court, Thomas M, 1172, Private, 71st High Lt Inf
Courtney, George, 2941, Private, 50th Foot
Cowen, James, 886, Cpl, 1st Bt 16th Foot
Cox, Challis, 2841, Cpl, 1st Bt 20th Foot
Cox, Charles, 869, Private, 3rd D Gds
Cox, Frederick, 172, Private, 57th Foot
Cox, george, 2162, Private, 11th Hussars
Cox, Molton, 1744, Private, 8th Foot
Cox, Thomas, 2870, Private, Depot 104th Fus
Coxcell, William, 3656, Private, Mil Train
Coyle, James, 568, Private, 7th hussars
Crabb, William, 1205, Private, 2nd Bt 16th Foot
Crackwell, William H, 441, Cpl, 3rd WIR
Craig, Alexander, 1604, Sgt, 25th Foot
Craig, John, 3213, Private, 72nd Highs
Crane, Alfred, 1112, Cpl, 2nd Bt 16th Foot
Crane, Thomas Smith, 6663, Private, Scots Fus Gds
Crane, William, 2768, Private, 88th Foot
Crant, Philip, 572, RE Columbia Detachment
Crawford, Edward, 896, Private, 3rd WIR
Crawford, Hugh, 1295, Trumpeter, "4th,  20th Lt Dragoons"
Creagh, Ralph, 1143, Sgt, 2nd Bt 22nd Foot
Creaton, John, 2914, Sgt, Grenadier Gds
Creed, Frederick, 1737, Private, Scots Fus Gds
Cregg, Michael, 1997, Sgt, 88th Foot
Creighton, David, 1299, Private, 29th Foot
Cremona, Antonio, 318, Gunner, RMF Art
Cremona, Francesco, 1138, Private, RMF Art
Cremona, Guigio, 1170, Private, RMF Art
Crichola, Angelo, 438, RMF Foot
Crilley, Robert, 2454, Private, 83rd Foot
Crisp, Daniel, 227, Private, 12th Lancers
Crockett, Thomas, 386, Private, 7th D Gds
Cromwell, Oliver, 1092, Private, 3rd WIR
Cronin, John , 2931, Private, 1st Bt 22nd Foot
Crook, John, 3739, Cpl, 16th Foot
Crooks, Robert, 645, Private, 90th Lt Inf
Crosley, Thomas, 3085, Sgt, 56th Foot
Cross, William, 618, Private, 48th Foot
Crothers, Andrew, 1151, Private, 1st D Gds
Crothers, William, 2509, Private, 31st Foot
Crow, Jem, 33, Cpl, 5th WIR
Crowden, Walter, 345, Private, 91st Highs
Crowe, James, 2753, Private, 1st Bt 8th Foot
Crowe, Thomas, 1182, Sgt, 75th Foot
Cuccluolo, Guisseppi, 318, Gunner, RMF ART
Cumbo, Pietro, 303, Gunner, RMF ART
Cummings, George, 619, Private, 4th WIR
Cunningham, Archibald, 2431, Private, 86th Inf
Cunningham, Matthew, 2750, Private, 1st Bt 8th Foot
Cunningham, Patrick, 2993, Private, 65th Foot
Cunnington, Robert, 861, Private, 81st Foot
Curmi, Guisseppi, 137, Gunner, RMF Art
Curran, Roger, 2286, Private, 84th Foot
Curry, John Curry, 2764, L/Cpl, 37th Foot
Curter, James, 3189, Private, 43rd Lt Inf
Curtis, James, 86, Sgt, 4th WIR
Cusack, James, 4082, 55th Foot
Cutajar, Angelo, 274, Gunner, RMF Art
Cutajar, Giovanni, 489, Gunner, RMF Art
Cuthbert, Thomas, 1129, Private, 90th Lt Inf
Cuttrel, Joseph, 3119, Private, 72nd Highs
Dafford, Joseph, 3716, Sgt, 103rd Foot
Dale, John, 2702, Private, Depot 51st Foot
Dale, Thomas, 2413, Private, 86th Foot
Daley, John, 968, Private, 1st Bt 16th Foot
Daley, Martin, 1159, Cpl, 3rd Foot
Dalglish, David, 763, Private, 74th Foot
Dallas, George, 196 ?, Private, RA
Dalton, Andrew, 72, Private, 69th Foot
Dalton, James, 1210, Private, 15th Hussars
Daly, John, 1983, Sgt, 1st Bt 3rd Foot
Daly, John, 2354, Sgt, 94th Foot
Daly, Patrick, 3258, Cpl, 33rd Foot
Damico, Antonio, 416, Cpl, RMF Art
Dance, James, 2325, Private, 2nd Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Daniel, Edward, 544, Private, 98th Foot
Daniels, Henry, 870, Private, 4th WIR
Daniels, William, 3289, Private, 34th Foot
Danza, Giovanni, 682, Gunner, RMF Art
Darley, William, 3342, Private, 58th Foot
Darling, James, 1498, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Darling, Rishard, 3696, Dvr, RA
Darlington, Robert, 2398, Private, 65th Foot
Darmanin, Bengino, 155, RMF Art
Darmanin, Carmelo, 1133, Private, RMF Art
Darmanin, Francesco, 122, Private, RMF Art
Darmanin, Francesco, 1159, Private, RMF Art
Darmanin, Guisseppi, 718, Private, RMF Art
Dartnell, William, 2091, Private, 94th Foot
D'Audrea, Agostino, 1054, Gunner, RMF Art
Daudy, George, 97, Gunner, RA
Dauger, John, 2947, Cpl, 30th Foot
Davenport, William , 962, Private, 40th Foot
Davey, Sanuel, 2124, Private, 41st Foot
Davidson, Donald, 872, Private, 2nd Dragoons
Davidson, James, 1888, Ord Rm. Sgt, Cape Mtd Rifles
Davidson, Robert, 544, Private, 105th Foot
Davie, Thomas, 2333, Private, 92nd Highs
Davies, James, 885, Private, 51st Lt Inf
Davies, Thomas, 1015, Private, Royal Horse Gds
Davies, William, 1099, Private, 45th Foot
Davis, Alfred, 2135, Private, 4th Lt Dragoons
Davis, Charles, 4048, Private, 71st High Lt Inf
Davis, George, 321, Private, 18th Hussars
Davis, George, 98, Sgt, 1st Bt Mil Train
Davis, John, 475, Private, 1st Bt 4th Foot
Davis, Robert, 1350, Private, 25th Foot
Davis, William, 1946, Private, 1st D Gds
Davis, William, 750, Private, 4th WIR
Daw, Thomas, 197 ?, Private, RA
Dawes, John, 741, Private, 4th WIR
Dawkins, John, 496, Private, 8th hussars
Dawson, James, 2519, Private, 1st Bt 6th Foot
Dawson, James, 1664, Private, 79th Foot
Dawson, Thomas, 657, Private, 30th Foot
Dawson, William, 3648, Private, 72nd Highs
De Patista, Saverio, 1020, Gunner, RMF Art
Deacon,    ?, 582, 1st Cl. Ord, Medical Staff Corps
Deal, James, 3558, Private, 91st Highs
Dean, James, 1710, Private, 99th Foot
Dean, Joseph, 444, Private, 1sst Dragoons
Dean, Samuel, 2622, Private, 63rdFoot
Dearie, James, 705, Private, 71st Lt Inf
Debono, Emmanuel, 26, RMF Art
Debono, Luigi, 35, RMF Art
Debono, Vittorio, 252, RMF Art
Debrincat, Salvatore, 498, RMF Art
Decelis, Antonio, 341, RMF Art
Decelis, Giorgio, 975, Trumpeter, RMF Art
Decelis, Hosario, 721, Sgt, RMF Art
Decelis, Nicola, 1331, Gunner, RMF Art
Decoverly, Roger, 1101, Private, 3rd WIR
Deeks, John, 226, Private, St Helens Inf
Deer, Henry , 744, Private, 70th Foot
Defoe, daniel, 1104, Private, 3rd WIR
Dehay, Samuel, 402, Sgt, 4th WIR
Delahanky, James, 2887, Private, 56th Foot
Delaney, James, 2253, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Delaney, Michael, 1324, Private, 2nd Bt 13th Foot
Delaney, William, 1243, Private, 10th Hussars
Delehanty, Rodger, 543, Private, 89th Foot
Delfonso, Carmelo, 935, Trumpeter, RMF Art
Delfonso, Paolo, 135, RMF Art
Delgabrele, Guisseppi, 95, RMF Art
Delhanty, Patrick, 1796, Cpl, Mil Train
Deller, James, 1243, Private, 24th Foot
Delooze, Thomas, 336, Private, 57th Foot
Dempster, Andrew, 1216, 2nd Cl. Ord, Medical Staff Corps
Dench, Charles, 31, Bombardier, RA
Denham, William, 1246, Private, 14th Lt Dragoons
Deverell, William, 1374, Private, 1st WIR
Devine, John, 1282, 10th Foot 24th D Gds
Devine, Patrick, 955, Gunner, RA
Devine, Robert , , R H A
Devlin, Hugh , 1905, Private, 4th Lt Dragoons
Devlin, James, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Devlin, Michael, 2001, Private, 2nd Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Dewar, John, 2065, Private, 82nd Foot
Dewye, Daniel, 612, Private, 16th Lancers
Dickerson, Edward, 2361, Private, 1st Bt 6th Foot
Dickerson, Majhor ?, 3193, Private, 56th Foot
Dickings, Henry, 628, Private, Canadian Mtd Rifles
Dickman, George, 337, Private, 1st Dragoons
Digual, Thomas, 1422, Private, 2nd Bt 17th Foot
Dillon, Charles, 1835, Private, 77th Inf
Dimeck, Giovanni, 1264, Gunner, RMF Art
Dimeck, Giovanni, 180, Gunner, RMF Art
Dimeck, Igazio, 592, Gunner, RMF Art
Dimeck, Lorenzo, 599, Gunner, RMF Art
Dimeck, Michael, 372, Gunner, RMF Art
Dimock, Antonio, 466, RMF Inf
Diskin, John, 561, Gunner, RMF Art
Diugli, Giovanni, 960, Gunner, RMF Art
Dixon, Robert, 404, Private, 4th WIR
Dixon, Stanley, 456, Private, 1st Dragoons
Dixon, Thomas, 1117, Private, 8th Foot
Dixon, William, 604, Private, 7th Hussars
Doake, William, 4130, Cpl, 30th Foot
Dobb, Charles, 2040, Private, 34th Foot
Dockerty, Peter, 3404, Private, 72nd Highs
Dockett, Soloman, 2518, Cpl, 31st Foot
Dodd, George, 1228, Sgt, 15th Hussars
Doffin, George, 539, Private, 3rd WIR
Doffle, Robert, 930, Private, 1st Bt 91st Foot
Doherty, George, 2138, Private, 1st Bt 6th Foot
Dominici, Francesco, 94, RMF Inf
Donaldson, Matthew, 2021, Private, 65th Foot
Done, Thomas, 1154, Private, 14th Lt Dragoons
Donelly, John, 3297, Cpl, 56th Foot
Donnellan, John, 607, Private, 71st High Lt Inf
Donnellan, Owen, 907, Private, 88th Foot
Donnelly, Patrick, 2993, Private, 52nd Lt Inf
Donnelly, Patrick, 2556, Private, Depot 51st Foot
Donoghue, Daniel, 524, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Donoghue, Patrick, 2093, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Donovan, Daniel, 2951, Private, Mil Train
Doohig, John, 1412, Private, 8th Foot
Doolan, Patrick, 281, Private, 65th Foot
Doolin, Andrew, 1445, Private, 11th Foot
Doonan, Edward, 3098, Cpl, 2nd Queens Royal Inf
Dougherty, Thomas, 1048, Private, 3rd Lt Dragoons
Dougherty, Thomas, 3917, Private, 69th Foot
Dougherty, William, 1927, Private, 76th Foot
Douglas, Alexander, 690, Cpl, 3rd WIR
Douglas, Andrew, 390, Private, 2nd D Gds
Douglas, George, 819, Cpl, 10th Hussars
Douglas, James, 2089, Private, 48th Foot
Douglas, John, 1582, Private, 72nd Highs
Douglas, Robert, 828, Private, 3rd WIR
Doussee, James, 2618, Private, 45th Inf
Dover, Thomas, 3915, Sgt, 50th Foot
Dowling, George, 1335, Private, Coldstream Gds
Dowling, John, 1395, Private, 18th Foot
Dowling, Thomas, 1757, Private, 40th Foot
Down, John, 703, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Downey, Matthew, 299, Private, 2nd Bt 9th Foot
Doyle, James, 968, Private, 10th Hussars
Doyle, John, 2304, Private, 48th Foot
Drake, Francis, 1105, Private, 3rd WIR
Draper, Andrew, 1647, Private, Mil Train
Draper, Henry, 736, Cpl, 14th Lt Dragoons
Dredge, Henry, 4661, Private, 50th Foot
Drew, Edward, 474, Private, 40th Foot
Drudge, Frederick, 2811, Private, 20th Foot
Drum, Patrick, 705, Private, 104th Fus
Drummond, William, 1766, Private, 108th Foot
Dryden, James, 1930, Private, 8th Foot
Duckworth, Josepj, 1399, Private, 2nd Bt 6th Foot
Duddy, Patrick, 2575, Private, 70th Foot
Duff, William, 1085, Private, 1st Bt 5th Fus
Duffey, Thomas, 3444, Private, 56th Foot
Duffy, Edward, 2273, Private, 86th Foot
Duffy, Owen, 1718, Cpl, 77th Foot
Duggan, James, 2013, Sgt, 87th Foot
Duggan, Maurice, 4374, Private, 50th Foot
Dukes, George, 2121, Private, 1st Bt 20th Foot
Dunbar, William, 1437, Private, 3rd WIR
Duncan, Andrew, 707, Private, 72nd Highs
Duncan, James, 898, Cpl, 2nd Bt 8th Foot
Duncan, John, 247, Tpr, 1st Life Gds
Duncan, Thomas, 951, Private, 3rd WIR
Duneri, Guisseppi, 79, RMF Art
Dunlop, James, 1282, Private, 20th Foot
Dunn, Charles, 1347, Private, Depot 68th Foot
Dunn, George, 309, Dvr, RA
Dunn, John, 2277, Private, 11th Hussars
Dunn, Patrick, 931, Private, 8th Hussars
Dunne, Edmund, 2584, Private, 65th Foot
Dunne, George, 581, Private, 17th Lancers
Durden, Charles, 1607, Sgt, 4th Lt Dragoons
Durrie, Charles, 974, Private, 3rd WIR
Dwyer, Cornelius, 2777, Col/Sgt, 34th Foot
Dwyer, Lawrence, 1598, Private, 15th Foot
Dwyer, Nickolas, 365, Private, 40th Foot
Dwyer, Timothy, 3994, Private, 33rd Foot
Dyer, James, 1557, Private, 76th Foot
Dynan, Jeremiah, 940, Private, 4th D Gds
Dyson, Eli, 890, Private, 6th D Gds
Early, Patrick, 3625, Private, 72nd Highs
Earnshaw, James, 744, Private, 30th Foot
Eastwood, James, 947, Private, 39th Foot
Ebefer, Andrea, 1074, Gunner, RMF Art
Ebjer, Annunzrvato, 939, Sgt, RMF Art
Eden, John, 1260, Private, 3rd Lt Dragoons
Edwards, Charles, 1838, Private, 11th Hussars
Edwards, Francis, 725, Private, 3rd WIR
Edwards, George, 1974, Cpl, 1st Bt 8th Foot
Edwards, James, 2112, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Edwards, John, 1496, Drum/Maj, 2nd Bt 22nd Foot
Edwards, John, 38, Sgt, 5th WIR
Edwards, Matthew, 40, Sgt, 5th WIR
Edwards, Robert, 3254, 1st Bt 24th Foot
Edwards, Thomas, 1362, Private, 76th Foot
Edwards, William, 453, Cpl, 3rd WIR
Edwards, William, 2297, Private, 63rd Foot
Egerton, William, 554, Private, 14th Lt dragoons
Elam, Edwin , 514, Trump/Kettle Drum, 2nd Life Gds
Elde, Edward, 466, Private, 1st WIR
Elder, John, 1410, L/Sgt, 79th Foot
Elderton, Edward, 706, Private, 57th Foot
Elderton (Elderkin?), John, 1752, Private, 12th Lancers
Eley, Bryan, 706, Private, 1st Bt 13th Lt Inf
Ellcock, Henry , 3603, Private, 7th Fus
Ellett, George, Dvr, Royal Horse Art
Elliott, Daniel, 3700, Private, 65th Foot
Elliott, Frederick, 3128, Private, 57th Foot
Elliott, Richard, 2976, Private, 54th Foot
Ellis, Stephen, 329, Private, 5th Dragoons
Ellis, Thomas, 1596, Private, 8th Foot
Ellison, Samuel, 863, Drum/Maj, 10th Foot
Elrick, Alexander, 3505, Private, 104th Foot
Elsbury, Charles, 977, Dvr, RA
Elton, James, 1180, Private, 14th Lt Dragoons
Ember, William , 1030, Private, 2nd Life Gds
Embling, David, 687, Cpl, 57th Foot
Emery, Eber, 1733, Sgt, 47th Foot
Emmett, William , 828, Farrier/Sgt, RA
England, Samuel, 5477, Cpl, Grenadier Gds
Ennis, James, 3825, Dvr, 4th Bde RA
Ennis, Matthew, 4562, Private, 50th Foot
Escurt, James, 2172, Sgt, 1st Bt 16th Foot
Esh, Joseph, 1812, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Esment, William, 1282, Private, 2nd BT 7th Fus
Espoir, Shatto, 1112, Private, 3rd WIR
Estick, Thomas, 676, Private, 4th WIR
Esworthy, William, 1164, Private, 58th Foot
Etchells, Isaacher, 1407, Private, 2nd Bt 4th Foot
Evance, Thomas, 517, Private, 4th WIR
Evans, Charles, 923, Private, 2nd Bt 17th Foot
Evans, Evan, 148, Gunner, 6th Bde RA
Evans, James, 388, Private, 2nd Bt 4th Foot
Evans, John, 1081, Private, 9th Lancers
Evans, Joseph, 1598, Private, 3rd Lt Dragoons
Evans, Peter, 847, Private, 3rd WIR
Evans, Thomas, 1844, Private, 11th Foot
Evans, Thomas, 850, Private, Depot 62nd Foot
Evans, Thomas, 520, Sapper, RE
Evans, William, 164, Private, 59th Foot
Evers, Thomas, 1408, Gunner, RA
Eyres, Thomas, 277, Private, 6th Innsk Dragoons
Fairweather, Jonathan, 1182, Private, 9th Lancers
Falkner, John, 492, Private, 15th Hussars
Fallon, Thomas, 2459, Private, 34th Foot
Fallows, Aaron, 2237, Private, 70th Foot
Falvey, John, 41551, 50th Foot
Falzon, Flice, 622, Gunner, RMF Art
Falzon, Michele, 62, Maltese Provincial
Falzon, Paolo, 278, Gunner, RMF Art
Falzun, Salvatore, 275, RMF Art
Fanngia, Angelo, 924, Gunner, RMF Art
Fanngia, Guisseppi, 1233, Gunner, RMF Art
Fanngia, Michele, 993, Sgt, RMF Art
Fanngia, Salvatore, 914, Gunner, RMF Art
Fanngia, Salvatore, 892, Cpl, RMF Art
Fannon, William, 2378, Private, 80th Foot
Fannone, Laurence, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Faracci, Sebastiano, 36, Scilian Regt
Farley, Edward, 617, Private, 69th Foot
Farmer, Charles, 1826, Private, 11th Hussars
Farmer, Cornelius, 648, Private, 68th Foot
Farmer, Noah, 1245, Private, 2nd Bt 76th Foot
Farrar, Alfred , 807, Private, 35th or 95th Foot
Farrar, William, 3234, Private, 32nd Foot
Farrigia, Francesco, 90, RMF Art
Farrigia, Georgio, 59, RMF Art
Farrigia, Guisseppi, 169, RMF Art
Farrigia, Guisseppi, 709, RMF Art
Farrigia, Ignazio, 454, RMF Art
Farrigia, Michele, 589, RMF Art
Farrigia, Michele, 100, RMF Art
Farrigia, Vincenzio, 9, Maltese Provincial
Faulkner, John ?, 2829, Cpl, 2nd Bt Rifle Bde
Faulkner, William, 407, Sgt/Maj, Cape Mtd Rifles
Fava, Emmanuele, 414, Gunner, RMF Art
Fava, Salvatore, 218, Gunner, RMF Art
Fawkes, Guida, 1113, Private, 3rd WIR
Feeney, Thomas, 2166, Private, 56th Foot
Fenech, Antonio, 329, Gunner, RMF Art
Fenech, Antonio, 931, Gunner, RMF Art
Fenech, Francesco, 597, Sgt, RMF Art
Fenech, Nicolo, 190, RMF Art
Fenech, Paolo, 812, Gunner, RMF Art
Fenech, Rosario, 558, Gunner, RMF Art
Ferguson, James, 3672, Private, 33rd Foot
Ferguson, John, 44, Sgt, 5th WIR
Ferguson, Joseph, Sgt, RA
Ferguson, Nicol, 2708, Private, 92nd Highs
Ferguson, Robert, 412, Private, 4th WIR
Ferguson, Thomas, 589, Private, 93rd Highs
Ferns, James, 2319, Private, 71st Foot
Ferridge, Richard, 712, Private, 9th Lancers
Fidge, John, 510, Private, 1st Dragoons
Field, Henry , 2457, Private, 40th Foot
Fieldere, Henry, 1781, Private, 16th Foot
Fieldere, Thomas, 636, Cpl, 70th Foot
Fielding, Hartley, 1333, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Fieldwick, George, 1218, Private, 6th Foot
Finch, Edward, 4154, Private, 56th Foot
Finch, John, 299, Private, 43rd Foot
Finlay, William , 2223, Private, 1st Bt 6th Foot
Finlays, John, 2181, Private, 41st Foot
Finn, James, 1028, Private, 46th Foot
Finneran, Edward, 3662, Private, 66th Foot
Fish, James, 2921, Private, 94th Foot
Fisher, Edwin, 399, Private, 10th Hussars
Fisher, George, 487, Private, 43rd Foot
Fisher, Isaac, 2042, Private, 86th Foot
Fisher, John, 2642, Private, 43rd Foot
Fisher, Joseph, 1133, Private, 15th Hussars
Fitchard, Peter, 1509, Private, 2nd Foot
Fitchett, John, 3292, Private, 54th Foot
Fithian, Thomas, 302, Private, St Helena Inf
Fitz ?, James, 1060, Private, 53rd Foot
Fitzgerald, Thomas, 3616, Private, 32nd Foot
Fitzgibbon, William, 1399, Private, 99th Foot
Fitzpatrick, Alexander, 699, Private, 89th Foot
Fitzpatrick, James, 3204, Private, 31st Foot
Fitzpatrick, Thomas, 1957, Private, 13th Foot
Fitzsimmonds, John, 2152, Private, 65th Foot
Fitzsimon, John, 2573, Private, 68th Foot
Flack, James, 1752, Private, 83rd Foot
Flaherty, Thomas, 3227, Private, Military Train
Flanagan, John, 1052, Private, 83rd Foot
Flanagan, Lawrence, 1513, Private, 76th Foot
Flanagan, Thomas, 2181, Private, 65th Foot
Flattery, Henry, 2857, Private, 1st Bt 8th Foot
Flemming, John, 892, Cpl, 1st Bt 16th Foot
Fletcher, Cornelius, 3951, Private, 88th Foot
Fletcher, James, 1866, Private, Depot 1st Bt 1st Foot
Fletcher, Joseph, 1447, Private, 95th Foot
Fletcher, William, Dvr, R H A
Flood, Charles, L/Sgt, Military Labourers
Flower, George, 440, Private, 91st Highs
Flower, William , 15, Private, 56th Foot
Flowers, George, 3253, Private, 43rd Foot
Flynn, James, 1448, Private, 86th Foot
Fogarty, James, 2182, Private, 94th Foot
Foley, Maurice, 659, Private, East Middx Regt
Foot, Samuel, 2506, Sgt, 1st Bt 6th Foot
Footitt, George, 1815, Private, 11th Hussars
Forbes, Isaac, 414, Private, 4th WIR
Forbes, John, 1223, Private, 11th Foot
Forbes, John, 1835, Private, 72nd Highs
Ford, James, 3953, Private, 66th Foot
Ford, John, 2426, Private, 10th Foot
Ford, John, 2196, Private, 1st Bt 24th Foot
Ford, Samuel, 3193, Private, 63rd Foot
Ford, William, 1584, Sgt, 42nd Foot
Fordham, Picken, 1356, 15th Foot
Foreman, James, 2882, Private, Grenadier Gds
Forkner, William, 428, Private, 14th Lt Dragoons
Formosa, Guisseppi, 674, Cpl, RME Art
Formosa, Michele, 10, Malte Pro Foot
Formosa, Michele, 314, RME Art
Formosa, Michele Angelo, 81, RMF Foot
Forsey, George, 1186, Cpl, 2nd Bt 11th Foot
Foster, John, 2673, Private, 26th Canadian Foot
Foster, John, 1413, Cpl, 86th Foot
Foster, Siddle, 428, Private, 85th Lt Inf
Fotherby, William , 4268, 33rd Foot
Foulkes, Thomas, 941, Private, 12th Lancers
Fountain, William , 998, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Fowler, Henry, 1094, Private, 1st WIR
Fowlis, Arthur, 436, Private, 1st WIR
Fox, Charles, 1114, Private, 3rd WIR
Fox, George, 1524, Private, 2nd Bt 22nd Foot
Fox, George, 1137, Private, 40th Foot
Fox, Joseph, 540, Private, 82nd Foot
Fox, Michael, 2548, Private, 70th Foot
Fox, Thomas, 2918, Private, 40th Foot
Francis, James, 1117, Private, 3rd WIR
Francis, John, 4662, Private, 50th Foot
Francis, Robert, 584, Private, 3rd WIR
Francis, William, 1686, Private, 75th Foot
Franklin, William , 1551, Private, 40th Foot
Franks, Charles, 2011, Private, 56th Foot
Fraser, Simon, 1893, Private, Woolwich Mil Train
Fraser, William, 714, Sgt, 3rd D Gds
Freeby, Henry , 2002, Private, 11th Hussars
Freeman, David , 7, Sgt, 5th WIR
Freeman, James, 3515, Private, 32nd Foot
Freeman, Samuel, 1178, Private, 2nd Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Freeman, William, 1315, Trumpeter, 1st D Gds
Freer, John, 1601, Private, 1st WIR
Freestone, John, 4272, Gunner, RA
Freestone, William, 510, Private, 10th Hussars
French, George, 725, Private, 17th Lancers
French, James, 2518, Private, 84th Foot
French, William, 2566, Private, 1st Bt 7th Royal Fus
Frendo, Gregorio, 208, RMF Art
Frendo, Guisseppi, 502, Gunner, RMF Art
Frendo, Lorenzo, 970, Gunner, RMF Art
Frendo, Michele, 1249, Gunner, RMF Art
Frendo, Pietro, 103, RMF Art
Frendo, Salvatore, 897, Gunner, RMF Art
Friggiesi, Lorenzo, 967, Cpl, RMF Art
Frost, Anthoney, 3188, Private, 57th Foot
Frost, Charles, 3990, Private, 33rd Foot
Frost, James, 957, Tr/Sgt/Maj, 11th Hussars
Frost, Philip, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Frost, William, 725, Private, 30th Foot
Froy, Jesse, 1343, Private, 11th Foot
Frye, Samba, 859, Private, 3rd WIR
Fryer, John, 1664, Bugler, 52nd Foot
Fuggiui, Paolo, 882, Gunner, RMF Art
Fuggiui, Tarbarou, 172, Cpl, RMF Art
Fuller, James, 630, Cpl, 3rd WIR
Fulton, William, 2291, Sgt, 71st High Lt Inf
Furlong, Charles, 1284, Private, 84th Foot
Furnish, James, 1702, C/Sgt, 77th Foot
Futrell, Henry, 727, L/Cpl, 14th Lt Dragoons
Fyfe, John, Private, Sappers & Miners
Gafa, Lorenzo, 670, Gunner, RMF Art
Gaff, Brisco, 755, Cpl, 1st WIR
Gaffney, William, 78, Private, 104th Bengal Fus
Gagliano, Pasquale, 61, Sicilian Foot
Galbraith, Walter, 4611, Private, 50th Foot
Gale, James, 1137, Tr/Sgt/Maj, 4th Hussars
Galea, Andrea, 75, RMF Art
Galea, Antonio, 309, RMF Art
Galea, Carmelo, 458, Gunner, RMF Art
Galea, Carmelo, 724, RMF Art
Galea, Clemente, 73, Gunner, RMF Art
Galea, Fracesco, 755, Gunner, RMF Art
Galea, Francesco, 295, Gunner, RMF Art
Galea, Francesco, 555, Gunner, RMF Art
Galea, George Carlo, 395, Gunner, RMF Art
Galea, Giovanni, 162, RMF Art
Galea, Giovanni Baptista, 452, RMF Art
Galea, Guisseppi, 246, Gunner, RMF Art
Galea, Guisseppi, 100, Gunner, RMF Art
Galea, Lorenzo, 3, Caccirtori Maltese
Galea, Lorenzo, 231, Sgt, RMF Art
Galea, Martino, 244, Bombardier, RMF Art
Galea, Paolo, 114, RMF Art
Galea, Saverio, 49, Gunner, RMF Art
Gallaghar, Edward, 3723, Private, 33rd Foot
Gallaghar, William, 906, Private, 27th Innsk Inf
Gallaghar, William, 3177, Private, 44th Foot
Galloway, George, 1099, 3rd WIR
Gambin, Fillippo, 542, RMF Art
Gambler, Samuel, 1307, Private, 12th Lancers
Gardner, Robert, 329, Private, 1st Bt 21st Fus
gardner, Stephen, 1432, Private, Commissariat Staff Corps
Garlano, Robert, 795, Private, 7th D Gds
Gaswell, John, 272, Private, 4thD Gds
Gater, William , 2695, Private, Mil Train
Gatt, Fillipio, 19, Gunner, RMF Art
Gatt, Michele, 394, Gunner, RMF Art
Gaucci, Antonio, 552, Gunner, RMF Art
Gaucci, Michele, 253, Gunner, RMF Art
Gaucci, Salvatore, 240, Gunner, RMF Art
Gaughran, James, 2211, Sgt, 37th Foot
Gay, Thomas, 671, Private, 4th WIR
Geany, William, 2899, Private, 50th Foot
Geddings, George, 2598, Private, 86th Foot
Gee, Samuel, 4886, Private, 50th Foot
Geering, John, 1755, Private, 18th Hussars
Genius, Fillipo, 876, Gunner, RMF Art
Genius, Francesco, 922, Gunner, RMF Art
Genius, Michele, 453, Gunner, RMF Art
Genius, Paolo, 308, Gunner, RMF Art
Geoghegan, George, 1879, Sgt, 65th Foot
George, Walter, 2100, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
George, William, 1982, Cpl, Mil Train
Geraghty, John, 1956, Cpl, Royal Canadian Rifles
Geraty, Michael, 3036, Private, 50th Foot
Ghigo, Angelo, 54, Maltese Veterans
Ghigo, Michele, 40, Maltese Veterans
Gibbons, John, 527, Private, 10th Hussars
Gibbons, Miles, 473, Private, 101st Fus
Gibbs, Richard, 1951, Private, Res Bt 12th Foot
Gibson, John, 721, Private, 2nd D Gds
Gibson, John, 421, Private, 4th WIR
Gibson, John, 3427, Private, 51st Foot
Gibson, Paul, 2533, Private, 1st Bt Rifle Bde
Gibson, Samuel, 22, C S M, 4th WIR
Gibson, Thomas, 564, Cpl, 3rd WIR
Gibson, Thomas, 513, Private, 6th D Gds
Gibson, William, 937, Cpl & L/Sgt, 6th D Gds
Gibson, William, 1155, 2nd Cl. Ord, Medical Staff Corps
Giddings, John, 3946, Private, 56th Foot
Gifford, Frederick, 8, Cpl, 82nd Foot
Gifford, William, 470, Private, 1st Bt 25th Foot
Gildea, Thomas, 1796, Private, 6th D Gds
Gill, Richard, 157, Private, 3rd WIR
Gill, Thomas, 539, Private, 15th Hussars
Gillingham, William, 1824, Private, 6th D Gds
Gillon, Hugh , 4292, Private, 30th Foot
Gillon, Robert, 3178, Private, 81st Foot
Gimber, Joseph, 1912, Private, 1st Bt 4th Foot
Gimbus, Charles, 3791, Private, 16th Foot
Girling, Henry, 730, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Gladill, John, 426, Private, 101st Fus
Gledhill, Soloman, 1929, Private, 11th Hussars
Gleeson, Cornelius, 2513, Private, 70th Foot
Gleeson, James, 3904, Private, 33rd Foot
Gleeson, Tmothy, 2917, Sgt, 34th Foot
Glinn, Michael, 2443, Private, Mil Train In Ireland
Glon, James, 3270, Private, 72nd highs
Godding, William, 1840, Private, 53rd Foot
Godfrey, Charles, 1751, Private, 95th Foot
Gogalin, Robert, 2230, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Goldby, James, 25, Private, 64th Foot
Goldston, Thomas, 2989, Private, 32nd Foot
Gollan, Duncan, 2958, Sgt, 37th Foot
Golver, Charles, 2672, Private, 1st Bt 8th Foot
Gooch, George, 301, Private, 43rd Lt Inf
Goodall, James, 682, Private, 78th Highs
Goodier, Thomas, 2433, Cpl, 74th Highs
Gooding, Thomas, 837, Ord/Rm/Sgt, 2nd Bt 4th Foot
Goodman, Edward, 3049, Cpl, 20th Foot
Goodman, William, 2173, Private, 81st Foot
Goodridge, Canden, 1470, Private, 1st WIR
Goodson, Matthew, 805, Private, 14th Lt Dragoons
Goodwin, George, 1697, Drummer, 45th Foot
Goodwin, Thomas, 255, Private, 1st Bt 21st Fus
Goose, George, 905, Private, 12th Lancers
Gordon, John, 2354, Private, 79th Foot
Gordon, Thomas, 2161, Sgt, 1st Bt 16th Foot
Gorse, William, 778, Private, 75th Foot
Gossedge, John, 2220, Private, 61st Foot
Gott, John, Private, 43rd Lt Inf
Gould, George, 4041, Private, 1st Bt Rifle Bde
Gould, Henry, 949, Private, 66th Foot
Goulding, Charles, 1114, Gunner, RA
Goulding, John, 4009, Private, 33rd Foot
Goulding, Silus, 1731, Private, 40th Foot
Gover, Joseph, 713, Private, Grenadier Gds
Gow, William, 898, Private, 1st Bt 91st Foot
Goward, Stephen, 546, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Graby, William, 422, Private, 6th Dragoons
Grady, John, 1556, Private, 29th Foot
Grady, Roger, 2506, Private, 82nd Foot
Grafton, Morris , 83, Private, 78th Highs
Graham, Alexander, 471, Private, 72nd Highs
Graham, Arthur, 3939, Private, 33rd Foot
Graham, Peter, 2107, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Graham, Samuel, 914, Private, 2nd Bt 17th Foot
Graham, William, 276, Private, 1st WIR
Graine, Charles, 1711, Private, 41st Welch Fus
Grainger, Charles, 1892, Private, 4th Lt Dragoons
Grandison, Charles, 1349, Private, Mil Labourers
Grant, Andrew, 234, Private, 12th Lancers
Grant, James, 672, Private, 3rd WIR
Grant, William, 743, Private, 15th Hussars
Gray, Henry, 500, Private, 30th Foot
Gray, James, 1004, Private, 2nd Bt 24th Foot
Gray, James, 1660, Private, 83rd Foot
Gray, Peter, 1448, Private, 9th Lancers
Gray, Thomas, 1447, Private, 84th Foot
Greaby, Timothy, 2630, Private, 8th Foot
Greatrorex, Thomas, 2751, Gunner, RA
Grech, Francesco, 508, Bombardier, RMF Art
Grech, Giovanni, 687, Trumpeter, RMF Art
Grech, Grezio, 686, Bombardier, RMF Art
Grech, Guisseppi, 107, RMF Art
Grech, Ludouico, 825, RMF Art
Grech, Marcello, 949, Gunner, RMF Art
Grech, Michele, 383, Gunner, RMF Art
Grech, Salvatore, 181, Act/Bomb, RMF Art
Grech, Salvatore, 1038, Gunner, RMF Art
Grech, Vincenzo, 35, Maltese Provincial
Grech, Vincenzo, 475, Gunner, RMF Art
Greedus, George, 2418, Private, 98th Foot
Green, Charles, 1977, Sgt, 57th Foot
Green, Charles, 2364, Private, Scots Fus Gds
Green, Edward, 674, Private, 1st Bt 4th Foot
Green, Edward, 1510, Sgt, 53rd Foot
Green, Edward, 2109, Sgt, 70th Foot
Green, George, 1979, Private, 22nd Foot
Green, John, 1317, Cpl, 24th Foot
Green, John, 800, RA
Green, Michael, 3893, Private, 50th Foot
Green, Richard, 228, Private, 108th Foot
Green, Robert, 634, Private, 3rd WIR
Green, William, 1809, Private, 4th Lt Dragoons
Greene, John, 3136, Private, Depot 51st Foot
Greensmith Gilbert, James, 389, Sgt, 15th Hussars
Greenwood, Edward, 392, Cpl, 57th Foot
Greenwood, Lewis, 3311, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Gregory, George , 4296, Private, 56th Foot
Gribbon, Henry , 3427, Private, 86th Foot
Grice, George , 1747, Private, 11th Hussars
Grieve, William , 979, Private, 3rd WIR
Griffin, Frederick, 1392, Private, 1st Bt 5th Foot
Griffin, James, 774, Private, 70th Foot
Griffin, Thomas, 1880, Private, 78th Highs
Griffin, William, 1975, Private, 58th Foot
Griffin, William, 2228, Private, 91st Foot
Griffiths, John, 1254, Private, 2nd Bt 76th Foot
Grigg, Joseph, 1180, Private, 4th Lt Dragoons
Grima, Antonio, 879, Gunner, RMF Art
Grima, Carlo, 270, RMF Art
Grima, Carmelo, 583, Gunner, RMF Art
Grima, Francesco, 722, RMF Art
Grima, Guisseppi, 60, Gunner, RMF Art
Grima, Salvatore, 656, RMF Art
Grima, Salvatore, 483, Gunner, RMF Art
Grima, Vincenzo, 479, Gunner, RMF Art
Grimes, James, 4456, Sgt, 45th Foot
Grimes, James, 1972, Gunner, 65th Foot
Grimes, Thomas, 2323, Gunner, RA
Grimshaw, Charles, 510, Private, 80th Foot
Groggan, Andrew, 1888, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Groggan, Charles, 58, Private, 5th WIR
Groves, Joseph, 2751, Sgt, Grenadier Gds
Guerin, Michael, 2191, Private, 1st Bt 16th Foot
Gull, Robert, 2405, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Gunn, Peter, 2244, Private, 92nd Highs
Guppy, Francis, 800, Private, 3rd Lt Dragoons
Gusman, Paolo, 573, Gunner, RMF Art
Guthrie, James, 545, Private, 9th Lancers
Hackett, James, 3011, Private, 31st Foot
Hackley, James, 770, Drummer, 34th Foot
Hadley, Charles, 1666, Private, Military Train
Hagen, Daniel, 2953, Private, 50th Foot
Haines, George, 950, Private, 2nd Bt 17th Foot
Haley, James, 1332, Private, 10th Hussars
Halkes, Patrick, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Hall, Charles, 30, Private, Royal Newfoundland Coys
Hall, Edward, 777, Sgt, Cape Mtd Rifles
Hall, John, 1970, Private, 11th Hussars
Hall, Joseph, 2640, Private, 56th Foot
Hall, William, 854, Private, 2nd Bt 16th Foot
Hallday, Henry, 121, Cpl, 4th WIR
Halloray, William, 2076, Private, 4th Lt Dragoons
Hallson, Guilden, 2359, Farrier, Woolwich Mil Train
Halpin, Thady, 1977, Sgt, 20th Foot
Hamill, John, 1811, Private, 41st Foot
Hamilton, John, 594, Private, 10th Hussras
Hamilton, Richard, 2283, Private, 80th Foot
Hamilton, William, 3619, Private, 14th Foot
Hamilton, William, 2294, Private, 54th Foot
Hamlett, George, 1749, Private, 4th Lt Dragoons
Hamlyn, Joseph, 382, Cpl, Cape Mtd Rifles
Hammond, George, 1344, Private, 2nd Bt 22nd Foot
Hammond, John, 659, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Hampson, Edwin, 338, Private, 9th Lancers
Hampson, James, 1885, Private, 24th Foot
Hanchant, Samuel, 2575, Private, 4th Bt Rifles Bde
Hand, Charles, 998, Cpl, 6th Dragoons
Hanefen, Jeremiah, 1311, Private, 8th Foot
Hanna, John, 3289, Cpl, 50th Foot
Hannan, Matthew, 461, Private, 6th D Gds
Hannon, Michael, 3606, Private, 50th Foot
Hanson, James, 1162, Cpl, 15th Hussars
Hardie, James, 876, Private, 9th Lancers
Harding, Henry, 801, Sgt, 65th Foot
Hardwick, John, 2081, Cpl, 86th Foot
Hardy, Henry , 1209, Private, 1st WIR
Hardy, John, 371, 1st Bt Life Gds
Hardy, William, 859, Muscian, 1st Bt Scots Fus Gds
Hare, Alfred, 143, Private, 14th Hussars
Hare, Eyre, 1242, Arm/Sgt, 73rd Foot
Hargraves, John, 2270, Private, 1st Bt 3rd Foot
Hargreaves, Joseph, 3104, Private, 52nd Foot
Harkness, David, 1141, Private, 1st Dragoons
Harper, Alexander, 3543, O.M/Sgt, 74th Foot
Harper, John, 2806, Private, Grenadier Gds
Harper, Samuel, 449, Private, 3rd WIR
Harper, Thomas, 3082, Private, 45th Foot
Harper, William, 772, Private, 3rd D Gds
Harper, William, 633, Private, 82nd Foot
Harrington, Thomas, 2539, Private, 84th Foot
Harris, Charles, 1084, Private, 70th Foot
Harris, James, 704, Private, 4th WIR
Harris, James, 4477, Gnr/Dvr, 5th Bt RA
Harris, Thomas, 2630, Private, 24th Foot
Harris, William, 910, Private, 41st Foot
Harrison, George, 2134, Private, 43rd Foot
Harrison, George, 18479, Private, 45th Foot
Harrison, Henry, 3120, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Harrison, Samuel, 3923, Private, 33rd Foot
Harrison, William, 96, Cpl, St Helena Inf
Harrod, John, 668, Private, 1st Dragoons
Harse, Jacob, 2753, Private, 1st Bt 22nd Foot
Hart, Peter, 1892, Private, 65th Foot
Hart, Richard, 2362, Private, 43rd Foot
Hartley, Thomas, 894, Private, 15th Hussars
Hartley, William, 3590, Private, 103rd Fus
Hartley, William, 2241, Private, 70th Foot
Hartwell, John, 1887, L/Cpl, 37th Foot
Harvey, John, 725, Gunner, RA
Harvey, Robert, 250, Private, 92nd Highs
Harvey, William, 500, Private, 10th Hussars
Haslock, Robert, 2432, 1st Bt 24th Foot
Hassam, Decimus, 1297, Private, 9th Lancers
Hatton, Charles, 1941, Private, 53rd Foot
Haughton, Ralph, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Hawkins, Henry, 3013, Private, Depot 51st Foot
Hawkins, Joseph, 2326, Private, 1st Bt 5th Fus
Hawkins, William, 1144, Private, 15th Hussars
Hawkins, William, 408, Private, 1st Bt Rifle Bde
Hawley, John, 2311, Private, 32nd Foot
Hayes, Abraham, 551, Private, 9th Lancers
Hayes, Daniel, 3381, Private, 72nd Highs
Hayes, Dennis, 2683, Private, 67th Foot
Hayes, Joseph, 522, Private, 9th Lancers
Hayes, Patrick, 1891, Sgt, 77th Foot
Hayes, William, 562, Private, 1st D Gds
Haynes, Ben, 677, Private, 4th WIR
Haynes, George, 519, Sgt, 10th Hussars
Haynes, William, 451, Cpl, 3rd WIR
Hayward, John, 2171, Sgt, 11th Foot
Hayward, John, 133, Private, 2nd Bt 22nd Foot
Hayward, Thomas, 2402, Private, 43rd Foot
Hazlett, Robert, 2162, Sgt, 38th Foot
Head, Michael, 116, Private, 40th Foot
Head, Richard, 373, Private, 10th Hussars
Headley, Corrideus, 125, Private, 4th WIR
Healey, John, 2207, Private, 1st Bt 6th Foot
Healey, Stephen, 4329, Private, 2nd Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Heaning, William, 2089, Private, 83rd Foot
Hearn, Henry, 2473, Private, 48th Foot
Heaslea, William, 1969, Sgt, 37th Foot
Heathwaite, John, 254, Private, Mil Store Staff Corps
Hebdon, Jameson, 2256, Private, 65th Foot
Heberdeer, Henry, 67, Private, 5th WIR
Heckel, Willaim, 231, Private, 48th Foot
Hector, John, 1344, Private, 4th Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Hedge, John, 1993, Private, Royal Canadian Rifle
Hely, Henry, 582, Sgt, 10th Hussars
Hemmett, James, 2048, Private, 11th Hussars
Hemming, James, 2463, Sgt, 83rd Foot
Hemmingway, Isaac, 481, Gunner, RA
Henderson, Donald, 2048, Private, 71st Highs
Henderson, Walter, 1592, Private, Scots Fus Gds
Henderson, William, 1524, Private, 6th Foot
Hendrich, Thomas, 239, Private, 9th Lancers
Hendry, George, 433, Private, 4th WIR
Hening, Andrew, 70, Private, 5th WIR
Henley, William, 3991, 33rd Foot
Hennessey, John, 4064, Private, 56th Foot
Henry, Archibald, 1872, Private, 79th Highs
Henry, George, 631, Sgt, 3rd WIR
Henry, James, 252, Private, 3rd WIR
Henry, James, 247, Private, St Helena Inf
Henry, John, 126, Private, 4th WIR
Henry, Richard, 776, Cpl, 3rd WIR
Henry, Thomas, 3444, 1st Bt 24th Foot
Henson, Thomas, 2051, Private, Mil Train
Herbert, John, 4098, Private, 39th Foot
Herd, Michael, 703, Private, Royal Horse Gds
Herringshaw, Edward, 1073, Private, 6th Foot
Herringshaw, Thomas, 1790, Cpl, 75th Foot
Herrson ?, James, 407, 4th D Gds
Hessop, Andrew, 2410, Private, Grenadier Gds
Hester, Patrick, 448, Private, 63rd Foot
Hewins, George, 762, Private, 40th Foot
Hewitt, Frederick, 623, Private, 55th Foot
Hewitt, George, 205, Private, 65th Foot
Hewitt, James, 2446, Private, 53rd Foot
Hewitt, Robert, 677, Sgt, RA
Hewitt, Thomas, 2094, Private, 83rd Foot
Hibbert, Thomas, 733, Sgt, 3rd WIR
Hickey, Edmund, 24, 45th Foot
Hickey, Patrick, 452, Private, 40th Foot
Hickman, Charles, 804, Private, 3rd WIR
Higginbottom, James, 1928, Col/Sgt, 66th Foot
Higgins, Robert, 1514, Private, Woolwich Mil Train
Higgs, Arthur, 3640, Private, 12th Foot
Higgs, Edward, 4744, Private, 1st Bt 23rd Fus
Hill, Francis, , 1st Bt 24th Foot
Hill, James, 614, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Hill, John, 1435, Cpl, 21st Foot
Hill, Robert, 2699, Private, 24th Foot
Hillary, Edmund, 488, Private, 91st highs
Hills, Robert, 2330, Private, 43rd Foot
Hilton, Thomas, 769, Private, 4th WIR
Hinchcliffe, Alfred , 1129, Private, 2nd Bt 9th Foot
Hind, John, 854, Private, 17th Lancers
Hine, William, 282, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Hinton, James, 1270, Private, 2nd Bt 15th Foot
Hitchcock, John, 1826, Private, 103rd Foot
Hoarr, Thomas, 4455, Private, 50th Foot
Hobart, Henry, 872, Private, 6th D Gds
Hobbs, John, 574, Private, 15th Hussars
Hobkins, Patrick, 2521, Private, 70th Foot
Hockley, George, 2354, Private, 43rd Foot
Hockley, William, 948, 83rd Foot
Hodder, Uria, 1945, Private, Mil Train
Hodgekinson, Joseph, 60, Private, 7th D Gds
Hodgeson, Frederick, 309, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Hodgeson, William, 770, Private, 84th Foot
Hodgetts, John, 2887, Private, 1st Bt 23rd Fus
Hodnett, John, 2357, Private, 45th Foot
Hodson, John, 640, Private, 21st Hussars
Hodson, William, 1606, Private, 75th Foot
Hogan, Edward, 169, Private, St Helena Inf
Hogg, Thomas, 2729, Private, 11th Foot
Hogg, William, 345, Gunner, 2nd Bde RA
Hogsflesh, Henry, 917, Cpl, 15th Hussars
Hokkes, Thomas, 2180, Private, 11th Hussars
Hole, George, 2258, Private, 65th Foot
Holgate, Elisha, 142, Sgt, Cape Mtd Rifles
Holken, Walter, 1272, Private, 1st Bt 18th Foot
Hollingsworth, Alex, 2591, Private, 1stBt 6th Foot
Holly, John, 908, Sgt, 83rd Foot
Holman, Nickolas, 1873, Private, 53rd Foot
Holman, William , 2559, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Holmes, Joseph, 2198, Sgt, 34th Foot
Holmes, Martin, 1625, Private, 58th Foot
Holmes, Richard, 424, Cpl, 3rd WIR
Hone, William, 613, Private, 10th Hussars
Hones, John, 2135, Private, 32nd Foot
Hood, George, 2605, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Hook, John, 1569, Sgt, 14th Hussars
Hooper, John, 2877, Private, 40th Foot
Hopkins, Charles, 1863, Private, 90th Foot
Hopkins, George, 1873, Sgt, 9th Lancers
Hopkins, Hugh, 1881, Private, 58th Foot
Hopkins, Patrick, 1287, Private, 83rd Foot
Hopley, Edward, 1053, Cpl, 14th Lt Dragoons
Hopton, William, 1346, Private, 15th Lt Dragoons
Horan, Isaac, 841, Private, 1st Bt 16th Foot
Horan, William, 441, Private, 3rd D Gds
Horden, Robert, 822, Cpl, 99th Foot
Horne, Henry , 1271, Private, 14th Lt Dragoons
Hornsby, James, 869, Private, 90th Lt Inf
Horrigan, Jeremiah, 2067, Private, 66th Foot
Horrocks, Thomas, 1881, Cpl, 77th Inf
Hough, William, 1142, Private, 2nd Bt 2nd Foot
Hourglass, Otho, 1011, Private, 1sr WIR
Housley, William, 1597, Private, 8th Foot
How, Thomas, 1827, Private, 69th Foot
Howell, Charles, 1038, Private, 1st Dragoons
Howell, John, 1614, Private, 9th Lancers
Howes, William, 4373, Private, 7th Royal Fus
Hudson, Edward, 71, Private, 5th WIR
Hudson, George, 1126, Cpl, 2nd Bt 24th Foot
Hudson, James, 3498, Private, 51st Foot
Hudson, Joseph, 2648, Cpl, 1st Bt 20th Foot
Hudson, Thomas, 2052, Sgt, 46th Foot
Hudson (alias Edwin Lloyd), George, 1126, 2nd Bt 24th Foot
Hueret, Angelo, 761, Gunner, RMF Art
Huggins, Henry, 1204, Private, 15th Hussars
Hughes, David, 1899, 23rd Fus
Hughes, George, 712, Private, Cape Myd Rifles
Hughes, James, 1604, Private, 13th Lt Inf
Hughes, James, 394, Gunner, RA
Hughes, Joel, 2057, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Hughes, John, 1378, Private, 2nd Bt Rifle Regt
Hughes, Joseph, 2485, Private, 2nd Bt 12th Foot
Hughes, Michael, 1421, Private, 11th Foot
Hughes, Robert, 1768, Private, Coldstream Gds
Hughes, Soloman, 2772, Private, 24thFoot
Hughes, Thomas, 1559, Private, 9th Lancers
Huish, William, 343, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Hulforty, Joseph, 923, Cpl, 1st Bt 16th Foot
Hull, James, 312, Private, 40th Foot
Hulme, Rowland, 1939, Cpl, 8th Foot
Hume, Joseph, 1122, Private, 3rd WIR
Humphrey, David, 1404, Private, 2nd Bt 6th Foot
Humphreys, Thomas, 2274, Gunner, RA
Humphries, Frederick, 2851, Sgt, 80th Foot
Hunt, Thomas, 1129, 2cl/Ord, Medical Staff Corps
Hunter, Daniel, 886, Sgt, 11th Foot
Hunter, Thomas, 2333, Private, 54th Foot
Hurst, David, 254, Private, 2nd Life Gds
Hurst, Isaac, 3127, Private, Woolwich Mil Train
Hurst, Thomas, 3311, Private, Woolwich Mil Train
Hutchings, Charles, 1533, Private, 9th Lancers
Hutchings, Edwin, 3502, Private, Mil Train
Hutchingson, Henry, 491, Private, 20th Hussars
Hutchingson, James, 1626, Private, 35th bFoot
Hutchingson, Thomas, 91, St Helena Inf
Hutton, Clement, 1252, Private, 40th Lt Dragoons
Hyland, Peter, 1587, Private, 40th Foot
Hynes, Thomas, 2528, Sgt, 40th Foot
Illingworth, James, 581, Private, 15th Hussars
Ingram, Frederick, 2167, Private, 4th Lt Dragoons
Ingram, George, 279, Private, 2nd Bt 22nd Foot
Ingram, Schofield, 897, Private, 6th D Gds
Inskip, John, 2280, Private, 65th Foot
Iron, Charles, 357, Private, 63rd Foot
Irvine, Henry, 3795, Private, 72nd Highs
Irvine, John, 444, Private, 3rd WIR
Irvine, Joseph, 2160, Private, 11th Hussars
Irvine, William, 2164, Private, 79th Highs
Isaac, James, 275, Cpl, 40th Foot
Ishmael, Richard, 1775, Private, 11th Foot
Jack, Daniel, 3146, Private, 72nd Highs
Jackson, Alexander, 3465, Private, 1st Bt 19th Foot
Jackson, Charles, 597, Private, 1st Bt 4th Foot
Jackson, Henry, 932, 2cl/Ord, Medical Staff Corps
Jackson, William, 927, Private, 3rd Wir
Jackson, William, 240, Private, 43rd Lt Inf
Jacobs, Henry, 820, Private, 3rd WIR
Jacobs, Isaac, 3328, Sgt, 1st Bt 11th Foot
Jacobs, Joseph, 216, Private, Cape Mtd Firles
Jacobs, Thomas, 1928, Private, 4th Lt Dragoons
James, Charles, 1895, Cpl, Royal Canadian Rifles
James, Peter, 698, Private, 4th WIR
James, William, 700, Sgt, 1st Bt 12th Foot
James, William, 3063, Private, 24th Foot
Jamieson, Adam, 3779, Private, 72nd Highs
Jamieson, Marshall, 1866, Private, 73rd Highs
Jaques, Charles, 1132, Private, 16th Lanmcers
Jarrett, Henry, 137, Private, St Helena Inf
Jarrett, Joseph, 918, Private, 3rd WIR
Javerly, Andrew, 1029, Private, 15th Hussars
Jeffrey, Charles, 741, Private, 15th Hussars
Jenkins, John, 1917, Private, Depot 1st Foot
Jenkinson, William, 260, Private, 1st Bt 8th Foot
Jenner, Edgar, 848, Private, 10th Hussars
Jenner, Robert, 345, Private, St Helena Inf
Jennings, James, 587, Private, 101st Fus
Jennings, John, 1116, Cpl, 1st Bt 9th Foot
Jennings, Williiam, 1883, Gunner, RA
Jepson, William, 2752, Private, Depot 51st Foot
Jerry, Thomas, 1827, Private, 11th Foot
Jervis, John, 3137, Private, 72nd Highs
Jesamine, Lewis, 503, Private, 3rd WIR
Jessup, John, 1578, Private, 10th Hussars
Jil, Samba, 1008, Private, 3rd WIR
Jim, Francis, Private, Mil Labourers 2nd MG Def
Johnson, Abraham, 444, Private, 4th WIR
Johnson, Angus, 785, Private, 3rd WIR
Johnson, George, 609, Private, 15th Hussars
Johnson, George, 1420, Sgt, 62nd Foot
Johnson, John, 1399, Private, 12th Lancers
Johnson, John, 1956, Private, 8th Foot
Johnson, Joseph, 201, Private, 9th Lancers
Johnson, Robert, 919, Private, 4th WIR
Johnson, Thomas, 81, Private, 5th WIR
Johnson, William, 1119, Private, 15th Hussars
Johnston, Alex, 2991, Col/Sgt, 98th Foot
Johnston, George, 1252, Sgt, 3rd Lt Dragoons
Johnstone, Robert, 437, Trp/Sgt/Maj, 9th Lancers
Jones, Charles, 1931, Private, Woolwich Mil Train
Jones, Daniel, 2018, Cpl, 73rd Foot
Jones, Dixon, 2543, Cpl, 1st Bt 9th Foot
Jones, Edward, 349, Private, 91st Highs
Jones, George, 2165, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Jones, Henry, 407, Sgt, 3rd WIR
Jones, Henry, 239, Private, 65th Foot
Jones, Henry, 3836, Private, 66th Foot
Jones, John, 1027, Private, 2nd Bt 15th Foot
Jones, John, 3380, Private, 87th Fus
Jones, John, 4504, Private, Depot 23rd Fus
Jones, John, 2146, Private, Grenadier Gds
Jones, Samuel, 2773, Sgt, 21st Bde RA
Jones, Thomas, 927, Private, 1st Bt 14th Foot
Jones, William, 2078, Private, 106th Foot
Jones, William, 1407, Private, 54th Foot
Jones, William, 3154, Private, 6th Dragoons
Jones (alias Bowen), John, 272, Gunner, 90th Foot
Jonsey, George, 2700, Private, 44th Foot
Jordan, James, 536, Private, 4th WIR
Jore, William, 548, Sapper, RE
Joseph, John, 1127, Sgt, 11th Hussars
Josiah, Edmund, 82, Private, 5th WIR
Joy, William, 1061, Private, 15th Hussars
Joyce, Edmund, 3050, Private, 1st Bt 8th Foot
Jude, Robert, 52, Private, 3rd WIR
Judge, Michael, 2608, Private, 1st Bt 9th Foot
Judge, Michael, 765, Private, 57th Foot
Jupp, Thomas, 2029, Private, Depot Suffolk Regt 32nd Bde
Jury, George, 2387, Sgt, 31st Foot
Kaenne, Bartholemew, 1366, Private, 86th Foot
Kallard, John, 2981, Dvr, RA
Kans, James, 4595, Private, 50th Foot
Kay, Thomas, 538, Private, 14th Hussars
Kean, Robert , 511, Private, 43rd Foot
Keanne, John, 1320, Private, 2nd Bt 15th Foot
Keanne, Michael, 2341, Private, 54th Foot
Keanney, John, 487, Gunner, RA
Keanney, Michael, 2321, Private, 41st Foot
Keanney, Patrick, 4671, Private, 50th Foot
Keary, James, 348, Sapper, RE
Keating, Ambrose, 1740, Private, 11th Hussars
Keating, Henry, 2919, Cpl, 67th Foot
Keeble, Louis, 1743, Sgt, 7th Hussars
Keefe, Connor, 2478, Private, 70th Foot
Keegan, John, 701, Private, 4th D Gds
Keeling, James, 2000, Private, 11th Hussars
Keeling, John, 2361, Private, 29th Foot
Keen, Thomas, 481, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Keleher, Daniel, 3217, Private, 67th Foot
Kelly, Andrew, 1668, Private, 2nd Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Kelly, John, 727, Private, 1st Bt 3rd Foot
Kelly, Michael, 2915, Cpl, 65th Foot
Kelly, Miles, 1855, Gunner, No1 Batt Depot RA
Kelly, Patrick, 456, Private, 1st Bt 25th Foot
Kelly, Patrick, 239, Cpl, 42nd Foot
Kelly, Patrick, 446, Sgt, RA
Kelly, Robert, 3001, Private, 103rd Foot
Kelly, Thomas, 1324, Private, 2nd Bt 24th Foot
Kelly, Thomas, 1569, Private, 85th Foot
Kelly, Timothy, 2650, Private, 70th Foot
Kelly, William, 1643, Private, 84th Foot
Kelly, William, 2170, Private, 86th Foot
Kelly, William, 2902, Private, Mil Train
Kember, John, 585, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Kemsley, John, 1876, Drummer, !st Bt 3rd Foot
Kendle, Thomas, 1036, Private, 2nd Bt 2nd Foot
Kenn, George, Cpl, 2nd Bt RA
Kennedy, James, 864, Private, 2nd Dragoons
Kennedy, John, 2361, Private, 1st Bt 10th Foot
Kennedy, John, 2469, Private, 1st Bt 4th Foot
Kennedy, Patrick, 2058, Sgt, 8th Foot
Kennedy, Thomas, 954, 2/Cpl, RE
Kenny, James, 1801, Private, 99th Foot
Kenny, John, 298, Private, 67th Foot
Kenny, John, 2347, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Kenny, Thomas, 2310, Private, 88th Foot
Kenny, Thomas, 91, RE
Kent, Henry, 493, Private, 91st Highs
Kent, James, 692, Private, 11th Foot
Kent, Joseph, 679, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Kenwick, Michael, 2498, Private, 51st Foot
Kenyon, John, 3064, Private, 1st Bt  11th Foot
Kerby, John, 1112, Private, 53rd Foot
Kern, James, 3784, Private, 33rd Foot
Kerns, Patrick, 1998, Private, 36th Foot
Kerridge, James, 5, Sgt/Maj, Medical Staff
Kershaw, Henry , 2029, Private, 26th Foot
Kershaw, James, 1526, Private, 96th Foot
Kettle, Thomas, 2401, Private, 66th Foot
Keuble, John, 1136, Private, 3rd WIR
Keyce, John, 1986, Private, 58th Foot
Kibby, James, 390, Private, 17th Lancers
Kidd, Thomas, 3600, Private, 33rd Foot
Kidd, William , 2223, Private, 92nd Highs
Kidger, George, 2457, Private, 24th Foot
Kilby, Thomas, 762, Private, 33rd Foot
Kilder, Thomas, 999, Private, 1st bt 10th Foot
Killemade, James, 2326, Private, 35th Foot
Killirdley, James, 975, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
King, John, 676, Private, 43rd Lt Inf
King, Joseph, 3007, Private, Dept 51st Foot
King, Richard, 1672, Private, 37th Foot
King, Robert, 2026, Private, 58th Foot
King, Robert, 6866, Dvr, RA
King, Samuel, 125, Private, 51st Foot
King, William, 895, Cpl, 6th Dragoons
Kinnerrey, William, 1940, Private, 57th Foot
Kinsella, James, 1732, Private, 40th Foot
Kinsley, Daniel, 890, Private, 17th Lancers
Kirk, Moses, 903, Shoe/Smith, RA
Kirke, Joseph, 1666, Private, 27th Innsks
Kirkham, Thomas, 2086, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Riles
Kirkland, William, 749, Private, 3rd WIR
Kirkpatrick, James, 430, Private, 7th Hussars
Kirwan, Daniel, 573, Private, 17th Lancers
Kissock, David, 3761, Private, 33rd Foot
Kitts, James, 1290, Private, 96th Foot
Knight, Benjamin, 41, Sgt, 3rd WIR
Knight, Charles, 2942, Private, Mil Train
Knight, Joseph, 234, Cpl, 3rd WIR
Knight, Joseph, 1312, Private, 9th Lancers
Knight, Leonard, 136, Gunner, 12th Bde RA
Knott, William, 1570, Private, Sappers & Miners
Knowles, James, 763, Private, 6th D Gds
Lacey, Reuben, Private, 9th Lancers
Lackley, Samuel, 1119, Private, 2nd Bt 17th Foot
Lafferty, John, 3602, Private, 72nd Highs
Laid, Edward, 1612, Cpl, 1st WIR
Laiky, Michael, 1441, Private, 25th Foot
Lake, Robert, 348, Private, 60th Foot
lakin, Charles, 856, Farrier, 6th Dragoons
Lamont, Thomas, 305, Private, 108th Foot
Lanahan, Jeremiah, 2209, Col/Sgt, 99th Foot
Lancaster, Thomas, 338, Private, 63rd Foot
Lane, John, 2297, Private, 54th Foot
Lane, Joseph, 1937, Private, 11th Hussars
Lang, Henry, 1270, Private, 4th Hussars
Langfield, James, 1299, Private, 1st Bt 4th Foot
Langley, Thomas, 861, Cpl, 3rd WIR
language, William, 1183, Private, 45th Foot
Lanhard, Arthur, 1062, L/Sgt, 20th Foot
Lappage ?, James, 1140, Private, 20th Foot
Large, William, 1890, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Larney, William, 663, Private, 4th WIR
Larran, Thomas, 2272, Sgt, 1st Bt 22nd Foot
Larran, Thomas, 4248, Private, 56th Foot
Lask, Hugh, 3018, Private, 27th Innskgs
Laskman, Isaac, 1871, Sgt, 77th Foot
Laughton, William, 1869, Private, 25th Foot
Lauron, Amante, 292, RMF Art
Lawder, Alexander, 1197, Private, 2nd Bt 4th Foot
Lawless, John, 418, Private, 4th D Gds
Lawrence, Alexander, 190, Private, 3rd WIR
Lawrence, Edward, 442, Cpl, 2nd Bt 19th Foot
Lawrence, James, 1807, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Laws, William, 728, Private, 1st Dragoons
Lawson, George, 1537, Private, 14th Lt Dragoons
Lawson, Henry, 662, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Lawson, John, 2268, Private, 2nd Bt 1st Foot
Lawton, John, 1730, Private, 3rd Lt Dragoons
Laxton, William, 1884, Private, 2nd Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Lazell, James, 3083, Private, 70th Foot
Leach, Charles, Private, Military Labourers
Leach, George, 1801, Private, 6th D Gds
Leafong, William, 1327, L/Cpl, 77th Foot
Leahy, Jeremiah, 2386, Private, 1st Bt 3rd Foot
Leake, George, 1935, Private, 1st Bt 6th Foot
Leary, Cornelius, 132, Private, 34th Foot
Leary, Patrick, 1561, Private, 76th Foot
Leat, William , 1465, Private, 6th Foot
Lee, Alexander, 796, Private, 3rd WIR
Lee, Charles, 2714, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Lee, David, 1108, Private, 83rd Foot
Lee, John, 3790, Private, 1st Bt 7th Fus
Lee, John, 3532, Private, Depot 51st Foot
Lee, Robert, 1140, 3rd WIR
Leech, Henry, 1653, Private, 58th Foot
Leech, John, 689, Cpl, 40th Foot
Leeds, Luke, 600, Private, 12th Lancers
Leggett, William, 2150, Private, 78th Highs
Leghorn, John, 1873, Private, 52nd Foot
Leitch, Duguld, 440, Pay/Mst/Sgt, 63rd Foot
Leman, Patrick, 44, Sapper, RE
Lement, John, 1266, Private, Res Bt 91st Foot
Lemon, Elisha, 2624, Cpl, 56th Foot
Lenery, John, 2053, Private, 51st Foot
Leonard, James, 2644, Bugler, Depot 51st Foot
Lever, Benjamin, 2782, Private, 56th Foot
Levick, John, 1306, Drum/Maj, 76th Foot
Lewis, George, 633, Cpl, 80th Foot
Lewis, Jeau, 197, Private, 3rd WIR
Lewis, Jeremiah, 453, Sgt, 4th WIR
Lewis, John, 1278, Private, 10th Foot
Lewis, Robert, 553, Private, 1st Dragoons
Lewis, Robert, 903, Private, 4th WIR
Lewis, Robert, 736, Private, 6th D Gds
Lewis, William, 711, Private, Sappers & Miners
Lia, Guissepi, 482, Gunner, RMF Art
Licau, Fillippo, 432, Gunner, RMF Art
Lilley, Abraham, 2507, Private, 61st Foot
Lilley, George, 2839, RA
Lineham, Cornelius, 1515, Private, 2nd Bt 13th Foot
Lines, Jonathan, 792, Private, 67th Foot
Linfoot, William, 289, Private, St Helena Inf
Ling, John, 525, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Linniker, Thomas, 2251, Private, 40th Foot
Linnington, Thomas, 504, Private, 109th Foot
Lintock, Peter, 1967, Cpl, Sappers & Miners
Lio, Lorezno, 413, Sgt, 1st Bt Royal Fus
Lively, Edward, 959, Private, 2nd D Gds
Lively, John, 2037, Sgt, 63rd Foot
Livesly, Henry, 8, Gunner, 7th Bde RA
Lloyd , Frederick, 938, Private, 14th Hussars
Lloyd , John, 2641, Dvr, RA
Lloyd , Maurice, 922, Private, 9th Lancers
Lloyd (alias George Hudson), Edwin, 1126, 2nd Bt 24th Foot
Lobb, John, 90, Private, 6th D Gds
Lock, Daniel, 536, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Lock, William, Gunner, 10th Bde RA
Loftus, Michael, 3212, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Logan, George, 1488, Private, 1st WIR
Lohr, Richard, Sgt, 37th Bt RA
Lokes, William, 2173, Private, 48th Foot
Lomas, John, 2245, Private, 25th Foot
Lomis, Thomas, 520, Private, 4th WIR
Longdon, Henry, 1661, Private, 26th Foot
Longo, Stephano, 20, Sicilian Regt
Lord, James, 838, Private, 1st Bt &th Fus
Loughlin, John, 904, Private, 1st Bt 11th Foot
Loughnahan, Edward, 2014, Private, 33rd Foot
Loughrey, Michael, 487, Gunner, RA
Lousley, James, 2321, Private, 65th Foot
Lovell, William, 3815, Private, 16th Foot
Lovie, Alexander, 2156, Sgt, Scots Fus Gds
Lowe, David, 526, Private, 1st Bt 4th Foot
Lowe, George, 1271, Private, 2nd Bt 15th Foot
Lowe, John, 22, Sgt, 2nd Bt 25th Foot
Lowe, Samuel, 1631, Private, Res Bt 12th Foot
Lowe, William, 77, Gunner, RA
Lowrie, Thomas, 1410, Private, 2nd Foot
Lowry, Thomas, 4089, Private, 56th Foot
Lowry, William, 585, Trp/Sgt/Maj, 6th Dragoons
Lucas, James, 904, Cpl, 89th Foot
Lucus, George, 927, Private, 13th Hussars
Lumsden, Andrew, 304, Private, 92nd Highs
Lundberry, Magnus, 1836, Private, 66th Foot
Lusby, Henry, 1299, Private, 84th Foot
Lynam, John, 1875, Private, 87th Foot
Lynch, John, 756, Private, 22nd Foot
Lynch, Michael, 1342, Cpl, 86th Foot
Lynch, Timothy, 4094, Private, 33rd Foot
Lynn, James, 2956, Private, 1st Bt 8th Foot
Lyons, Charles, 1318, Cpl, 82nd Foot
Lyons, James, 2944, Private, Depot 51st Foot
Lyons, John, 168, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Lyons, Peter, 1217, Private, 4th Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Lyster, John, 1809, Private, 84th Foot
Macclucies, Neil, 4513, Gnr/Dvr, 1st Bt RA
Machon, John, 1667, Private, 88th Foot
Mackey, John, 2070, Private, 83rd Foot
Macray, James, 919, Private, 3rd WIR
Macuanasa, Thomas, 1793, Private, 54th Foot
Madden, Joseph, 1694, Cpl, 1st Bt 19th Foot
Madden, Stephen, 2504, Private, 70th Foot
Maddocks, William , 654, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Madiona, Giovanni, 559, Gunner, RMF Art
Magar, Thomas, 3020, Private, 29th Foot
Magee, Hugh, 3755, Private, 33rd Foot
Magill, Henry, 2309, Private, 83rd Foot
Magro, Alberto, 278, Royal Malta Fencible Foot
Magro, Fillippo, 52, Maltese Provincial Foot
Magro, Franeese, 289, Gunner, RMF Art
Magro, Giovanni, 554, Royal Malta Fencible Foot
Magro, Guiseppi, 782, Gunner, RMF Art
Magro, Michele, 163, Royal Malta Fencible Foot
Magro, Pietro Paolo, 322, Gunner, RMF Art
Maguire, Edward, 3636, Private, 28th Foot
Maher, John, 85, Private, 85th Lt Inf
Maher, Patrick, 1380, Private, 2nd Bt 14th Inf
Maher, Timothy, 4054, Private, 40th Foot
Mahoney, Daniel, 19, Private, 1st Bt 19th Foot
Mahoney, Michael, 2383, Private, 81st Foot
Maiden, William, 4634, Private, Not stated
Mainnara, Guisseppi, 237, Royal Malta Fencible Foot
Major, John, 1415, Private, Sappers & Miners
Malarky, James, 1379, Private, 88th Foot
Malcolm, John, 1991, Private, 4th Queens Own Lt Dgs
Malley, Peter, 954, Private, 1st Bt 22nd Regt
Mallia, Angelo, 516, Gunner, RMF Art
Mallia, Giovanni, 188, Gunner, RMF Art
Mallia, Guisseppi, 194, Gunner, RMF Art
Mallia, Lorenzo, 525, Gunner, RMF Art
Mallia, Salvatore, 41, Gunner, Art Drivers
Mallon, Charles, 2594, Private, 11th Regt
Mallon, John, 4616, Private, 50th Foot
Malone, Henry , 2358, Private, 1st Bt 4th Foot
Maloy, Chalres, 1971, Private, 51st Lt Inf
Mamo, Guisseppi, 12, Maltese Provincial Regt
Mamo, Nichele, 193, Royal Malta Fencible Foot
Mamo, Nicola, 152, Royal Malta Fencible Foot
Manger, Nicholas, 3042, RA
Mangion, Danelo, 614, Gunner, RMF Art
Mangion, Gaetrano, 484, Gunner, RMF Art
Manley, William, 162, Trumpeter, 19th Hussars
Manley, William, 1763, Drummer, 40th Foot
Mann, Frederick , 1600, Trumpeter, 16th Lancers
Mann, Samuel, 2838, Private, 84th Inf
Manners, Charles, Private, Corp of Mil Labourers
Manning, John, 392, Cpl, Cape Mtd Rifles
Manning, Thomas, 1849, Private, 35th Inf
Mantell, James, 1094, Private, 33rd Foot
Manzoni, Vincenzo, 29, Dillon Foot
Mara, Patrick, 19434, Gunner, RA
Marinan, Michael, 279, Col/Sgt, 3rd B.C.J & 107th Foot
Mark, Thomas, 408, Private, Not stated
Marks, Timothy, 2650, Private, 1st Bt 11th Foot
Marlow, John, 1541, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Marr, George, 143, Private, 7th Queens Royal Lancers
Marsden, Thomas, 502, Private, 15th Hussars
Marsh, Alexander, 783, Private, 3rd U J Foot
Marsh, James, 320, Private, 1st Dragoons
Marsh, James, 91, Private, Res Bt 91st Inf
Marsh, Richard, 811, Private, 19th Foot
Marshall, James, 316, Cpl, 6th Innsk Dragoons
Marshan, Job, 3342, Private, Mil Train
Martin, Francis, 1787, Private, 87th R J Fus
Martin, George, 1378, Private, 4th Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Martin, Henry, 2431, Private, 31st Foot
Martin, Hugh, 2425, Sgt, 71st High Lt Inf
Martin, John, 1425, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Martin, John, 557, Private, 4th Royal Irish D Gds
Martin, Robert, 3786, Private, 72nd Highs
Martyn, Henry, 2117, Private, 35th Inf
Mash, George, 2007, Private, 43rd Lt Inf
Mason, Charles, 100, Private, St Helena Inf
Mason, James, 2839, Private, 64th Foot
Mason, Joseph, 1816, Private, 44th Foot
Mason, Richard, 902, Private, 4th WIR
Massie, William, 3542, Private, 43rd Foot
Mathews, David, 872, Private, 2nd WIR
Mathews, George, 2682, Private, 2nd Bt Rifle Bde
Mathews, William , 1082, Private, 2nd Bt 23rd Fus
Maul, John, 2385, Private, 1st Bt 8th Foot
Mauley, John, 1341, Private, 53rd Inf
Maulton, George, 1485, Private, 41st Foot
Maure, William, 639, Drummer, 3rd WIR
Maw, William, 1692, Private, 2nd Foot
Maxwell, John, 952, Private, 4th WIR
Maxwell, Richard, 975, Sgt, 58th Foot
May, Charles, 2090, Gunner, RA
May, John, 955, Private, 3th WIR
May, John, 2427, Private, 66th Foot
May, Michael, 1325, Private, 8th Foot
May, Thomas, Trumpeter, 9th Lancers
May, William, 219, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Mayers, Phillip, 562, Private, 3rd WIR
Mayhew, Joshua, 978, Private, 7th Hussars
Maylin, James, 1676, Private, 8th Foot
Maynard, John, 713, Private, 2nd Bt Rifles Bde
Mayo, William, 963, Private, 1st Bt 4th Foot
Mayo, William, 2241, Pay/Mst/Sgt, 1st Bt 4th Foot
Mays, George, 2?3?, Sgt, 103rd Foot
McAdam, James, 1530, Private, 84th Foot
McAlister, Charles, 309, Private, 91st Highs
McAlister, David, 1832, Private, 72nd Highs
McAlister, John, 4185, Private, 90th Foot
McAnaley, Patrick, 2543, Private, 84th Foot
McAnaspy, Francis, 4454, Private, 50th Foot
McArthur, John, 1792, Private, 42nd Foot
McAteer, Patrick, 2440, Private, 84th Foot
McAuliffe, Robert, 1062, Private, 41st Foot
McBain (alias Morrison), George, 2392, Private, 1st Bt Rifle Bde
McCaffrey, William, 2283, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
McCalie, William, 2102, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
McCall, Hugh, 2664, Cpl, 72nd Foot
McCalston, Robert, 290, Cpl, 35th Foot
McCann, Patrick, 3516, Private, 33rd Foot
McCanny, John, 3908, Private, 34th Foot
McCarroll, Patrick, 3272, Private, 72nd Highs
McCarthy, Charles, 1843, Private, 18th Foot
McCarthy, Dennis, 3215, Private, 67th Foot
McCarthy, Dennis, 2074, Private, Res Bt 12th Foot
McCarthy, James, 384, Private, 17th Lancers
McCarthy, Timothy, 1765, Private, 58th Foot
McCasland, Francis, 1711, Private, 76th Foot
McCawley, Francis, 2137, Private, 54th Foot
McCelland, James, 2633, Private, 74th Foot
McClennan, James, 1570, Sgt, Depot 77th Foot
McClennan, John, 3789, Private, 33rd Foot
McCleuahan, John, 2103, Private, 65th Foot
McComb, William, 755, Sgt, 72nd Highs
McCormack, James, 541, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
McCormick, Daniel, 2625, Private, 97th Foot
McCormick, John, 2855, Private, 44th Foot
McCormick, Michael, 2775, Private, 32nd Foot
McCormick, Patrick, 1578, Private, 18th Foot
McCormick, Patrick, 2504, Private, 1st Bt 6th Foot
McCory, Richard, 1953, Private, 38th Foot
McCourt, John, 1351, Cpl, 99th Foot
McCoy, Charles, 4237, Private, 69th Foot
McCoy, John, 606, Private, 2nd bt 4th Foot
McCreath, James, 1657, Private, Scots Fus Gds
McCrystal, Patrick, 2145, Private, 45th Foot
McCullock, Alexander, 262, Private, 91st Highs
McCullock, John, 2101, Private, 42nd Foot
McCullum, Peter, 3555, Private, 72nd Highs
McCullum, William, 691, Private, 99th Foot
McCuthin, William, 768, Gunner, R H A
McDaid, Arthur, 2256, Private, 11th Hussars
McDermot, Thomas, 2259, Private, 56th Foot
McDermott, George, 814, Private, 99th Foot
McDermott, Michael, 412, Private, 57th Foot
McDonald, Alexander, 815, Private, Sappers & Miners
McDonald, Henry, 126, Private, 14th Hussars
McDonald, John, 2791, Private, 1st Bt 14th Foot
McDonald, John, 2985, Private, 2nd Bt Rifle Bde
McDonald, John, 1248, Private, Res Bt 91st Foot
McDonald, Murdock, 2560, Private, 93rd Highs
McDonald, Peter, 636, Private, 94th Highs
McDonald, William, 1452, Private, 22nd Foot
McDonell, John, 1155, Private, 83rd Foot
McDonough, John, 2971, Private, 70th Foot
McEvoy, James, 585, Sgt, 7th Hussars
McEwen, Peter, 4156, Private, 71st Highs
McEwen, Richard, 2155, Sgt, Royal Canadian Rifles
McFarlaine, John, 4197, Private, 71st Highs
McFarlaine, John, 848, Private, 92nd Highs
McFarlane, Charles, 2552, Sapper, RE Sydney Detachment
McFarlane, Robert, 3249, Private, 72nd Highs
McGannon, John, 339, Sgt, 12th Lancers
McGlinn, James, 557, Private, 10th Hussars
McGlinn, William, 2081, Private, 35th Foot
McGowan, John, 2358, Sapper, RE
McGowan, Thomas, 2930, Private, Mil Train
McGowan, William, 547, Private, 2nd D Gds
McGrath, Martin, 925, Private, 17th Lancers
McGrath, Patrick, 2660, Private, 70th Foot
McGrortey, John, 92, Gunner, RA
McGrotty, John, 2058, Sgt/Maj, 1st Bt Rifle Bde
McGuiness, James, 345, Private, 40th Foot
McGuire, James, 2655, Private, 12th Lancers
McGuire, Jeremiah, 3959, Private, 33rd Foot
McGuire, William, 2150, Private, 70th Foot
McIntosh, James, 3002, Private, 72nd Highs
McKay, Colin, 730, Private, 10th Hussars
McKay, Hugh, 621, Private, 1st Bt 6th Foot
McKay, John, 952, Private, 1st Bt 91st Foot
McKay, John, 2531, Private, 26th Foot
McKay, William, 189, Sgt, 3rd Lt Dragoons
McKellar, James, 1774, Private, 78th Highs
McKendrick, Hugh, 2252, Private, 11th Hussars
McKenna, Michael, 11, Private, Mil Train
McKenna, Patrick, 1129, Private, 1st Bt 22nd Foot
McKenny, James, 3191, Private, 1st Bt 11th Foot
McKenzie, Colin, 899, Cpl, 2nd Bt 8th Foot
McKernon, Patrick, 3130, Private, 66th Foot
McKinley, David, 1890, Private, 8th Foot
McKinley, Edward, 2305, Private, 71st Highs
McKinn, Graham, 1397, Sgt, 13th Hussars
McLane, Thomas, 723, Private, 58th Foot
McLaughlan, John, 2039, Private, Res Bt 12th Foot
McLaughlan, Patrick, 2577, Private, 57th Foot
McLaughlan, Patrick, 2611, Private, 70th Foot Surrey
McLaughlan, Thomas, 2331, Private, 3rd Bt Rifle Bde
McLaughlan, William, 427, Private, Mil Staff Corps
McLean, Allen, 442, Private, 7th Qns Own Hussars
McLean, Charles, 1224, Drummer, 37th Foot
McLean, Daniel, 2352, Private, 93rd Sutherland Highs
McLean, William, 2369, Private, 1st Bt 8th Foot
McLennon, William , 2066, Private, 83rd Inf
McLeod, Hugh, 2258, Private, 11th(P.A.O) Hussars
McLeod, John, 840, Private, Depot 64th Foot
McLevy, Edward, 1705, Private, 28th Foot
McMahon, James, 2523, Cpl, 31st Foot
McMaker, Daniel, 4642, Private, 50th Foot
McManus, John Joseph, 520, Gunner, RMF Art
McManus (alias Mullaney), Hugh, 94, Private, 64th Foot
McMurray, Thomas, 596, Private, 6th Dragoons
McNab, James, 346, Gunner, RA
McNab, William, 3867, Private, 72nd Highs
McNally, Arthur, 811, Private, 35th Inf
McNamara, James, 491, Private, 85th Lt Inf
McNamara, Patrick, 888, Private, 83rd Foot
McNamara, Patrick, 4037, Private, Woolwich Mil Train
McNeil, Alexander, 4716, Private, 50th Foot
McNeil, Andrew, 501, Private, 7th Princess Royal D Gds
McNeil, John, 4690, Private, 50st Foot
McNeilage, John, 429, Private, 20th Hussars
McPartlan, Patrick, 4670, Private, 50th Foot
McPherson, James, 1224, Cpl, Res Bt 91st Inf
McPherson, John, 1201, Gunner, 13th Bde RA
McPherson, John, 847, Private, 98th Foot
McQuarrie, Robert, 1028, Bugler, 1st Bt 71st Foot
McQuattie, Isaac, 1863, Private, 78th Highs
McQueen, John, 905, Private, 1st Bt 91st Foot
McQueen, Potter, 1466, Private, 1st N J Foot
McSheehy, Miles, 505, Private, 4th D Gds
McStay, John, 2892, Private, 44th Foot
McTigue, John, 2903, Private, 70th Foot
Meade, Frederick, 737, Private, 107th Foot
Meade, Meshak, 3366, Private, 72nd Highs
Meade, William, 72, Private, 2nd Bt 16th Foot
Mealy, Patrick, 481, Private, St Helena Inf
mealy, Richard, 3295, Private, Military Train
Meany, William, 4159, Private, 50th Foot
Mee, John, 1509, Private, 11th Hussars
Mee, John, 1849, Sgt, 75th Foot
Meikle, James, 3508, Private, 72nd Highs
Melarphy, George, 884, Private, 9th Lancers
Melia, Thomas, 99, 5th WIR
Mellody, Laurence, 697, Drum/Maj, 101st foot
Mellon, Alexander, 807, Private, 3rd WIR
Melville, Donalo, 2102, Private, 93rd Highs
Mends, Herbert, 6, Sgt, Gold Coast Art
Menzies, William, 1383, Private, 101st Foot
Mercer, William, 1889, Sgt, 72nd Highs
Mercer, William, 416, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Merciea, Giovanni, 204, Gunner, RMF Art
Merciea, Nicolo, 290, Gunner, RMF Art
Merciea, Salvatore, 373, Gunner, RMF Art
Mesiah, James, 485, Private, 3rd WIR
Messenger, George, 2027, Private, 56th Foot
Metcalfe, James, 1286, Cpl, 45th Foot
Mews, Georse, 262, Private, 5th Lancers
Micialef, Francesco, 295, RMF Art
Micialef, Geo Maria, 39, Gunner, RMF Art
Micialef, Guisseppi, 27, Gunner, Maltese Provincials
Micialef, Paolo, 85, RMF Art
Micialef, Salvatore, 265, Gunner, RMF Art
Micialef, Spiridore, 1359, Sgt, RMF Art
Micialef, Vincenzo, 838, Sgt, RMF Art
Micialley, Carmelo, 854, Gunner, RMF Art
Micialley, Francesco, 596, Gunner, RMF Art
Middleton, Frederick, 1003, Private, 10th Hussars
Middleton, James, 2408, Private, 1st Bt 8th Foot
Middup, John, 3919, Private, 33rd Foot
Mifsud,        ?, 352, Gunner, RMF Art
Mifsud, Antonio, 605, Gunner, RMF Art
Mifsud, Antonio, 577, Gunner, RMF Art
Mifsud, Francesco, 257, Gunner, RMF Art
Mifsud, Georgio, 923, Gunner, RMF Art
Mifsud, Giovanni, 73, RMF Art
Mifsud, Guisseppi, 50, Gunner, RMF Art
Mifsud, Michele, 1016, Gunner, RMF Art
Mifsud, Michele, 1101, Gunner, RMF Art
Mifsud, Paolo, 337, Gunner, RMF Art
Mifsud, Paolo, 209, RMF Art
Mifsud, Rosario, 358, Gunner, RMF Art
Miles, John, 2685, Private, 43rd Foot
MIllar, George, 256, Gunner, RA
MIllar, Samuel, 460, Private, 1st Dragoons
Miller, Henry, 1127, Private, 15th Hussars
Miller, John, 1341, Private, 2nd Bt 23rd Foot
Miller, John, 2967, Shoe/Smith, Military Train
Miller, William, 873, Sgt, 14th Lt Dragoons
Miller, William, 2980, Private, 65th Foot
Milliner, Ellis, 2474, Private, 29th Foot
Millon, Andrew, 3783, Private, 33rd Foot
Mills, Edward, 704, Private, 6th Dragoons
Mills, Herbert, 765, Private, 101st Foot
Milnes, James, 2381, Private, 91st Highs
Milon, John, 2318, Drummer, 78th Highs
Milroy, James, 2008, Cpl, 44th Foot
Mines, John, 3205, Cpl, 1st bt 6th Foot
Minorgan, James, 7, 1st bt 24th Foot
Minute, Giorgio, 12, Bombardier, RMF Art
Mirurre, Antonio, 535, Gunner, RMF Art
Mirurre, Paolo, 255, Gunner, RMF Art
Mitchell, George, 297, Private, 43rd Foot
Mitchell, Robert, 1867, Col/Sgt, 48th Foot
Mitchell, Thomas, 1741, Private, 2nd Bt 9th Foot
Mitchell, Thomas, 1090, Private, 68th Foot
Mitchell, Thomas, 360, Private, Depot 62nd Foot
Mitchell, William, 221, Private, 2nd Foot
Mitchelson, George, 2460, Private, 68th Foot
Mizzi, Antonio, 911, Gunner, RMF Art
Mizzi, Carmelo, 221, Gunner, RMF Art
Mizzi, Guisseppi, 572, RMF Art
Mizzi, Guisseppi, 1015, Gunner, RMF Art
Mizzi, Salvatore, 315, Sgt, RMF Art
Moffett, John, 4057, Private, 40th Foot
Moles, Samuel, 583, Private, 1st Bt 4thFoot
Molinari, Fredinand, 828, Bombardier, RMF Art
Molinari, Guisseppi, 24, 60th Foot
Molling, John, 3112, Private, 32nd Foot
Moloney, John, 2325, Private, 57th Foot
Money, Hnery, 1111, Sgt, 15th Hussars
Monk, William, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Monks, George, 235, Private, 45th Foot
Monnigton, James, 1507, 23rd Foot
Monnigton, Michael, 2401, Private, 48th Foot
Monro, Alexander, 3528, Private, 72nd Highs
Monsignier, Clemente, 620, Gunner, RMF Art
Montgomery, George, 1905, Private, 16th Foot
Montibello, Francesco, 1131, Gunner, RMF Art
Moody, Joseph, 567, Private, 15th Hussars
Moon, John, 2049, Private, 82nd Foot
Moore, Chidley, 2918, Private, 31st Foot
Moore, Daniel, 1716, Private, 37th Foot
Moore, Harvey, 1510, Private, 2nd Bt 1st Foot
Moore, James, 1543, Private, 1st Bt 13th Foot
Moore, James, 2125, Private, 1st Bt 6th Foot
Moore, James, 1595, Dvr, RA
Moore, Patrick, 1465, Private, 86th Foot
Moore, William, 2075, Private, 1st Bt Essex Regt
Moorhouse, Miles, 2594, Private, 86th Foot
Moran, Charles, 3802, Private, 50th Foot
Moran, James, 3363, Private, 86th Foot
Moran, Michael, 248, St Helena Inf
Moran, Thomas, 2329, Private, 44th Foot
Morano, Paolo, 489, RMF Art
Morehead, Herbert, 403, Private, 4th D Gds
Morehouse, Thomas, 1113, Private, 15th Hussars
Morello, Nicola, 1364, Sgt, RMF Art
Moreton, James, 609, Sgt, 10th Hussars
Morgan, Henry, 864, Private, 4th WIR
Morgan, John, 900, 2/Cpl, Sappers & Miners
Morgan, Patrick, 4691, Private, 50th Foot
Moriarty, Thomas, 4431, Private, 50th Foot
Morley, James, 1186, Sgt, 9th Lancers
Morley, Thomas, 1060, Private, 2nd Bt 15th Foot
Morlidge, George, 434, Private, 15th Hussars
Morrice, Thomas, 1247, Private, 2nd Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Morris, John, 1496, Private, 3rd Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Morris, William, 382, Private, 3rd WIR
Morrison, Peter, 223, Gunner, 25th Bde RA
Morrison, Robert, 3501, Private, 72nd Highs
Morrison, Thomas, 693, Private, 42nd Foot
Morrison(alias McBain), George, 2392, Private, 1st Bt Rifle Bde
Morrow, Thomas, 1522, Sgt, 27th Foot
Mortimer, George, 916, Private, 15th Hussars
Mortlock, Simon, 1073, Private, 64th Foot
Morton, Joseph, 2159, Sgt, 34th Foot
Moss, James, 959, Private, 84th Foot
Moss, John, 647, Cpl, 3rd WIR
Mott, William, 843, Private, 9th Lancers
Moughan, John, 3748, Private, 15th Foot
Mountain, Cornelius, 1444, Private, Woolwich Mil Train
Moyle, Samuel, 1841, Private, Sappers & Miners
Moyse, James, 157, Sgt, 12th Lancers
Mprzant, John, 1146, Private, 3rd WIR
Mubray, Patrick, 1348, Private, 22nd Foot
Mudge, John, 1639, Private, 11th Foot
Mugarity, James, 679, Cpl, 12th Lancers
Muir, David, 2284, Piper, 42nd Highs
Mulgrove, Francis, 498, Gunner, RA
Mullaney (alias Hugh McManus), Peter, 94, Private, 64th Foot
Mulleran, John, 2553, Private, 56th Foot
Mulligan, James, 2903, Private, 51st Foot
Mulligan, Thomas, 1355, Private, 1st Bt 10th Foot
Mulligan, Thomas, 321, Private, St Helena Inf
Mulligan, William, 253, St Helena Inf
Mullins, Michael, 2000, Private, 49th Foot
Mullins, Thomas, 506, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Mullowey, Richard, 563, Private, 2nd Bt 12th Foot
Munday, William, 771, Private, Military Train
Mundy, James, 2932, Private, 29th Foot
Mundy, John, 1817, Private, 3rd Foot
Mungall, John, 486, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Munro, Archibald, 616, Sapper, RE
Munroe, Charles, 583, Private, 62nd Foot
Munroe, John, 1341, Private, Res Bt 9th Foot
Munson, Alexander, 2797, Private, Depot 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Murbey, James, 4249, Private, 56th Foot
Murden, James, 1957, Gunner, Coast Bde RA
Murphy, Daniel, 1527, Private, 8th Foot
Murphy, John, 3444, Private, 1st Bt 15th Foot
Murphy, John, 2016, Sgt, 8th Foot
Murphy, Michael, 3102, Drummer, 70th Foot
Murphy, Patrick, 1949, Gunner, 45th Foot
Murphy, Thomas, 4647, Private, 50th Foot
Murphy, Thomas, 131, Private, RA
Murphy, Timothy, 2880, Private, 70th Foot
Murphy, William, 3437, Private, 72nd Highs
Murray, Archibald, 1649, Private, 2nd Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Murray, James, 128, Sgt, 3rd WIR
Murray, James, 719, Private, 7th D Gds
Murray, John, 862, Private, Sappers & Miners
Murray, Matthew, 3218, Private, 87th Foot
Murray, Patrick, 546, Private, 30th Foot
Murray, Samuel, 990, Private, 1st Bt 20th Foot
Murray, Thomas, 517, Private, 2nd Bt 22nd Foot
Murrell, Nathaniel, 560, Private, 3rd WIR
Murruss, Robert, 1335, Sgt, 6th Dragoons
Muscat, Andrea, 1001, Gunner, RMF Art
Muscat, Giochomo, 156, RMF Art
Muscat, Giovanni, 505, Gunner, RMF Art
Muscat, Giovanni, 356, RMF Art
Muscat, Guisseppi, 740, Gunner, RMF Art
Muscat, Guisseppi, 748, Gunner, RMF Art
Muscat, Luigi, 106, RMF Art
Muscat, Nicola, 17, Maltese Provincials
Muscat, Nicola, 500, Act/Bomb, RMF Art
Musgrove, William, 453, Private, 91st Highs
Myles, Henry, 3539, Private, 72nd Highs
Nagel, Michael, 14995, Private, 2nd Bt 14th Foot
Nalley, John, 1951, Private, 2nd Bt 5th Fus
Napier, Charles, 1149, Private, 3rd WIR
Nappia, Pietre, 619, Gunner, RMF Art
Naria, William, 2439, Private, 24th Foot
Naudi, Vincenzo, 1325, Bombardier, RMF Art
Naylor, John, 555, Private, 98th Foot
Neadham, Daniel, 1962, Private, 10th Foot
Neagle, James, 1603, Private, 35th Foot
Neal, William, 1372, Private, 2nd Bt 22nd Foot
Neal, William, 3852, Private, 91st Foot
Neale, William, 1799, Private, 19th Foot
Neasmith, Tgomas, 2161, Private, 30th Foot
Neil, Michael, 3204, Private, 44th Foot
Neil, William, 3762, Private, Military Train
Neile, Arthur, 2400, Private, 40th Foot
Neilson, David, 104, Private, 5th Lancers
Nelson, Alexander, 2534, Private, 43rd Foot
Nelson, George, 1906, Private, 8th Foot
Nesbitt, Henry, 695, Private, 1st WIR
Neville, Edwin, 698, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Newberry, William, 1481, Sgt, 12th Lancers
Newbry, James, 1026, Private, 9th Lancers
Newell, David, 2377, Cpl, 43rd Foot
Newing, John, 31950, Gunner, RA
Newman, David, 803, Private, 2nd Bt Rifle Bde
Newman, George, 443, Private, 91st Highs
Newnham, John, 954, Private, 12th Lancers
Newton, Charles, 2154, Private, 66th Foot
Newton, Isaac, 1089, 54th Foot
Nicholson, William, 1202, Qtr/Mst/Sgt, 8th Hussars
Nicks, Edward, 1952, Private, 11th Hussars
Nicol, George, 2129, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Nicol, Joseph, 933, L/Sgt, 3rd WIR
Nightigal, William, 971, Private, 7th D Gds
Nikell, James, 3284, Sgt, 29th Foot
Nixon, James, 1828, Private, 48th Foot
Nixon, Thomas, 2263, Private, 11th Hussars
Nobes, George, 5680, Sgt, Grenadier Gds
Nobles, William, 2727, Cpl, 44th Foot
Noonan, Thomas, 467, Cpl, Commissariat Staff Corps
Norgrove, William, 971, Private, 42nd Foot
Norman, Samuel, 1552, Sgt, Res Bt 91st Foot
Normansell, James, 2155, Cpl, RE
Norris, James, 2048, Private, 103rd Foot
Norris, James, 3283, Private, 78th Highs
North, James, 684, Private, 14th Foot
Norther, John, 280, Gunner, RA
Nowean, Christopher, 539, Private, 44th Foot
Nowling, John, 1892, Private, 59th Foot
Noxon, William, 2578, Private, 45th Foot
Nugent, Michael, 2029, Private, 84th Foot
Nugent, William, 1521, Cpl, 11th Foot
Nurse, James, 541, Private, 2nd Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Oakes, Stephen, 289, Private, 57th Foot
Oates, Bernard, 936, Private, 83rd Foot
O'Brien, Edwin, 1, Reg/Sgt/Maj, 21st Hussars
O'Brien, Jeremiah, 1464, Private, 2nd Bt 16th Foot
O'Brien, John, 2972, Private, 31st Foot
O'Brien, Peter, 2817, Private, 66th Foot
O'Brien, Thomas, 2772, Cpl, 18th Foot
O'Connell, John, 2458, Private, 65th Foot
O'Connell, Michael, 2208, Sgt, 40th Foot
O'Connell, Peter, 2160, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
O'Connell, Thomas, 3, Sgt, 5th WIR
O'Donnell, Daniel, 4378, Private, 50th Foot
O'Donnell, Daniel, 4449, Private, Scots Fus Gds
O'Donnell, Thomas, 2323, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
O'Donoghue, Nicholas, 1438, Private, 40th Foot
O'Dwyer, Denis, 1848, Private, 45th Foot
O'Gaua, Joseph, 2031, Drummer, 45th Foot
O'Gorman, James, 882, Pay/Mst/Sgt/Maj, 17th Lancers
O'Hara, Patrick, 600, Private, 10th Hussars
O'Hara, Thomas, 4071, Private, 40th Foot
O'Hara, Thomas, 1224, Cpl, 97th Foot
O'Haran, John, 4361, Private, 50th Foot
O'Hare, Daniel, 1957, Private, 63rd Foot
O'Hearn, Michael, 3031, Private, 103rd Foot
O'Keefe, Michael, 2713, Private, 1st Bt 3rd Foot
Olive, Joseph, 6512, Gunner, 17th Bde RA
Oliver, George, 2710, Private, 29th Foot
Oliver, James, , Military Labourers
O'Loughlin, Brien, 2648, Private, 70th Foot
O'Loughlin, Lucus, 175, Private, 2nd Bt 5th Fus
O'Mone, William, 2503, Sgt, Military Train
O'Neill, John, 1240, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
O'Neill, Michael, 2032, Private, 103rd Foot
O'Neill, Patrick, 490, Cpl, 1st WIR
O'Neill, Thomas, 1074, Private, 11th Foot
O'Pey, Peter, 354, Gunner, 7th Bde RA
Orchard, Abel, 756, Private, 9th Lancers
O'Regan, John, 2757, Private, 65th Foot
O'Reilly, William, 2707, Sgt, 35th Foot
Orgo, Alexander, 1195, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Orise, Edward, 3995, Private, 33rd Foot
Ormwood (alias Baker), William, 1961, Cpl, 14th lt Dragoons
Orr, Alexander, 3792, Private, 72nd Highs
Orr, John, 486, Private, 1st WIR
Orr, William, 2255, Private, 11th Hussars
Osborne, Dennis, 244, Private, 4th WIR
Osborne, Henry, 415, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Osborne, John, 731, Private, 15th Hussars
Osborne, Richard, 1608, Private, 75th Foot
Osborne, William, 632, Private, 10th Hussars
Osgood, James, 1016, Private, 11th Foot
Ottey, Charles, 726, Private, 11th Hussars
Ottigran, Alexander, 1015, Private, 3rd Lt Dragoons
Outhan, Jophn, 638, Private, 109th Foot
Outsam, Samuel, 778, Private, 4th WIR
Overington, William, 742, Private, 2nd D Gds
Owen, Frederick, 1963, Farr/Sgt, 10th Hussars
Owens, William, 2606, Private, 53rd Foot
Oxley, James, 6122, Gunner, RA
Pace, Antonio, 485, Act/Bomb, RMF Art
Pace, Antonio, 249, RMF Art
Pace, Antonio, 1134, RMF Art
Pace, Carlo, 58, Maltese Provincial
Pace, Carmelo, 440, Gunner, RMF Art
Pace, Carmelo, 1201, Gunner, RMF Art
Pace, Emmanuel, 459, Gunner, RMF Art
Pace, Giovammi, 826, Gunner, RMF Art
Pace, Henry, 81, Bugler, 4th Bt Rifle Bde
Pace, Salvatore, 641, Gunner, RMF Art
Paddie, William, 542, Cpl, 3rd WIR
Padley, Charles, 1391, Cpl, 4th Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Padmore, Hugh, 100, Coy/Sgt/Maj, 5th WIR
Page, Charles, 638, Gunner, 3rd WIR
Page, James, 1891, Private, 73rd Foot
Page, John, 1656, Private, 4th Lt Dragoons
Page, Joseph, 570, Private, 15th Hussars
Page, William, 2699, Sgt, Military Train
Pain, Joseph, 2658, Cpl, 56th Foot
Palfrey, John, 4251, 55th Foot
Pannett, John, 1871, Sgt, 17th Foot
Pardoe, William, 256, Private, 91st Highs
Parfield, John, 937, Private, Depot 1st Bt 8th Foot
Parfitt, Andrew, 860, Cpl, 101st Fus
Parker, Charles, 652, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Parker, Henry, 2318, L/Cpl, 49th Foot
Parker, Nichael, 3787, Private, 72nd Highs
Parker, Robert, 781, Gunner, RA
Parker, Samuel, 627, Private, 48th Foot
Parker, Thomas, 875, Private, 7th D Gds
Parker, Thomas, 673, Sgt, RE
Parker, William, 528, Tpr, 1st Life Gds
Parker, William, 1199, Private, 2nd Bt 24th Foot
Parkes, John, 2726, Batt/Arm/Sgt, Coast Bde RA
Parkins, John, 3153, Cpl, 70th Foot
Parkins, John, 1978, Sgt, 9th Lancers
Parris, James, 173, Private, 4th WIR
Parrotte, Eligah, 2000, Private, 1st Bt 1st Foot
Parry, James, 795, Private, 1st WIR
Parsell, Robert, 1551, Private, 49th Foot
Parslaw, William, 957, Private, 13th Lt Dragoons
Pasmore, Charles, 1525, Private, 11th Foot
Patient, Thoams, 156, Dvr, RA
Patrick, Robert, 2308, Private, 83rd Foot
Patterson, John, 2150, Private, 44th Foot
Patterson, John, 1581, Private, 74th Highs
Paxton, Samuel, 1064, Cpl, 51st Foot
Payne, Edwin, 2012, Cpl, 96th Foot
Payne, James, 1358, Private, 2nd Bt 6th Foot
Payne, William, 1021, Private, 1st Dragoons
Peacock, William, 2536, Private, 84th Foot
Pearce, John, 1992, Private, 45th Foot
Pearce, William, 898, Private, 1st Bt 20th Foot
Pearson, Charles, 2541, Private, 1st Bt 6th Foot
Peddie, Henry, 3219, Cpl, 59th Foot
Peek, William, 2828, Private, 58th Foot
Peel, George, 2796, Private, 80th Foot
Peel, Robert, 269, Private, 12th Lancers
Peers, George, 410, Private, 91st Highs
Pelham, Eugene, 1813, Sgt, 6th D Gds
Pelicino, Giovanni, 1326, Act/Bomb, RMF Art
Pelicino, 515, Gunner, RMF Art
Pellican, Thomas, 3549, Private, 65th Foot
Penfold, Joseph, 144, 1st Cl. Ord, Medical Staff Corps
Penfold, William, 1491, Private, 100th Foot
Peniger, Edwin, 2219, Private, 45th Foot
Pennington, James, 3041, Private, 103rd Fus
Penton, Robert, 1906, Sgt, RE
People, Robert, 1044, Private, 2nd Bt 15th Foot
Percival, William, 421, Private, 17th Lancers
Percy, Oliver, 774, Act/Cpl, 88th Foot
Perry, Peter, 717, Private, 3rd WIR
Perry, William, 35, Cpl, 69th Foot
Peterace, Charles, 2177, Private, Military Train
Petherbridge, William, 707, Tpr, 1st Life Gds
Phillips, David, 3055, Private, 70th Foot
Phillips, Felix, 1387, Private, 4th Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Phillips, Francis, 311, Private, 4th WIR
Phillips, George, 2044, Private, 1st Bt 3rd Foot
Phillips, John, 1912, Farr/Sgt, 7th Bt RA
Phillips, Joseph, 486, Private, 3rd WIR
Phillips, Samuel, 601, Sgt, 14th Lt Dragoons
Phipps, Henry, 2006, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Phipps, William, 2590, Private, 21Trp Military Train
Phortall, James, 1090, Private, 1st Bt 23rd Fus
Pickering, William, 2621, Private, 3rd WIR
Pickett, Henry, 1058, Private, 2nd Bt 17th Foot
Pielo, Felice, 544, Gunner, RMF Art
Pierce, Frederick, 4073, Private, 40th Foot
Piggott, George, 1244, Private, 2nd Bt 16th Foot
Pike, William, 888, Private, 94th Foot
Pilbro, Thomas, ?766, Sgt, 95th Foot
Pilcher, Stephen, 962, Private, 48th Foot
Pile, John, 665, Private, 4th WIR
Pilkington, James, 2157, Private, 65th Foot
Pink, James, 845, Private, Royal Horse Gds
Pintore, Giovanni, 47, RMF Art
Piott, Giocohino, 8, Gunner, RMF Art
Piper, John, 821, Private, 83rd Foot
Piper, Thomas, 2031, Private, 11th Hussars
Piratta, Giovanni, 933, Sgt, RMF Art
Pircett, Henry, 399, Private, 12th Lancers
Pisani, Francesco, 1320, Act/Bomb, RMF Art
Pitcher, Robert, 1567, Cpl, 52nd Foot
Plant, Charles, 378, Private, 39th Foot
Plant, Edward, 962, Private, 5th D Gds
Platt, John, 958, Sgt, 9th Lancers
Pleasones, William, 1019, Private, 30th Foot
Plumbudge, James, 496, Private, 7th Hussars
Plummer, John, 662, Sgt, 4th WIR
Plunkett, John, 2042, Private, 84th Foot
Podvin, Noel, 1371, Private, 100th Foot
Pokl, William, 996, 2nd Cl. Ord, Medical Staff Corps
Pollock, Thomas, 421, Cpl, 50th Foot
Polo, Marco, 1159, Private, 3rd WIR
Pool, Thomas, 93, Dvr, RA
Poole, John, 1772, Private, 71st Highs
Pope, John, 3296, Private, 1st Bt 3rd Foot
Popper, Edward, 3781, Private, 33rd Foot
Portelli, Giorgio, 364, RMF Art
Portelli, Guisseppi, 734, Gunner, RMF Art
Portelli, Paolo, 367, Gunner, RMF Art
Portelli, Pietro, 644, Gunner, RMF Art
Portelli, Vincenzo, 418, Gunner, RMF Art
Porter, John, Rough Rider, 3rd D Gds
Porter, Thomas, 863, Sgt, 1st Bt 91st Foot
Porter, William, 615, Private, 2nd Dragoons
Porter, William, 605, Private, 82nd Foot
Porteus, James, 295, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Portheary, James, 1160, Private, 2nd Bt 17th Foot
Potter, John, 2360, Private, 32nd Foot
Poulton, Charles, 3685, Cpl, Woolwich Mil Train
Power, John, 1447, Col/Sgt, 96th Foot
Power, Michael, 1869, Private, 51st Foot
Power, William, 816, Private, 1st Bt 16th Foot
Poynter, William, 4921, Sgt, Grenadier Gds
Prailo, Carmelo, 1265, Gunner, RMF Art
Prailo, Gio Botto, 623, Act/Bomb, RMF Art
Prailo, Guisseppi, 733, Gunner, RMF Art
Pratt, Henry, 676, Private, 15th Hussars
Prendergast, Patrick, 285, Private, 40th Foot
Prescott, William, 1024, Coy/Sgt/Maj, 4th WIR
Presnall, Thomas, 2461, Private, 65th Foot
Price, Charles, 4725, Private, 50th Foot
Price, George, 1367, Sgt, 88th Foot
Price, Henry, 650, Trp/Sgt/Maj, 1st Dragoons
Price, Thomas, 261, Private, St Helena Inf
Priest, John, 1266, Cpl, 2nd Bt 13th Foot
Priestly, Akfred, 3978, Private, 28th Foot
Prior, Henry, 248, Private, 91st Highs
Protman, William, 521, Private, 2nd Bt 1st Foot
proudfoot, John, 432, Private, 2nd D Gds
Pugh, Hugh, 565, Private, Royal Newfoundland Coys
Pugsley, John, 4656, Private, Grenadier Gds
Purcell, Michael, 3698, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Purchase, John, 1688, Private, 24th Foot
Pyther, John, 622, Private, 2nd Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Quan, Philip, 3245, Private, 72nd Highs
Queal, William, 1589, Sgt, 67th Foot
Quinlan, Michael, 2448, Cpl, 94th Foot
Quinlard, Thomas, 1509, Private, 2ns Bt 13th Foot
Quinn, Hugh, 799, Private, 82nd Foot
Quinn, Michael, 365, Drummer, 21st Foot
Quinn, Thomas, 553, Private, 2nd Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Quinn, William, Sgt, 2ns Bt RA
Quintano, Giovanni, 16, Dillon Regt
Quirke, James, 1796, Private, 87th Foot
Radley, George, 2440, Private, 37th Foot
Radman, Robert, 911, Private, 1st Bt 91st Foot
Rae, George, 2741, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Rae, John, 1467, Private, Scots Fus Gds
Rafferty, Edward, 1098, Private, 27th Foot
Rafferty, William, 154, Private, St helena Inf
Raison, William, 2612, Private, 1st Bt 20th Foot
Randall, John, 260, 15th Hussars
Range, Simon, 606, Private, Royal Horse Gds
Rankin, James, 4050, Private, 66th Foot
Rapinett, Carlo, 961, RMF Art
Ratcliffe, John, 2879, Private, 78th Highs
Rathbone, Charles, 2343, Private, 65th Foot
Ravenor, Charles, 1001, Private, 2ns Bt 17th Foot
Ravole, Frederick, 803, Private, 2nd Life Gds
Rawlings, Edward, 292, Private, 4th WIR
Rawlings, John, 3255, Private, 76th Foot
Ray, Thomas, 2018, Private, 98th Foot
Raynolds, John, 4288, Private, 56th Foot
Rayre, George, 687, Private, 67th Foot
Read, Edward, 3946, Private, 33rd Foot
Readshaw, James, 5908, Private, Scots Fus Gds
Reay, George, 3694, Private, 53rd Foot
Redding, Michael, 1920, Private, 78th Highs
Reed, John, 1465, Private, %2nd Foot
Reed, Robert, 853, Private, %8th Foot
Reeks, James, 1199, Private, RA
Rees, William, 683, Sgt, Cape Mtd Rifles
Reeves, Joseph, 571, Sgt, Cape Mtd Rifles
Reid, Alexander, 885, Private, 4th D Gds
Reid, Archibald, Private, 2nd D Gds
Reid, James, 3362, Private, 72nd Highs
Reid, John, 2105, Private, 65th Foot
Reid, Matthew, 1582, Private, 11th Foot
Reid, William, 2945, Private, 1st Bt 21st Fus
Reid, William, 649, Private, 54th Foot
Reide, William, 2801, Private, 24th Foot
Reilly, Bernard, 2738, Private, 68th Foot
Reilly, James, 1236, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Reilly, Michael, 39117, Gunner, RA
Reilly, Simon, 535, Private, 10th Hussars
Reinhard, Charles, 1347, Cpl, 2nd Bt 22nd Foot
Rendals, Thomas, 1365, Private, 2nd Bt 11th Foot
Rennie, William, 687, Private, 74th Highs
Reoddin, Henry, 3756, Private, 95th Foot
Reynolds, Edward, 357, Private, 91st Highs
Reynolds, Frederick, 1336, Private, 2nd Bt 23rd Fus
Reynolds, James, 1156, Private, 2nd Bt 1st Foot
Reynolds, James, 393, Private, 91st Highs
Reynolds, John, 3389, Private, 1st Bt 19th Foot
Reynolds, John, 912, Private, 8th Hussars
Rhodes, Edmund, 5555, Private, Grenadiers Gds
Rhodes, Joseph, 1065, Private, 2nd Bt 24th Foot
Rice, Barney, 302, Private, 12th Lancers
Rice, Benjamin, 1946, Private, 23rd Foot
Rice, William, 2490, Private, 96th Foot
Richard, Thomas, 1711, Private, 69th Foot
Richards, John, 471, Private, 80th Foot
Richards, Nathaniel, 479, Private, 3rd WIR
Richards, William, 926, Private, 9th Lancers
Richardson, Benjamin, 4607, Private, 102nd Foot
Richardson, James, 3430, Private, 98th Foot
Richardson, Joseph, 936, Private, 6th Dragoons
Richardson, Robert, 1078, Private, 35th Foot
Richardson, Watson, 2131, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Riches, George, 821, Sgt/2Ord Cl, 54th Foot
Ridges, John, 2142, Private, 1st Bt 4th Foot
Ridout, Samuel, 2017, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Rielly, Patrick, 2569, Private, 70th Foot
Rielly, Patrick, 1596, Private, 76th Foot
Rielly, Thomas, 1468, Private, 4th Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Riely, John, 46?7, Private, 50th Foot
Rigby, Edward, 989, Private, 51st Foot
Rigby, William, 552, Gunner, RA
Riggs, William, 687, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Riley, George, 2609, Private, 8th Foot
Rimmer, Richard, 499, Private, 91st Highs
Riordane, Patrick, 2060, Sgt, 1st Bt 13th Foot
Risk, William, 3582, Private, 72nd Highs
Ritchie, James, 686, Private, Scots Fus Gds
Robartham, Edward, 338, Private, 17th Lancers
Robbies, Henry, 1674, Shoe/Smith, RA
Robert, Guglielmo, 354, RMF Art
Roberts, Archibald, 878, Cpl, 10th Foot
Roberts, Charles, 1984, Private, 8th Foot
Roberts, James, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Roberts, Joseph, 1567, Sgt/Maj, 80th Foot
Roberts, Richard, 2417, Private, 36th Foot
Roberts, Richard, 740, Private, 9th Lancers
Roberts, William, 2141, Private, 51st Foot
Roberts, William, 3945, Bombardier, RA
Roberts, William, 2908, Private, Res Bt 45th Foot
Robertson, Alexander, 946, Private, 72nd Foot
Robins, William, 2665, Private, 56th Foot
Robinson, Amos, 206, Private, 6th D Gds
Robinson, George, 2094, Private, 22nd Foot
Robinson, Henry, 11, Private, Military Labourers
Robinson, Hugh, 2658, Private, 1st Bt 20th Foot
Robinson, James, 1780, Private, 45th Foot
Robinson, Joseph, 621, Cpl, 29th Foot
Robinson, Robert, 1942, Private, 8th Foot
Robinson, Samuel, 2977, Private, Military Train
Robinson, Thomas, 851, Private, 27th Foot
Robinson, William, 391, Private, 5th D Gds
Robinson, William, 2492, Private, 65th Foot
Robottom, William, 810, Private, 15th Hussars
Roche, John, 1028, Private, 11th Foot
Rodger, William, 12420, Gunner, Depot RA
Rodgers, Gardner, 854, Private, 42nd Foot
Rodgers, William, 935, Private, 12th Lancers
Rodgers, William, 2984, Private, 26th Foot
Roe, James, 1128, Private, 59th Foot
Roe, John, 4163, Private, 91st Highs
Roe, William, 1431, Private, 31st Foot
Rogers, Charles, 771, Private, 97th Foot
Roggers, George, 2735, Sgt, 44th Foot
Rohlingo, Peter, 217, Private, 91st Highs
Roland, William, 4020, Private, 33rd Foot
Rolston, Michael, 1258, Private, 11th Foot
Ronald, John, 2483, Private, 1st bt 60th Royal Rifles
Ronan, Edward, 2627, Private, 93rd Foot
Rooney, Cork, Cpl, Mitilary Labourers
Rose, Edward, 1159, Private, 16th Foot
Rose, George, 3503, Private, 75th Foot
Rose, Matthew, 2256, Private, 69th foot
Ross, John, 1837, Private, 9th Lancers
Rossney, Dennis, 3101, Private, 31st foot
Rourke, Patrick, 2102, Private, 47th Foot
Row, Joseph, 2783, Private, 2nd Bt Rifle Bde
Rowbottom, John, 6715, Gunner, Depot RA
Rowe, John, 918, Private, 4th WIR
Rowe, William, 3104, Cpl, 53rd Foot
Rowen, William, 1475, Private, 94th Foot
Rowlano, Francis, Sgt, RA
Rowlano, John, 2172, Farrier, Military Train Ireland
Rowley, Isaac, 1032, Private, 81st Foot
Rowley, James, 2708, Private, 11th Foot
Rudge, Henry, 2308, Cpl, Military Train
Ruff, William, 582, Cpl, Cape Mtd Rifles
Rumbold, James, 2292, Private, 98th Foot
Ruse, William, 1599, Private, 2nd Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Russell, Bartholomew, 2356, Private, 83rd Foot
Russell, William, 421, Private, 1st Dragoons
Rutherford, John, 2022, Private, 11th Hussars
Rutter, Joseph, 1274, Sgt, 10th Hussars
Ryan, Daniel, 499, Private, 40th Foot
Ryan, James, 2485, Private, 1st Bt 16th Foot
Ryan, James, 3368, Private, 98th Foot
Ryan, JOhn, 2026, Sgt, 104th Foot
Ryan, John, 3811, Cpl, 50th Foot
Ryan, John, 3721, Private, 74th Foot
Ryan, John, 2760, Private, 88th Foot
Ryan, Michael, 3382, Private, Military Train
Ryan, Muchael, 2976, Private, 31st Foot
Ryan, Thomas, 2417, Private, 18th Foot
Ryan, Thomas, 2371, Private, 45th Foot
Ryan, Thomas, 2655, Private, 66th Foot
Ryan, William, 4147, Private, 30th Foot
Rylance, John, Gnr/Dvr, 5th Bt RA
Sacco, Emmanuel, 757, Gunner, RMF Art
Sadler, James, 4686, Private, 50th Foot
Said, Giovanni, 67, RMF Art
Salila, Carmelo, 336, Gunner, RMF Art
Salmon, Thomas, 1931, Private, 66th Foot
Salmon, William, 3176, Private, 81st Foot
Salmone, Anorea, 235, Gunner, RMF Art
Salmone, Antonio, 658, Qtr/Mst/Sgt, RMF Art
Salter, Ethelbert, 1235, Private, 2nd Bt 9th Foot
Salter, John, 522, Gunner, RA
Sammet, Gio Batta, 323, Gunner, RMF Art
Sammet, Guisseppi, 1226, RMF Art
Samuels, David, 1909, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Samwell, Alfred, 523, Private, 91st Highs
Sanders, Damen, 5854, 4th Bde RA
Sanders, Levin, 988, Private, 83rd Foot
Sanderson, James, 1314, Sgt, 11th Hussars
Sanger, William, 1245, Private, 51st Foot
Sant, Antonio, 873, Gunner, RMF Art
Sant, Guisseppi, 894, Gunner, RMF Art
Sarr, Job, 994, Private, 4th WIR
Sarr, Poucase, 959, Private, 3rd WIR
Sarr, Samba, 936, Private, 5th WIR
Saul, Jeremiah, 2418, Cpl & L/Sgt, 35th Foot
Saul, Richard, 576, Private, 4th D Gds
Saul, William, 388, Private, 6th Dragoons
Saunders, George, 3335, Private, 43rd Foot
Saunders, Henry, 933, Private, 4th WIR
Saunders, Moses, 1184, Private, 2nd Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Saunders, Samuel, Private, Sappers & Miners
Savage, Benjamin, 3787, Private, 66th Foot
Sayer, James, 1125, Private, 16th Lancers
Sayers, Philip, Gunner, R H A
Sayo, Natale, 38, Maltese Veteran
Scaggalt, Thomas, 1409, Private, 43rd Foot
Scales, William, 2105, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Scarf, William, 369, Private, 7th Hussras
Scarlett, Charles, 816, Dvr, RA
Scarrall, Cahrles, 1883, Private, 11th Hussars
Schembri, Antonio, 944, Gunner, RMF Art
Schembri, Luigi, 823, Gunner, RMF Art
Schembri, Michele, 730, Gunner, RMF Art
Schembri, Tomaso, 196, RMF Art
Scheras, Guisseppi, 288, Gunner, RMF Art
Schofield, Henry, 3223, Private, 56th Foot
Scholes, Walter, 2594, Private, 67th Foot
Schora, Joseph, 340, Private, 1st Dragoons
Sciclura, Gio Batta, 989, Gunner, RMF Art
Scott, Andrew, 2447, Private, 99th Foot
Scott, Carruthers, 1980, Private, 11th Hussars
Scott, Charles, 4685, Private, 50th Foot
Scott, George, 1113, Private, 2nd Foot
Scott, Giovanni, 523, RMF Art
Scott, Joseph, 1152, Col/Sgt, 59th Foot
Scott, Joseph, 1588, Private, 72nd Highs
Scott, William, 749, Private, 4th WIR
Seale, Edward, 2717, Private, Military Train
Seaton, James, 3320, Private, 51st Foot
Seavis, Joseph, 2680, Private, 11th Foot
See, Frederick, 1495, Private, 101st Fus
Seicher, Michele, 78, RMF Art
Seli, Fortunato, 14, Cacciatori Maltese
Seliba, Francesco, 898, Gunner, RMF Art
Seliba, Nicola, 379, Gunner, RMF Art
Seliba, Paolo, 853, Gunner, RMF Art
Seliba, Salvatore, 804, RMF Art
Selwood, Henry, 14839, Cpl, 25th Foot
Senior, John, 2098, Private, 11th Hussars
Senny, John, 2064, Cpl, 53rd Foot
Sexton, Michael, 3711, Gunner, 33rd Foot
Shaambrook, Samuel, 3060, Private, 44th Foot
Shalow, Michael, 2185, Private, 69th Foot
Shanahan, James, 4652, 30th Foot
Shannon, Peter, 1545, Private, 73rd Foot
Shannon, Richard, 2487, Private, 31st Foot
Shans, William, 2047, Sgt, 2nd Bt 3rd Foot
Sharks, Robert, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Sharp, Thomas, 1615, Private, 25th Foot
Sharuahan, James, 895, 3rd WIR
Shaw, Edward, 106, Private, 1st D Gds
Shaw, George, 3027, Private, 31st Foot
Shaw, John, 2122, Private, 57th Foot
Shaw, Robert, 2158, Private, 33rd Foot
Shaw, Robert, 458, Private, 3rd Lt Dragoons
Shaw, Robert, 986, Private, 73rd Foot
Shea, John, 2616, Private, 43rd Foot
Shea, Michael, 4081, Private, 40th Foot
Shea, Patrick, 960, Private, 35th Foot
Shea, Thomas, 526, Private, 1st Bt 24th Foot
Shearly, Henry, 594, Private, 4th WIR
Sheedy, Cornelius, 2008, Private, 69th Foot
Sheedy, Patrick, 2688, Private, 11th Foot
Sheehan, Aenis, 2281, Private, 94th Foot
Sheppard, Eli, 591, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Sheppard, John, 2369, Cpl, 53rd Foot
Sheridan, Thomas, 1918, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Sherriffs, John, 985, Private, 92nd Highs
Sherrig, James, 1942, Private, 40th Foot
Shinnor, George, 872, Sgt/Maj, 88th Foot
Showell, John, 1077, Private, 76th Foot
Shuffter, John, 369, Private, 3rd WIR
Sibbald, William, 1817, Private, 72nd Highs
Sidwell, William, 749, Dvr, RA
Silato, Angelo, 247, RMF Art
Sills, Thomas, 3155, Private, 56th Foot
Silverthorn, George, 1439, Private, 58th Foot
Sim, James, 2018, Private, 2nd Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Simiana, Guisseppi, 454, Gunner, RMF Art
Simmons, Frederick, 2777, Private, 78th Highs
Simmons, George, 774, Private, 97th Foot
Simmons, Thomas, 1776, Private, 2nd Bt 1st Foot
Simpson, Edward, 1241, Private, 12th Lancers
Simpson, John, 1572, Sgt, 26th Foot
Simpson, John, 1372, Private, 2nd Bt 17th foot
Simpson, Thomas, 401, Private, 4th D Gds
Simpson, Thomas, 3586, Private, 72nd Highs
Simpson, William, 1296, Sgt, 58th Foot
Sinclair, Barrett, 480, Private, 4th WIR
Single, Vincenzo, 389, Trumpeter, RMF Art
Sinnamon, Daniel, 2144, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Sinnon, James, 4205, Gnr/Dvr, 5th Bt RA
Sinnott, Miles, 766, Private, 94th Foot
Sistern, John, 1560, Private, 74th Highs
Siviney, William, 2511, Private, 34th Foot
Skede, John, 3114, Private, 66th Foot
Skelleran, Herbert, 340, Private, 5th D Gds
Skelton, George, 4428, Private, 30th Foot
Skinner, John, 941, Private, 3rd WIR
Slack, Anderson, 1, Sgt, St Helena Inf
Slade, John, 1318, Private, 24th Foot
Slater, George, 306, Private, 6th Dragoons
Slater, William, 315, Private, 5th D Gds
Sleighton, George, 3825, Private, Military Train
Small, Charles, 2742, Private, 78th Highs
Small, James, 292, Private, 10th Hussars
Small, James, 927, Private, 65th Foot
Small, Patrick, 2442, Private, 40th Foot
Small, Phillip, 928, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Small, William, 568, Private, 3rd WIR
Small, William, 53, Cpl, 62nd Foot
Smallbone, Walter, 3819, Private, Woolwich Military Train
Smashall, James, 586, Private, 10th Hussars
Smead, Edward, 1231, Private, 2nd Bt 15th Foot
Smith, Alexander, 234, Private, 4th WIR
Smith, Charles, 353, Private, 1st Dragoons
Smith, Francis, 2184, Private, 81st Foot
Smith, Frederick, 1319, Private, 14th Lt Dragoons
Smith, George, 1895, Private, 17th Foot
Smith, George, 3545, Private, 24th Foot
Smith, George, 786, Cpl, 2md Bt 9th Foot
Smith, George, 721, Private, 2nd Bt 1st Foot
Smith, George, 2942, 78th Highs
Smith, George, 3973, Private, 91st Highs
Smith, Harry, 127, Cpl, 1st WIR
Smith, Henry, 1169, Private, 15th Hussars
Smith, Henry, 464, Cpl, 2nd D Gds
Smith, Henry, 298, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Smith, Henry, 4498, Private, Grenadier Gds
Smith, Henry, 3418, Private, Military Train
Smith, Isaac, 1865, Private, 1st Bt 6th Foot
Smith, James, 434, Private, 12th Lancers
Smith, James, 3176, Private, 72nd Highs
Smith, James, 3, Private, St Helena Inf
Smith, Job, 3431, Private, 56th Foot
Smith, John, 180, Private, 12th Lancers
Smith, John, 470, Private, 1st WIR
Smith, John, 512, Sgt, 6th Dragoons
Smith, John, 1440, Private, 99th Foot
Smith, John, 3964, Private, Depot 62nd Foot
Smith, Martin, 1177, Private, 74th Highs
Smith, Michael, 3443, Private, 72nd Highs
Smith, Peter, 2334, Private, 65th Foot
Smith, Richard, 2041, Sgt, 1st Bt 3rd Foot
Smith, Robert, 287, Private, 21st Hussars
Smith, Robert, 3355, Private, 41st Foot
Smith, Roger, 2265, Cpl, 1st Bt 8th Foot
Smith, Samuel, 1646, 74th Foot
Smith, Thomas, 1049, Private, 1st Bt Royal Welsh Fus
Smith, Thomas, 1994, Private, 41st Foot
Smith, Thomas, 2062, Private, 58th Foot
Smith, Thomas, 2925, Private, 78th Highs
Smith, Thomas, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Smith, William, 572, Private, 15th Hussars
Smith, William, 867, Private, 17th Lancers
Smith, William, 2392, Sgt, 29th Foot
Smith, William, 970, Private, 4th Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Smith, William, 722, Private, 57th Foot
Smith, William, 2446, Private, 65th Foot
Smith, William, 834, Sgt/Ward/Master, Medical Staff Corps
Smithhers, Thomas, 1867, Private, Military Train
Smyth, John, 1236, Private, 12th Lancers
Smyth, Matthew, 3849, 33rd Foot
Snellzwood, James, 2750, Private, 53rd Foot
Snodgrass, Robert, 2467, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Snook, Alexander, 680, Military Train
Somerville, James, 881, Private, 4th WIR
Southern, James, 1180, Cpl, Saooers & Miners
Southwell, Augustine, 509, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Southwell, William, 862, Private, 15th Foot
Southwood, Francis, 2503, Private, 29th Foot
Spall, James, 1421, Sgt, 84th Foot
Spellings, Joseph, 2230, Private, 54th Foot
Spen, John, 1793, Private, Woolwich Military Train
Spence, David, 3405, Private, 72nd Highs
Spence, John, 795, Private, 3rd WIR
Spencer, Benjamin, 567, Private, 4th WIR
Spencer, Edward, 2251, Private, Military Train
Spencer, John, 3413, Private, 43rd Foot
Spencley, George, 359, Hosp/Sgt, Cape Mtd Rifles
Spiteri, Angelo, 1064, Sgt, RMF Art
Spiteri, Carmelo, 492, Gunner, RMF Art
Spiteri, Carmelo, 448, Gunner, RMF Art
Spiteri, Fillipo, 33, Maltese Provincial
Spiteri, Giovanni, 216, RMF Art
Spiteri, Guisseppi, 1182, RMF Art
Spiteri, Lorenzo, 50, Maltese Provincial
Spiteri, Luigi, 849, Gunner, RMF Art
Spiteri, Nicola, 264, RMF Art
Spiteri, Paolo, 646, Gunner, RMF Art
Spiteri, Salvatote, 71, RMF Art
Spiteri, Saverio, 760, Gunner, RMF Art
Spiteri, Thomas, 283, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Spiteri, Tommasso, 490, Gunner, RMF Art
Spong, Thomas, 593, Private, 10th Hussars
Spurle, John, 2274, Private, 37th Foot
Squerdo, Felice, 51, Maltese Pioneer
Squerdo, Giovanni, 459, RMF Art
Squerdo, Guisseppi, 741, Gunner, RMF Art
Stadling, George, 1860, Shoe/Carr/Smith, Military Train
Stafford, William, Private, 3rd D Gds
Stamp, James, 2140, Private, 86th Foot
Stanborough, William, 3604, Sgt, 50th Foot
Stanfield, George, 2212, Private, 45th Foot
Stanford, Peter, 5874, Private, 51st Foot
Stanford, Robert, 551, Private, 2nd Dragoons
Stanley, Charles, 371, Private, 18th Hussars
Stanley, James, 261, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Stapleton, Richard, 3251, Private, Grenadier Gds
Stapley, James, 635, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Stark, John, 1386, Private, 90th Foot
Starkey, Frederick, 942, Private, 9th Lancers
Starr, Joseph, 240, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Steel, Alexander, 3570, Private, 72nd Highs
Steel, James, 628, Private, 4th WIR
Steel, John, 2114, Private, 73rd Foot
Steele, James, 1631, Private, 2nd Bt 1st Foot
Steen, William, 396, Col/Sgt, Cape Mtd Rifles
Steerman, Jacob, 1463, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Steine, William, 1011, Sgt, 101st Foot
Stephens, George , 783, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Stephenson, George, 3779, Private, 65th Foot
Stephenson, Thomas, 1017, Private, 1st Bt 22nd Foot
Stephenson, William, 813, Private, 1st WIR
Stevens, James, 3505, Private, 58th Foot
Stevenson, Augustus, 36, Drummer, 3rd WIR
Stevenson, John, 3301, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Stevenson, Robert, 3780, Private, 65th Foot
Steward, Alfred, 2205, Cpl, Cape Mtd Rifles
Stewart, Alexander, 2576, Private, 61st Foot
Stewart, Alexander, 2272, Private, 83rd Foot
Stewart, Charles, 882, Private, 3rd WIR
Stewart, David, 613, Private, 9th Lancers
Stewart, Hawthorn, 1110, Private, 9th Lancers
Stewart, Henry, 3008, Cpl, Scots Fus Gds
Stewart, Herbert, 539, Private, 89th Foot
Stewart, James, 369, Gunner, 7th Bde RA
Stewart, John, 2836, Private, 72nd Highs
Stewart, Neil, 611, Private, 2nd Dragoons
Stewart, Robert, 1512, Private, 2nd Bt 13th Foot
Stewart, William, 1679, Private, 71st Foot
Stimson, James, 3561, Cpl, 49th Foot
Stivala, Angelo, 904, Gunner, RMF Art
Stivala, Paolo, 601, Gunner, RMF Art
Stocker, William, 347, Sgt, Cape Mtd Rifles
Stockham, Alfred, 582, Private, 1st Bt 14th Foot
Stoco, William, 2288, Private, 68th Foot
Stokes, Charles, 174, Private, 14th Hussars
Stokes, Charles, 540, Private, 1st Bt 4th Foot
Stokley, Charles, 130, Private, 3rd WIR
Stones, James, 2968, Private, 78th Foot
Store, Joseph, 533, Qtr/Mst/Sgt, Cape Mtd Rifles
Storey, George, 849, Private, 16th Lancers
Storm, James, 3008, Gunner, RA
Storrie, Donald, 932, Sgt, 42nd Foot
Stott, Alfred, 4656, Private, 50th Foot
Stovie, Nicholas, 2676, Private, 66th Foot
Straight, Thomas, 3067, Cpl, 44th Foot
Strathdee, George, 1769, Private, 92nd Highs
Street, Bolo, 359, Private, 1st Bt 21st Foot
Street, William, 752, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Strike, Robert, 865, Private, 2nd Bt Rifle Bde
Strong, James, 1801, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Strudwick, James, Private, 1st Bt 24th Foot
Sturgess, John, 691, Private, 3rd D Gds
Suan, James, 1521, Private, 45th Foot
Suan, William, 1297, Private, 40th Foot
Suanderson, John, 1691, Private, 77th Foot
Suckling, Edward, 2138, Private, 11th Hussars
Sullivan, Daniel, 676, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Sullivan, Eugene, 60, Private, 88th Foot
Sullivan, George, 1317, Col/Sgt, 2nd Bt 19th Foot
Sullivan, John, 3737, Private, 1st Bt 18th Foot
Sullivan, John, 2838, Private, 1st Bt 22nd Foot
Sullivan, John, 1044, Private, 4th Lt Dragoons
Sullivan, John, 3574, Private, 53rd Foot
Sullivan, Michael, 893, Private, 11th Foot
Sullivan, Timothy, 4487, Private, 50th Foot
Sultana, Guisseppi, 406, Gunner, RMF Art
Sultana, Guisseppi, 78, RMF Art
Sultana, Guisseppi, 496, Gunner, RMF Art
Sultana, Guisseppi, 526, RMF Art
Summers, George, 871, Private, 10th Hussars
Summers, William, 4547, Private, 34th Foot
Sutherland, Alexander, 2644, Private, 79th Highs
Suthers, Joseph, Gunner, R H A
Sutton, Samuel, 1087, Hosp/Sgt, 59th Foot
Sutton, Thomas, 298, Private, 6th Dragoons
Sweeney, Bernard, 2227, Sgt, 1st Bt 16th Foot
Sweeney, Daniel, 4044, Private, 33rd Foot
Sweeney, Edward, 505, Private, 80th Foot
Sweeney, James, 612, Private, 9th Lancers
Sweeney, John, 4037, Private, 33rd Foot
Sweeney, Michael, 385, Cpl, 86th Foot
Swift, Dean, 811, Private, 4th WIR
Swift, William, 2145, Private, 16th Foot
Swindell, George, 3084, Private, 56th Foot
Sworos, Edward, 1845, Private, 58th Foot
Symes, David, 766, Bombardier, RA
Tabone, Antonio, 521, Gunner, RMF Art
Tabone, Carmelo, 536, Gunner, RMF Art
Tabone, Giovanni, 401, RMF Art
Tabone, Michele, 797, RMF Art
Tabone, Nicola, 653, Gunner, RMF Art
Tabone, Vincenzo, 114, Sgt, RMF Art
Tabor, Francis, 334, Cpl, Cape Mtd Rifles
Tabor, Giovanni, 129, Gunner, RMF Art
Tahra, Tommaso, 775, Gunner, RMF Art
Tahra, Vincenzo, 512, Gunner, RMF Art
Talbot, Samuel, 2175, Private, 13th Foot
Talbot, William, 1645, Cpl, 84th Foot
Talley, Thomas, 1108, Private, 1st D Gds
Tanti, Giovanni, 514, Gunner, RMF Art
Tanti, Guisseppi, 792, Gunner, RMF Art
Tanti, Guisseppi, 432, Gunner, RMF Art
Tapping, James, 2837, Cpl, 87th Foot
Tarrant, James, 501, Private, Depot 62nd Foot
Tasker, Hiram, 813, Private, 83rd Foot
Tate, William, 2431, Private, 1st Bt 5th Foot
Tate, William, 1242, Private, 67th Foot
Tawson, John, 1187, Private, 86th Foot
Taylor, Abraham, 4585, Private, 50th Foot
Taylor, Charles, 943, Private, 105th Foot
Taylor, Charles, 3669, Private, 38th Foot
Taylor, Charles, 2103, Private, 4th Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Taylor, Charles, 2656, Private, 86th Foot
Taylor, Edward, 1576, Private, 94th Foot
Taylor, Frederick, 789, Private, 3rd WIR
Taylor, George, 458, Private, 91st Highs
Taylor, George, 435, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Taylor, Henry, 550, Private, 26th Foot
Taylor, James, 90, Private, 4th Bt Military Train
Taylor, James, 3517, Private, 51st Foot
Taylor, James, 928, Private, 99th Foot
Taylor, John, 2981, 21st Foot
Taylor, John, 3309, Cpl, 32nd Foot
Taylor, John, 2152, Private, 34th Foot
Taylor, John, 2000, Col/Sgt, 43rd Foot
Taylor, Joseph, 2824, Private, 51st Foot
Taylor, Nathan, 2609, Private, 67th Foot
Taylor, Nathaniel, 935, Private, 3rd WIR
Taylor, Richard, 2357, Private, 32nd Foot
Taylor, Richard, 131, Private, 5th WIR
Taylor, William, 805, Cpl, 2nd Bt Rifle Bde
Taylor, William, 997, Private, 79th Foot
Teavan, Cornelius, 42, Sgt, 18th Hussars
Teicluna, Angelo, 1045, Gunner, RMF Art
Teicluna, Antonio, 375, Gunner, RMF Art
Teicluna, Pietro, 1155, Gunner, RMF Art
Temple, James, 795, Cpl/Collar Maker, RA
Teuma, Emmanuel, 1075, Private, RMF Art
Teuma, Salvatore, 890, Gunner, RMF Art
Thacker, Charles, 629, Private, 2nd Bt 60th Royal Rifels
Thackery, John, 2814, Private, 52nd Foot
Thackery, Thoams, 52, Private, 65th Foot
Theobald, Charles, 620, Private, 12th Lancers
Thomas, Francis, 5129, Sgt, 1st Bt 23rd Foot
Thomas, George, 2622, Cpl, 53rd Foot
Thomas, Henry, 474, Private, 3rd WIR
Thomas, Isaac, 720, Private, 3rd D Gds
Thomas, Richard, 418, Sgt, 3rd WIR
Thomas, Richard, 743, Private, 4th WIR
Thomas, William, 3131, Private, Military Train
Thompson, Alexander, 459, Private, 2nd Dragoons
Thompson, Alexander, 591, Private, 3rd WIR
Thompson, Charles, 709, Private, 4th WIR
Thompson, George, 1382, Private, 37th Foot
Thompson, George, 310, Private, 65th Foot
Thompson, George, 327, Private, 89th Foot
Thompson, George, 358, Private, Mil Store Staff Corps
Thompson, Harry, 559, Drummer, 1st WIR
Thompson, Jacob, 799, Private, 3rd WIR
Thompson, James, 232, Private, 1st Royal Dragoons
Thompson, John, 1976, Private, 92nd Highs
Thompson, Joseph, 4078, Private, 67th Inf
Thompson, Joseph, 2334, Gunner, RA
Thompson, Matthew, 2007, Cpl, 65th Foot
Thompson, Richmond, 753, Private, 3rd WIR
Thompson, Thomas, 815, Private, 7th Queens Own Hussars
Thompson, William, 125, Private, 19th Hussars
Thompson, William, 619, Private, 30th Foot
Thomson, James, 2986, Private, 72nd Highs
Thomson, John, 3616, Private, 73rd Highs
Thorburn, Waxter, 724, Private, 42nd Foot
Thorne, Philip, 325, Private, 4th WIR
Thornhill, William, 4190, Private, 3rd WIR
Thornton, Charles, 4045, Private, 7th Royal Fus
Thornton, John, 470, Private, 1st Bt 17th Foot
Thorpe, Richard, 199, Private, 4ht WIR
Thurlow, Robert, 4360, Private, 7th Royal Fus
Thwaites, John, 273, Private, 91st Highs
Tierney, George, 1770, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Tilbrook, Thomas, 1954, Private, 43rd Lt Inf
Tindale, William, 2840, Private, 32nd Lt Inf
Titley, Isaac, 684, Private, 2nd Life Gds
Titmas, Samuel, 489, Private, 83rd Inf
Tobin, James, 1864, Gunner, RA
Tobin, Robert, 1839, Private, 11th Inf
Tod, James, 3565, Private, 72nd Highs
Todd, Charles, 1380, Private, 4th Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Todd, William, 887, Private, 2nd Bt 13th Lt Inf
Tongue, Thomas, 1077, Private, 101st Fus
Tonna, Antonio, 1052, Sgt, RMF Art
Tonna, Gio, 1093, Gunner, RMF Art
Tonna, Guisseppi, 421, RMF Art Foot
Topping, Adam, 1186, Private, 1st Bt 22nd Foot
Torbet, Joseph, 284, Cpl, 65th Foot
Torr, John, 1262, Sgt, 33rd Foot
Towler, William, 2977, Private, 45th Inf
Townend, Benjamin, 1797, Private, 1st Bt 12th Inf
Tracey, Andrew, 3386, Private, 86th Foot
Tracey, Joseph, 1304, Gunner, RA
Treacy, William, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Trend, Charles, 1589, Sgt, RA
Trendell, James, 705, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Trevett, Joseph, 110, Private, 50th Foot
Triby, Emmanuel, 2340, Cpl, 1st Bt 14th Foot
Trimin, Samuel, 655, Private, Depot 81st Foot
Trimmer, James, 244, Private, 11th Hussars
Trowell, John, 888, Private, 1st Bt 7th Royal Fus
Try, William, 1228, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Tullis, William, 1896, Private, 92nd Highs
Tully, Richard, 3861, Gunner, 4th Bde Art
Turbey, George, 775, Private, 17th Lancers
Turkington, Edward, 1116, Private, 83rd Foot
Turnage, George, 1201, Private, 1st Bt 4th Foot
Turner, Edward, 1793, Sgt, 73rd Foot
Turner, Edwin, 3426, Cpl, Mil Train
Turner, George, 575, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Turner, Henry, 1331, Private, 24th Inf
Turner, John, 644, Private, 3rd D Gds
Turner, Thomas, 1973, Private, Depot 1st Bt 2nd Inf
Tussey, David, 3201, Private, 81st Foot
Tynan, James, 478, Sapper, RE
Tynan, Matthew, 1514, Private, 65th Foot
Tynan, William, 2056, Sapper, RE
Tyson, Joseph, 1412, Private, 58th Foot
Tyssington, Thomas, 693, Trumpeter, 11th Hussars
Upperson, William, 1610, Private, 8th Foot
Vains, Job, 248?, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Valentine, William, 2201, Private, 42nd Foot
Valentine, William, 2972, Private, 65th Foot
Vance, Robert, 1498, Private, 51st Lt Inf
Vanciez, Lorenzo, 242, Gunner, RMF Art
Varker, William, 2553, Private, 66th Foot
Vasfallo, Antonio, 526, Gunner, RMF Art
Vasfallo, Paolo, 617, Gunner, RMF Art
Vassalls, Vincenzo, 455, Sgt, RMF Art
Vawley, William, 1246, Private, 1st D Gds
Vella, Antonio, 84, RMF Art
Vella, Generoso, 386, Gunner, RMF Art
Vella, Giovanni, 267, RMF Art
Vella, Giovanni, 840, Gunner, RMF Art
Vella, Giovanni Maria, 205, RMF Art
Vella, Salvatore, 361, RMF Art
Vella, Salvatore, 141, RMF Art
Vella, Vincenzo, 285, Gunner, RMF Art
Verdon, Edward, 2355, QM/Sgt, 2nd WI Inf
Vick, Samuel, 1807, Sgt, 11th Foot
Vidal, Filippo, 329, RMF Art
Vidal, Francesco, 182, Gunner, RMF Art
Villon, Nickolas, 337, Private, 19th Hussars
Vilocca, Giovanni, 1124, Gunner, RMF Art
Vilocca, Luigi, 65, RMF Art
Vincent, Jeremiah, 2507, Private, Depot 74th Highs
Vincent, Matthew, 493, Private, 80th Foot
Voke, Thomas, 202, Private, 9th Lancers
Wade, Othniel, 725, Private, 3rd D Gds
Wadsley, Robert, 1575, Private, 100th Foot
Wafe, James, 405, Private, 3rd WIR
Waffrone, Thomas, 2019, Private, 10th Foot
Wainwright, Charles, 2671, Private, 94th Foot
Wakefield, Henry, 2929, Private, 78th Highs
Wakeford, James, 1283, Private, 2nd Bt 4th Foot
Walch, John, 1109, Private, 2nd bt 15th Foot
Walden, James, 806, Private, 51st Foot
Waldino, William, 925, Sgt, 4th WIR
Wale, Richard, 516, 2nd Cl. Ord, Medical Staff Corps
Walker, Edward, 1474, Sgt, 24th Foot
Walker, James, 317, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Walker, James, 2710, Private, 56th Foot
Walker, James, 547, Private, 56th Foot
Walker, John, 492, Private, 1st WIR
Walker, John, 394, Dragoon, 4th Lt Dragoons
Walker, John, 279, Private, 65th Foot
Walker, John, 73, Sgt, 72nd Foot
Walker, Robert, 97, Cpl, 3rd WIR
Walker, Thomas, 3867, Private, 1st Bt 19th Foot
Walker, William, 2689, Private, 95th Foot
Walkers, Nathan, 667, Sgt, 95th Foot
Wallace, John, 360, 4th WIR
Wallis, Walter, 1018, Cpl, 2nd Bt 15th Foot
Wallor, William, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Walls, John, 2656, Private, 44th Foot
Wallwork, George, 342, Private, 39th Foot
Walpole, James, 3790, Private, 65th Foot
Walsh, Edward, 1432, Private, 104th Foot
Walsh, John, 625, Cpl, 21st Hussars
Walsh, John, 10, Private, 73rd Foot
Walsh, John, 3111, Private, 77th Foot
Walsh, Michael, 548, Cpl, 1st Bt 17th Foot
Walsh, Richard, 1555, Private, 51st Foot
Walsh, William, 186, Private, St Helena Inf
Walton, George, 2213, Private, 40th Foot
Ward, Eligah, 1530, Private, 16th Lancers
Ward, Henry, 684, Cpl, 3rd WIR
Ward, James, 947, Private, 18th Hussars
Ward, John, 527, Private, 1st Bt 12th Foot
Ward, John, 1078, Private, 4th Lt Dragoons
Ward, Stephen, 3668, Private, 33rd Foot
Ward, Thomas, 1939, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Ward, Thomas, 444, Sgt, 9th Lancers
warden, Thomas, 492, Private, 3rd WIR
Wardle, Charles, 3956, Private, 7th Royal Hussars
Wareham, Joseph, 385, Private, 13th Lt Dragoons
Warin, Joseph, 1974, 23rd Fus
Warner, Richard, 4489, Private, 2nd Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Warren, Henry, 4104, Private, 98th Foot
Warren, Luke, 1417, Cpl, 2nd Bt 21st Fus
Warrington, Edward, 2099, Private, 11th Foot
Washer, Edward, 1185, Private, 14th Lt Dragoons
Washer, James, 316, Cpl, Cape Mtd Rifles
Washington, George, 1730, Private, 4th Lt dragoons
Waterhouse, Thomas, 3138, Private, 106th Foot
Watkins, Charles, 1129, Private, 101st Foot
Watkins, Thomas, 531, Private, Depot 1st bt 8th Foot
Watson, Charles, 356, Private, 6th Dragoons
Watson, John, 1169, Private, 45th Foot
Watson, John, 608, Sapper, RE
Watson, Robert, 1385, Private, 72nd Highs
Watson, William, 141, Cpl, 7th D Gds
Watson, William, 1630, Private, 97th Foot
Watt, Edward, Collar Maker, RA
Watt, George, 955, Private, 2nd Dragoons
Watt, John, 589, Private, 14th Lt Dragoons
Watt, John, 1601, Private, 16th Lancers
Watters, William, 2100, Private, 44th Foot
Watts, George, 1219, Private, 1st D Gds
Watts, James, 1722, Private, Res Bt 12th Foot
Watts, William, 495, Private, 14th Lt Dragoons
Watts, William, 2957, L/Cpl, 35th Foot
Watts, William, 980, Private, Depot 1st bt 8th Foot
Wayland, Pritchard, 262, Private, 6th Hussars
Weafer, Richard, 257, Private, St Helena Inf
Webb, Alfred, 250, St Helena Inf
Webb, Charles, 717, Private, 15th Hussars
Webb, Frederick, 2471, Pay/Mst Sgt, 66th Foot
Webb, Henry, 677, Private, 11th Hussars
Webb, James, 294, Private, 2nd Bt 21st Fus
Webb, John, 590, Private, 10th Hussars
Webb, John, 647, Private, 11th Hussars
Webb, Thomas, 2795, Private, 1st Bt 20th Foot
Webb, Thomas, 1321, Bugler, 51st Foot
Webster, George, 1447, Private, 4th Hussars
Webster, Samuel, 1255, Private, 37th Foot
Webster, William, 2295, Private, 1st Bt 19th Foot
Webster, William, Private, 2nd D Gds
Weimer, Andrew, 2116, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Weller, Samuel, 1193, Private, 3rd WIR
Wells, Frederick, 879, Private, 96th Foot
Wells, Samuel, 213, Private, 4th WIR
Wells, William, 618, Private, 54th Foot
Wells, William, 1228, Private, 67th Foot
Welsh, John, 4071, Private, 33rd Foot
West, Edward, 1917, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
West, George, 169, Cpl, 2nd Bt 17th Bde RA
West, George, 430, Private, 91st Highs
West, John, 760, Private, 12th Lancers
West, Richard, 722, Private, 3rd WIR
West, Samuel, 1835, Private, 8th Foot
Westaby, George, 534, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Weston, John, 1712, Private, 10th Hussars
Whale, Edward, 2173, Private, 32nd Foot
Whalley, Samuel, 946, Private, 12th Lancers
Whatley, James, 799, Private, Royal Horse Gds
Whatley, John, 1395, Sgt, 58th Foot
Wheeler, John, 580, Private, 3rd Bt Mil Train
Wheeler, John, 2260, Private, 57th Foot
Wheeler, John, 3619, Private, Woolwich Military Train
Wheeler, John, 3186, Private, Woolwich Military Train
Whelan, John, 1748, Col/Sgt, 58th Foot
White, Alexander, 5, Sgt, 5th WIR
White, Avair, 734, Private, 15th Hussars
White, Francis, 577, Private, Depot 1st bt 8th Foot
White, George, 3176, Private, 56th Foot
White, Henry, 1969, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
White, John, 2551, Private, 65th Foot
White, John, 260, Private, 67th Foot
White, John, 1862, Sgt, 75th Foot
White, John, 444, Private, 7th D Gds
White, MIchael, 1353, Private, 84th Foot
White, Thomas, 2764, Cpl, 28th Foot
White, Thomas, 1440, Private, 3rd Lt Dragoons
White, William, 2677, Private, 24th Foot
White, William, 500, Private, 7th D Gds
Whitehead, Henry, 196, Gunner, 13th Bde RA
Whitehouse, John, 830, Private, 8th Hussars
Whitelaw, Richard, 1386, Private, 53rd Foot
Whitelaw, Robert, 1955, Private, 11th Hussars
Whitely, George, 1140, Private, 10th Fus
Whiteside, John, 89, Private, 2ns Bt 9th Foot
Whiting, Henry, 229, Private, 1st dragoons
Whiting, John, 142, Private, 5th WIR
Whiting, Richard, 2567, Cpl, Sydney Detachment RE
Whiting, William, 2114, Private, 1st Bt 20th Foot
Whittaker, Elliott, 1497, Col/Sgt, 2ns Bt 22nd Foot
Whittaker, Robert, 1012, Private, 1st Bt 22nd Foot
Whitty, Thomas, 3834, Private, 50th Foot
Whitworth, James, 3540, Private, 43rd Lt Inf
Wholes, John, 1129, Cpl, 9th Lancers
Whyte, Henry, 1544, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Wicks, Edward, 411, Cpl, 3rd WIR
Wicks, William, 964, Sgt, 4th WIR
Wier, Alexander, 1017, Private, 75th Foot
Wiffore, William, 1837, Private, 86th Foot
Wild, John, 944, Private, 3rd Lt Dragoons
Wild, Thomas, 842, Trp/Sgt/Maj, 6th D Gds
Wildbore, Charles, 2662, Private, 45th Foot
Wiles, William, 1163, Private, 15th Hussars
Wilkins, George, 1001, Private, 1st Bt 8th Foot
Wilks, Thomas, 2187, Private, 65th Foot
Wilks, William, 755, Private, 1st Bt 4th Foot
Willberforce, William, 1183, Private, 3rd WIR
Willey, John, 2496, Private, 56th Foot
Williams, Edward, 2680, Private, 24th Foot
Williams, Edward, 784, Private, 3rd WIR
Williams, George, 1204, Private, 10th Hussars
Williams, Henry, 2567, Private, 26th Foot
Williams, James, 230, L/Cpl, 1st bt 12th Foot
Williams, John, 1571, Private, 2nd Bt 9th Foot
Williams, John, 221, Private, 2ns Bt 23rd Fus
Williams, John, 4710, Private, 30th Foot
Williams, John, 112, Private, 3rd WIR
Williams, Peter, 410, Cpl, 85th Foot
Williams, Richard, 3570, Private, Military Train
Williams, Robert, 732, Cpl, 8th Hussars
Williams, Thomas, 940, Private, 3rd WIR
Williams, William, 1357, Private, 15th Hussars
Williams, William, 4184, Private, 33rd Foot
Williams, William, 1699, Private, 96th Foot
Williamson, James, 813, Private, 34th Foot
Williamson, Thomas, 2162, Private, 86th Foot
Willment, John, 1619, Private, 2nd Bt 11th Foot
Wilson, Andrew, 1006, Sgt, 4th Foot
Wilson, Edward, 420, Private, Military Staff Corps
Wilson, Henry, 934, Private, 57th Foot
Wilson, Henry, 3408, Gunner, RA
Wilson, James, 3788, Private, 1st Bt 24th Foot
Wilson, John, 1814, Private, 11th Hussars
Wilson, John, 1860, Cpl, 73rd Foot
Wilson, Peter, 1450, Private, 3rd WIR
Wilson, Thomas, 1171, Private, 2nd Bt 15th Foot
Wilson, William, 1142, Private, 101st Foot
Winstanley, Charles, 931, Private, 15th Hussars
Winter, Henry, 1218, Private, 51st Foot
Winter, James, 119, Gunner, 15th Bde RA
Winterford, James, 399, Private, 17th Lancers
Wise, George, 2359, Private, Cape Mtd Rifles
Wishard, David, 1012, Private, 1st Bt 71st foot
Witney, Abraham, 597, Private, 10th Hussars
Wixkham, William, 533, Sgt, 4th WIR
Wlikinson, George, 4350, Cpl, 56th Foot
Wolley, James, 1434, Sgt, 1st Bt Military Train
Wood, Bob, 984, Private, 3rd WIR
Wood, George, 808, Col/Sgt, 2nd Bt 24th Foor
Wood, George, 991, Private, 83rd Foot
Wood, George, Bombardier, RA
Wood, John, 530, Private, 15th Hussars
Wood, John, 9279, Private, Grenadier Gds
Woodcock, Noah, 1331, Private, 2nn Bt 17th Foot
Woodham, John, 2324, Private, 70th Foot
Woodley, Charles, 336, Pay/Mst/Sgt, Cape Mtd Rifles
Woodruffe, William, 1324, Private, 2ns Bt 4th Foot
Woods, James, 778, Private, 76th Foot
Woods, William, Gnr/Dvr, RA
Woodward, James, 720, Sgt, 6th Dragoons
Woolborough, Jonas, 1593, Col/Sgt, 95th Foot
Woollett, Charles, 1484, Private, 14th Lt Dragoons
Woolmer, Samuel, 1103, Private, Depot 33rd Foot
Worrell, Henry, 625, Sgt, 4th WIR
Worth, Joseph, 1314, Private, 2nd Bt 8th Foot
Worthington, John, 1017, Private, 2nd Foot
Wright, Charles, 3845, Col/Sgt & OR Cl, 74th Foot
Wright, George, 594, Private, 3rd WIR
Wright, Henry, 968, 2nd Cl. Ord, Medical Staff Corps
Wright, James, 2740, Private, 1st Bt 20th Foot
Wright, James, 1855, Private, 1st Bt 60th Royal Rifles
Wright, Jesse, 1542, Bugler, 52nd Foot
Wright, John, 1929, Private, 38th Foot
Wright, John, 2215, Private, 61st Foot
Wright, Robert, 3082, Private, 72nd Highs
Wright, Thomas, 1042, Orderly, Medical Staff Corps
Wright, Thomas, 85, Ass/Ward/Mst, Medical Staff Corps
Wright, William, 773, Gnr/Dvr, 14th Bt RA
Wright, William, 489, Private, 48th Foot
Wright, William, 1381, Private, 6th D Gds
Wright, William, 3581, Private, 72nd Highs
Wright, William, 544, Private, 91st Highs
Wrighton, Andrew, 822, Sgt, 9th Lancers
Wynn, William, 1642, Private, 99th Foot
Xeni, Gio Maria, 247, Gunner, RMF Art
Xeni, Guisseppi, 424, Gunner, RMF Art
Yateman, Henry, 2285, Private, 91st Foot
Yeates, Henry, 2155, Private, 46th Foot
Yeates, Robert, 1551, Sgt, 14th Lt Dragoons
Yeates, Thomas, 2104, Private, 61st Foot
Yelverton, Henry, 569, Private, 6th Dragoons
York, Charles, 2137, Private, Royal Canadian Rifles
Young, Andrew, 1335, Cpl, 78th Highs
Young, John, 2623, Gnr/Dvr, 11th Bt RA
Young, John, 232, Private, 4th D Gds
Young, John, 2963, Ord/Mst/Sgt, 67th Foot
Young, Joseph, 1545, Private, 93rd Highs
Young, Richard, 2166, Private, 40th Foot
Young, Samuel, 3675, Private, 72nd Highs
Younger, James, 3033, Private, 73rd Highs
Zakna, Bernardo, 756, Gunner, RMF Art
Zakna, Salvatore, 847, Gunner, RMF Art
Zammit, Carmelo, 932, Bombardier, RMF Art
Zammit, Emmanuele, 1186, Gunner, RMF Art
Zammit, Francesco, 1021, Gunner, RMF Art
Zammit, Giovanni, 224, RMF Art
Zammit, Giovanni, 1128, Gunner, RMF Art
Zammit, Giovanni, 863, Gunner, RMF Art
Zammit, Guisseppi, 175, RMF Art
Zammit, Guisseppi, 870, Gunner, RMF Art
Zammit, Guisseppi, 233, RMF Art
Zammit, Guisseppi, 487, Gunner, RMF Art
Zammit, Ignazio, 319, RMF Art
Zammit, Paolo, 1056, Gunner, RMF Art
Zammit, Pietro, 287, RMF Art
Zarb, Giochomo, 259, RMF Art
Zrenzo, Angelo, 353, Gunner, RMF Art
Zrill, James, 986, Gunner, 9th Bde RA