10th January, 1860.

His Excellency the Governor-General has much satisfaction in publishing for general information, the subjoined Extract from a Despatch, No. 429, dated the 25th of November, 1859, from the Right Honourable the Secretary of State for India:-

6. I have now the gratification of apprising you that I have been informed by Mr. Secretary Herbert, that, having submitted to the Queen the representations of your Government and the Commander-in-Chief in India, Her Majesty has been graciously pleased to give directions, that a Clasp for the ‘Relief of Lucknow’ be now granted to the Troops engaged in the operations against that City under the immediate command of Lord Clyde in November, 1857·

7. The arrangement with respect to the Clasps already authorized win remain undisturbed. 




Simla, 3rd May, 1860.

His Excellency the Governor-General is pleased to notify that the troops employed at, and prior to, the battle of Banda and siege of Kotah, respectively, shall held entitled to the Clasp for “Central India” granted under the G. G. 0., No. 733, of 20th May, 1859; but that those of either of the columns commanded by Sir G. Whitlock and Sir H. G. Roberts, who were employed in the subsequent minor engagements, shall be considered to have a claim to the Medal only.


DESPATCH OF SECRETARY OF STATE, 21st August, 1860. No. 319.

I have to inform your Government that it has been arranged in communication with the Secretary of State for War, and the General Commanding-in-Chief, that the officers and soldiers who may have been present in the actions in which the Malwa “Field force” was engaged under Brigadier Stuart, but who, from the consequence of wounds received in action, or other causes, were prevented from accompanying the force on its junction with Sir Hugh Rose, are to be entitled to receive the clasp for “Central India” with their India Medal.