Gordon Highlanders' Casualties at Elandslaagte
6410 Private Allan William Wounded
5564 Private Anderson James Wounded
6190 Private Armstrong David Wounded
5482 Private Barr David Wounded
6279 Private Begg Gowan Wounded
6437 Private Bonner John Killed
4841 Private Boyd John Wounded
Lieutenant Bradbury Lewis Balfour Died of Wounds
5136 Private Brown Peter Wounded
  Captain Buchanan Arthur Louis  Hamilton Wounded
5769 Private Burgess William Wounded
3614 Sergeant Burness Arthur W. Wounded
Lieutenant Campbell Ian Alistair Died of Wounds
5193 Private Cavanagh John Wounded
5580 Private Chisholm Angus Killed
6048 Private Craig Thomas Wounded
5389 Lance Corporal Crumley Robert Wounded
5014 Private Dale Robert Killed
6577 Private Davidson Henry Killed
4920 Sergeant Demaine Henry Killed
Major Denne Henry William Denne Killed
6155 Private Dey James Wounded
5659 Lance Corporal Donald Alexander Wounded
6373 Private Donaldson James Killed
3125 Corporal Dryden Samuel Wounded
5338 Sergeant Piper Dunbar Charles Wounded
4031 Private Duncan George Killed
5624 Private Dutch James Wounded
4516 Private Ellis Edward Killed
5127 Sergeant Falconer Robert W. Wounded
4821 Private Farrell Alexander Wounded
  Captain Findlay Charles William McDiarmid Wounded
6548 Private Forbes William Wounded
6072 Private Forrest Alexander Wounded
5948 Private Fowler George Wounded
4794 Private Fricker G. Archibald Died of Wounds
4734 Private George Alexander Wounded
  Lieutenant Gillatt J.B. Severe Wound
5889 Private Gordon William Wounded
5965 Private Greig Robert Severe Wound
3113 Drummer Grieve George Wounded
5169 Private Guest James Killed
Captain Haldane D.S.O. James Aylmer Lowthorp Wounded
4380 Private Hall Bobbie Killed
5470 Drummer Hamilton Robert Wounded
5101 Private Hay Stephen A. Killed
5156 Private Henderson John Wounded
  Second Lieutenant Hennessy A.R. Wounded
5824 Private Inglis James Wounded
4986 Private Johnstone John Wounded
6213 Private Johnstone David Killed
6239 Private Johnstone William Wounded
5326 Private Kane James Wounded
5712 Private Kelley James Died of Wounds
6372 Private Kerr Robert Wounded
6150 Private Lockerbie William Wounded
6326 Private Logan Alexander Killed
5167 Private Lynn Patrick S. Wounded
6063 Private MacCombie Donald Severe Wound
5367 Private McCabe James Killed
5149 Private McGregor D Severe Wound
4176 Private McIntosh Thomas Severely Wounded
5100 Private McKendrick Robert Slight Wound
5662 Sergeant Piper McLeod Kenneth Wounded
5791 Private McMurdo Alexander Wounded
5905 Private McQueen Peter Wounded
Captain Meiklejohn V.C. Matthew Fontaine Maury Wounded
4969 Sergeant Middleton William Killed
6374 Lance Corporal Moir James Killed
3927 Sergeant Moir William,  Robertson Wounded
Lieutenant Monro Charles Gordon Killed
1940 Colour Sergeant Morrison James Wounded
5480 Private Mundie James Wounded
5122 Sergeant Murphy John Wounded
Second Lieutenant Murray John Gammel Duff Killed
6044 Private Nelson Alex Wounded
5520 Private Nicol James Killed
5214 Private Nieass Ernest Killed
4539 Private Norkett Thomas Killed
5176 Private O'Neil C Dang. Wounded
4274 Private Pater James Wounded
5787 Private Pollock Henry Wounded
3504 Colour Sergeant Powell Harry D. Wounded
5135 Private Printy Edward Killed
5402 Private Provan Andrew Killed
2899 Sergeant Raffan John Killed
5565 Private Reid Johhn Killed
5833 Private Reid William Dang. Wounded
4890 Private Rennie James Wounded
6186 Private Robertson Alexander Wounded
1711 Sergeant Major Robertson VC William Wounded
5877 Private Scott Alex Wounded
3084 Lance Sergeant Scott James Wounded
5249 Private Seales Robert Wounded
5095 Private Simpson Donald Wounded
4967 Private Spalding David Wounded
4403 Private Speight Henry T. Wounded
6324 Lance Corporal Spence Robert Wounded
5959 Private Stapley Henry Wounded
4608 Private Steel William Wounded
4775 Private Stewart Henry Died of Wounds
3625 Sergeant Stewart Peter Wounded
4862 Private Sutherland George Wounded
6309 Private Taylor Alex Slight Wound
6648 Private Thomson H Slight Wound
4605 Private Todd David Wounded
5115 Private Torrance James Wounded
5096 Corporal Traynor James Killed
6234 Corporal Turner Henry Wounded
6065 Private Twyford Samuel Wounded
3379 Private Walls Henry Wounded
6172 Corporal Watchman James Q. Severe Wound
5903 Lance Sergeant Watson Alex Wounded
5216 Private Weir Daniel Wounded
5093 Private Will George Died of Wounds
5578 Private Williamson Thomas Wounded
4305 Private Willmott James Wounded
4614 Private Wyles Alfred Wounded