Men of the Seaforths who died in the Sudan Campaign
No. Rank Surname Forename
   Captain BAILLIE  Alan Charles Duncan
4380  Private BOWMAN  W
3434  Private CHRISTIE  J
4274  Private COLEGATE  E
4977  Private DEVLIN  J
3910  Private DUFOUR  A
3836  Private ELLIS  R
4151  Private EVANS  H
4642  Drummer FAIRBURN  D
4779  Corporal GIBSON  W
2664  Sergeant GORDON  P
 2nd Lieutenant GORE  Paul Alexander
3912  Private HEYNE  F
4691  Drummer HOUGHTON  A S
5373  Private JOHNSTONE  J
4098  Private JOSS  T
5114  L/ Corporal LOWSON  A M
4803  L/ Corporal MARTIN  D
5215  Private McIVER  D
4259  Private McKENZIE  W
4494  Private McNEILL  J
5266  Private MULLEN  H
3627  Private NEWMAN  W
4889  Private PATTERSON  J
4686  Private RAE  J
5201  Private RIPPON  M
4560  Private SCOTT  G
3679  Private SHERLOCK  W
5177  Private STEPHEN  G