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To The Secretary of the Admiralty, London.


No. 126.

Chesapeake, off Woosung, 3rd September 1859.


General Letter



You will be pleased to acquaint the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty that since I last wrote I have visited the ‘Assistance’ at Kintang, and that the wounded generally are doing well. The ‘Inflexible’ left here on the 30th ultimo, for the purpose of taking to Hong Kong such of the patients on board the ‘Assistance’, as are convalescent, or nearly so, and she will return to Shanghae as soon as this service is performed.


2. The ‘Highflyer’ sailed on the 18th ultimo for the Gulf of Tartary, to provision the ‘Actaeon’, from whence she will proceed to the coast of Japan, here I have for the present stationed her, and the ‘Sampson’ remains at Shanghae, which place has now returned to its usual state of tranquillity.


3. All is quiet in Canton, and the neighbouring Ports of Amoy and Foo-chow, the force at the former place (‘Cambrian’, ‘Furious’, ‘Magicienne’, ‘Fury’, ‘Nimrod’ and 9 Gun Boats) is now amply sufficient for any emergency. Barracks are preparing for 500 additional French Troops in anticipation of their return from Cochin, China.


4. The ‘Adventure’ sailed for Calcutta on the 21st August with invalids from the Indian Regiments, and she is to bring back a European Regiment if one can be spared.


5. I enclose for their Lordships information a copy of a letter from Captain O.J. Jones of Her Majesty’s Ship ‘Furious’, from which it appears that she nearly foundered in a heavy Typhoon on the 21st instant, about 100 miles to the Southward of Hong Kong – as the ship is a good deal strained, and she was on shore several times in the Yang-tze-Kiang River, where her bottom must have been considerably damaged, she will be docked at Whampoa. [This account is not included here].


6. An English vessel recently arrived from Hakodadi reports that she found the ‘Actaeon’ and a Russian Squadron (‘Askold’, Steam Frigate, 5 Corvettes & 2 Gun Boats) at that Port, that the latter left for Yeddo, and that Count Mouravieff arrived from the Gulf of Pechili while she was there.


7. The American Minister has returned from the North in the United States Frigate ‘Powhatan’ and I enclose for their Lordships further information a copy of the North China Herald in which will be found a detailed, and as I am informed, a correct account of his proceedings at Pekin. [Not included here].


I have the honor to be, &c. &c.

(Signed) J. Hope, Rear Admiral and Commander in Chief.


[Extracted from ADM 1/5712 p308-319].