9th Lancers Sutlej Medal Roll
No. Rank First Last Exergue Clasp Remarks
1016 Private Issac Abraham Sobraon  
689 Corporal Charles Adams Sobraon
788 Private Edward Adams Sobraon  
1306 Private Henry J. Adams Sobraon
  Qtr. Master Andrew Allan Sobraon  
620 Private Samuel Allcock Sobraon
711 Private William Alldridge Sobraon  
1424 Private Charles Amor Sobraon
  Lieutenant William F. Anderson Sobraon  
953 Corporal George C. Andrews Sobraon
  Lieutenant O.H. St. George Anson Sobraon  
752 Private William Anthony Sobraon
630 Sergeant John Armstrong Sobraon  
1132 Private James Ash Sobraon
821 Private George Atkinson Sobraon  
681 Private John Atwell Sobraon
905 Private Edward Austin Sobraon   Died 10/3/1846.
243 Private David Bagnall Sobraon
931 Private Richard Baker Sobraon  
593 Private James Ballantine Sobraon
1269 Private Charles Barnes Sobraon  
1238 Private Benjamin Barrett Sobraon
731 Private Frederick Bartlett Sobraon  
1253 Private John Baxter Sobraon
1392 Private Charles W. Bayley Sobraon  
1248 Private Edward Baylis Sobraon
988 Private Thomas Beck Sobraon  
1033 Private Samuel Begley Sobraon Died 17/5/1846.
1426 Private William Betts Sobraon  
815 Private Lawrence Bicknell Sobraon
793 Trumpeter Charles Billett Sobraon  
Cornet William W. Bird Sobraon
598 Private James Black Sobraon  
1275 Private William H. Blackstone Sobraon
1362 Private William Boden Sobraon  
1131 Private John Bolton Sobraon
652 Private Adam Boon Sobraon  
Qtr. Master James Bostock Sobraon
458 Sergeant Patrick Bowen Sobraon  
616 Private Charles Bowes Sobraon
1381 Private Thomas Bowes Sobraon  
1197 Private Robert Boyle Sobraon
1117 Private Jonothan Brace Sobraon  
1417 Private William Brady Sobraon
1359 Private Robert C. Bray Sobraon  
1195 Private Thomas Brebnar Sobraon
1125 Private Lother Breen Sobraon  
744 Private Francis Brett Sobraon
1213 Private Robert Brewer Sobraon  
1158 Corporal John Bristow Sobraon
998 Private George Brittlebank Sobraon  
391 Private Thomas Britton Sobraon
1037 Private James Brodie Sobraon  
1416 Private George C. Brooks Sobraon
721 Private David Brown Sobraon  
826 Private George Brown Sobraon
716 Sergeant John Brown Sobraon  
Cornet Lord James De B. Brown Sobraon
1412 Private William Brownlees Sobraon  
827 Private Robert Brunton Sobraon
1287 Private George Bubb Sobraon  
557 Sergeant John Bucknor Sobraon
984 Private William Budgen Sobraon  
746 Private James Burridge Sobraon
857 Private James Busby Sobraon   Duplicate medal issued.
1079 Private Patrick Butler Sobraon
459 Private John Byrne Sobraon  
1288 Private James Cain Sobraon
1127 Private Richard Calcutt Sobraon  
580 Private Gilbert Campbell Sobraon
  Lieutenant John C. Campbell Sobraon  
Lieutenant William R.N. Campbell Sobraon
  Lt. Col. Alexander Campbell, C.B. Sobraon  
1083 Private Hugh Cane Sobraon
738 Private George Carpenter Sobraon   Transferred to 14th Lt. Dragoons 1/6/1846.
1399 Private James B. Carpenter Sobraon
862 Private Edward Carr Sobraon  
1064 Private Michael Carroll Sobraon
1293 Private Edward Carter Sobraon  
694 Sergeant James Carter Sobraon
1391 Private Joseph Carter Sobraon  
1367 Private Josiah Carter Sobraon
1020 Private George Caswell Sobraon  
831 Private Robert Chalmers Sobraon
1356 Private William Chapman Sobraon  
861 Private Robert Chester Sobraon
1118 Private Samuel Church Sobraon  
1281 Private Jeremiah Clancey Sobraon
649 Private Henry Clark Sobraon  
1150 Private David Clark Sobraon
747 Corporal Joseph Clarke Sobraon  
816 Private Philip Clarke Sobraon
1386 Private John Clayton Sobraon  
863 Private William Clayton Sobraon
  Cornet Chandos F. Clifton Sobraon  
773 Private George H. Coates Sobraon
1274 Private Robert Coates Sobraon  
1019 Private William Cobbett Sobraon
779 Private Joseph Cole Sobraon  
359 Troop Sgt. Major Willaim Cole Sobraon
1201 Private George Coles Sobraon  
1093 Sergeant John Collett Sobraon
1199 Private William H. Colling Sobraon  
1157 Troop Sgt. Major Edward Collins Sobraon
1396 Private George Collins Sobraon   Died 22/3/1846.
205 Private Thomas Collins Sobraon
1041 Private William H. Collis Sobraon  
450 Private Martin Connell Sobraon
320 Sergeant Thomas Connors Sobraon  
1307 Private Harris Cook Sobraon
860 Private Robert Cooke (1) Sobraon  
1292 Private Robert Cooke (2) Sobraon
1140 Sergeant Samuel Coop Sobraon  
979 Private Alfred Cooper Sobraon
636 Corporal Thomas Cope Sobraon  
858 Corporal Isiah Corbett Sobraon
1039 Private William Corden Sobraon  
1258 Private John Corfield Sobraon
830 Private Michael Corkery Sobraon  
240 Troop Sgt. Major John Coughlan Sobraon
1109 Private David Coulther Sobraon  
1203 Private William Count Sobraon
1262 Private Edward Crane Sobraon  
1045 Private Henry Creasy Sobraon
832 Private John Crews Sobraon  
835 Private Alfred Critcher Sobraon
1269 Private Charles Cross Sobraon  
960 Corporal Henry Cross Sobraon
806 Private John Crotty Sobraon  
1198 Private Henry Crouch Sobraon
1221 Private James Cullinan Sobraon  
1234 Private Willam Cullum Sobraon
218 Troop Sgt. Major Patrick Cunningham Sobraon  
1420 Private Thomas Curry Sobraon
1098 Private George Cutting Sobraon  
972 Private John C. Daine Sobraon
453 Private Robert Dalton Sobraon  
752 Private William Davies Sobraon
768 Private James Davis Sobraon  
912 Corporal Joseph Davis Sobraon
1085 Private Joseph Davis Sobraon   Died 22/5/1846.
408 Private George Dawnard Sobraon
1366 Private Robert Day Sobraon  
961 Private Samuel Day Sobraon Killed at Sobraon.
864 Private Henry Dennington Sobraon  
1303 Private Thomas Derome Sobraon
951 Private Patrick Dolan Sobraon  
1170 Private Patrick Donohoe Sobraon
  Lieutenant Charles H.D. Donovan Sobraon  
586 Private William Dornan Sobraon
911 Private Charles Downing Sobraon  
1228 Private William C. Dracott Sobraon
1002 Private Michael Drake Sobraon  
635 Private George Drought Sobraon
261 Private John Drummond Sobraon  
1154 Private William Drury Sobraon
  Lieutenant William Drysdale Sobraon  
805 Sgt.& Orderly Room Clerk Willaim F. Ducker Sobraon
774 Private George Dudley Sobraon  
548 Private James Duncan Sobraon
1384 Private John W. Dyer Sobraon  
520 Corporal William Eagle Sobraon
836 Private William Edwards (1) Sobraon  
866 Private William Edwards (2) Sobraon
867 Private William Edwards (3) Sobraon  
1328 Private William H. Eedle Sobraon
947 Private Jeremiah Egan Sobraon  
324 Trumpeter John Egan Sobraon
1273 Private Thomas W. Elder Sobraon  
1409 Private Benjamin Elliott Sobraon
1421 Trumpeter Fred Elphinstone Sobraon   Died of Wounds 13/4/1846.
325 Trumpeter James English Sobraon
1411 Private Evan Evans Sobraon  
1018 Sergeant John Evans Sobraon
1182 Private Jonathan Fairweather Sobraon  
1034 Private Henry Farthing Sobraon
783 Private George Fee Sobraon  
712 Private Richard Ferridge Sobraon
518 Private William Finnigan Sobraon  
870 Private Thomas Fisher Sobraon
1394 Private William Fisher Sobraon  
693 Corporal Henry Fitzgerald Sobraon
1224 Private Patrick Fitzgerald Sobraon  
300 Private John Flannery Sobraon
906 Private Thomas Fone Sobraon  
1063 Private Thomas Forrester Sobraon
441 Private James Foster Sobraon  
1159 Private David Fox Sobraon
1015 Private George Fram Sobraon  
Lieutenant Thomas Francis Aliwal Sobraon Entitled to Aliwal bar while doing duty with 16th Lancers.
356 Private William Franklin Sobraon  
975 Private James Freeman Sobraon
  Cornet Lucas J. French Sobraon  
869 Private Isaac Fretwell Sobraon
871 Private Frederick Frost Sobraon  
1373 Private George Fuller Sobraon
820 Private William Fuller Sobraon  
Major James A. Fullerton Sobraon
775 Private Thomas Fulton Sobraon  
553 Private Hugh Gallagher Sobraon
1166 Corporal John Gardner Sobraon  
654 Sergeant Henry Gaudin Sobraon
872 Private George Geall Sobraon  
1329 Private John James George Sobraon
837 Private John Giles Sobraon  
1324 Private Edmond Gilham Sobraon
784 Private Thomas Gill Sobraon  
1317 Private George J. Gillham Sobraon
1315 Private James Gilling Sobraon  
1413 Private William Gould Sobraon
1335 Private Peter Gourlay Sobraon  
1206 Private Charles Grange Sobraon
550 Private John Grant Sobraon  
Major James Hope Grant, C.B. Sobraon
934 Private William Gray Sobraon  
673 Private James Green Sobraon
933 Private Jonathan Green Sobraon  
1309 Private Thomas Greenfield Sobraon
954 Private Bentley Greenwood Sobraon  
987 Private George Gregory Sobraon
1219 Corporal F.P. Griffiths Sobraon  
685 Private John Griffiths Sobraon Died 27/7/1846.
979 Private Thomas Griffiths Sobraon  
409 Private Robert A. Grilton Sobraon
545 Private James Guthrie Sobraon  
551 Private William Hall Sobraon
962 Private Samuel Halleley Sobraon  
Lieut.&Adjt. William Hamilton Sobraon
1304 Private Henry Hammond Sobraon  
823 Private Thomas Hancock Sobraon
1178 Private Patrick Hanlon Sobraon  
876 Private James Hardie Sobraon
510 Sergeant John Hardie Sobraon  
1415 Private Charles Harling Sobraon
668 Trumpeter Edward Harper Sobraon  
1302 Private Robert Harris Sobraon
691 Private Godfrey Harrison Sobraon  
812 Private Bennett Harvey Sobraon
1297 Private Decimus M. Hassam Sobraon  
1029 Private Rowland Hatch Sobraon
611 Trumpeter George Hatton Sobraon   Died 18/1/1846.
Lieutenant Alexander Hawtrey Sobraon
487 Private John Haydon Sobraon  
1139 Private Abraham Hayes Sobraon
405 Troop Sgt. Major Richard Hayes Sobraon  
973 Private Joseph Haywood Sobraon
1347 Private Edward Hedgell Sobraon  
1119 Private Francis Heeney Sobraon
600 Corporal John Hemblade Sobraon  
978 Private William Hemmingway Sobraon
943 Private George Hepworth Sobraon  
800 Private George Herbert Sobraon
925 Private Harry Herbert Sobraon  
1333 Private Stephen Hibbard Sobraon
537 Trumpeter William Higgins Sobraon   Died 12/7/1846.
1076 Private Samuel Higginson Sobraon
686 Private James Higgs Sobraon  
948 Private James Higley Sobraon
1147 Private Joseph Hill Sobraon  
697 Private Thomas Hill Sobraon
818 Private John Hillman Sobraon  
1136 Private Peter Hines Sobraon
874 Private Isaac Hiscock Sobraon  
1267 Private William Hitchman Sobraon
877 Private Francis Hobbs Sobraon  
1388 Private Joseph Hobbs Sobraon
708 Private William H. Hodges Sobraon  
1244 Private Joseph Hodgetts Sobraon
536 Private John Hoey Sobraon  
1005 Private George Holden Sobraon
1289 Private James Holloway Sobraon  
838 Private John Holloway Sobraon
1155 Private William Holmes Sobraon  
1260 Private Russell Holt Sobraon
1250 Private Frederick Hopkins Sobraon  
760 Private Henry Hopkins Sobraon
463 Sergeant Wilbert Horne Sobraon  
1051 Private Robert Horner Sobraon
1142 Private James Horslen Sobraon  
1370 Private William R. Hossman Sobraon
699 Sergeant Peter House Sobraon  
1318 Private William Howell Sobraon
  Lieutenant William W.W. Humbley Sobraon  
1028 Private John Humphries Sobraon
1310 Private George Hunt Sobraon  
Vet. Surg. Richard J.C Hurford Sobraon
735 Private William Hutchins Sobraon  
682 Private Robert Inman Sobraon
1365 Sergeant Daniel Instance Sobraon  
1265 Private Charles Jackman Sobraon
1264 Private William Jackman Sobraon  
1255 Private Charles Jackson Sobraon
1272 Pay Master  Sgt. George F. Jackson Sobraon  
1233 Private Henry Jackson Sobraon
1401 Private Thomas Jackson Sobraon  
581 Corporal William Jamieson Sobraon
1357 Private Edward Jefferd Sobraon  
759 Private Rees Jenkins Sobraon
1054 Corporal Robert Jennings Sobraon  
1012 Private Edward Jilks Sobraon
842 Private George Johnson Sobraon  
841 Private Richard Johnson Sobraon
957 Troop Sgt. Major Robert A. Johnson Sobraon  
1062 Private Thomas Johnson Sobraon
1013 Private William Johnson Sobraon  
499 Private Thomas Johnston Sobraon
929 Private James Frederick Jones Sobraon  
427 Private Thomas Jones Sobraon
496 Private Henry Jones (1) Sobraon  
1067 Private Henry Jones (2) Sobraon
1074 Private Elias Jordan Sobraon  
1023 Private William Keatley Sobraon
761 Private Thomas Kelloway Sobraon  
701 Corporal James Kelly Sobraon
1121 Private Patrick Kelly Sobraon  
1320 Private John Kendrew Sobraon
1262 Private George W. Kerr Sobraon  
1123 Private Robert Kerr Sobraon
1053 Private William Key Sobraon  
706 Private Edward Kidd Sobraon
1342 Private Luke Kidd Sobraon   Died 12/7/1846.
1225 Private Edward King Sobraon
  Cornet Robert W. King Sobraon  
1410 Private Thomas Kingdon Sobraon
1430 Sergeant John Kirby Sobraon  
1312 Private Joseph Knight Sobraon
1133 Private William Knight Sobraon  
1167 Private Robert Knowles Sobraon
1111 Private Alexander Laing Sobraon  
1242 Private Elias Lamberd Sobraon
883 Private William Lane Sobraon  
Cornet Charles E. Law Sobraon To 31st Regiment.
879 Private James Lawes Sobraon  
1194 Private Alexander Lawrie Sobraon
1363 Private Alexander Lee Sobraon  
1135 Private Edward Lee Sobraon
  Pay Master Francis E. Leech Sobraon  
334 Private William Leeson Sobraon
817 Private William Leggatt Sobraon  
1116 Corporal William Lennox Sobraon
670 Private James Lester Sobraon  
1040 Private Joseph Lester Sobraon
591 Private Bernard Letters Sobraon  
878 Private Henry Lever Sobraon
1176 Private William Lewes Sobraon  
880 Private Alfred J. Little Sobraon
  Captain Archibald Little Sobraon  
881 Private Isaac Little Sobraon
992 Private Maurice Lloyd Sobraon  
882 Private Charles J. Lord Sobraon
781 Private Francis Lovelace Sobraon  
778 Private John Lush Sobraon
656 Private Thomas Magoveran Sobraon  
1049 Private John Mahoney Sobraon
1268 Private Henry Malin Sobraon  
986 Private Henry Mallen Sobraon
1161 Corporal Thomas Malloy Sobraon  
1217 Private Robert Mann Sobraon
1187 Private Robert Marray Sobraon  
1128 Corporal James Marriott Sobraon
1007 Private Thomas Marshall Sobraon  
1427 Private Henry Martin Sobraon
1419 Private Richard Martin Sobraon  
543 Private Robert Martin Sobraon
1406 Private George Mason Sobraon  
1257 Private James Mason Sobraon
1024 Private Terence Matron Sobraon  
1102 Private Abraham Matthews Sobraon
515 Corporal Samuel Matthews Sobraon  
629 Private Thomas Matthews Sobraon
1301 Private Edward McCann Sobraon  
834 Private John McCulloch Sobraon
946 Private James McDaniel Sobraon   Died 30/3/1846.
1073 Private Thomas McDermott Sobraon
605 Private John McDevitt Sobraon  
1107 Trumpeter Edward McDonald Sobraon
327 Private William McDonald Sobraon  
970 Sergeant James McEwen Sobraon
  Lieutenant Francis J. McFarlane Sobraon  
435 Private John McGarry Sobraon
301 Trumpet Major John McGuire Sobraon  
1177 Private John McHughes Sobraon
330 Private Cornelius McIneyrey Sobraon  
1254 Private James McLeod Sobraon
  Captain Thomas W. McMahon Sobraon  
448 Troop Sgt. Major Patrick McNaughton Sobraon
1212 Private David McNulty Sobraon  
509 Corporal John McQueen Sobraon
1407 Private Alfred McShee Sobraon  
1163 Private John McSweeney Sobraon
884 Private George Melanphy Sobraon  
1354 Private William W. Miller Sobraon
302 R.S.M. Robert W. Mills Sobraon  
257 Private Luke Moon Sobraon
1382 Private William Moore Sobraon  
1146 Private Henry Morley Sobraon
1186 Armourer Sgt. James Morley Sobraon  
1268 Private Epex Morse Sobraon
843 Private William Mott Sobraon  
1380 Private James Mulligan Sobraon
844 Private William Munson Sobraon  
466 Private James Murray Sobraon
1036 Corporal Robert Muruss Sobraon  
1241 Private William Nall Sobraon
1341 Private John Neiland Sobraon  
1026 Private James Newby Sobraon
610 Private Patrick Newgent Sobraon  
1418 Private William Newland Sobraon
762 Private Joseph C. Norgrove Sobraon  
940 Private Nicholas O'Brein Sobraon
1355 Private George Ogden Sobraon  
756 Private Abel Orchard Sobraon
945 Private John Palky Sobraon  
492 Corporal Arthur Palmer Sobraon
918 Private Robert R. Palmer Sobraon  
786 Private William Palmer Sobraon
977 Corporal Francis Parker Sobraon  
1191 Private George Parker Sobraon
776 Private William Parker Sobraon  
1400 Private Augustus C. Passman Sobraon
373 Sergeant William Passmore Sobraon  
730 Saddler Sgt. George Patterson Sobraon
1188 Private John Patterson Sobraon  
1081 Private Thomas Patterson Sobraon
498 Private Thomas Payman Sobraon  
1298 Private William H. Pearce Sobraon
1389 Private James H. Peat Sobraon  
1089 Private William Peverley Sobraon
1300 Private George Pevice Sobraon  
1345 Private Thomas Philpott Sobraon
1277 Private Francis Phipps Sobraon  
638 Private Thomas Pindar Sobraon Died 27/3/1846.
1052 Private James Plant Sobraon  
958 Private John Platt Sobraon
810 Private George Pocock Sobraon  
1385 Private George Polwarth Sobraon
789 Private John Pool Sobraon  
1215 Private Mansell Powell Sobraon
  Captain Kingsmill M. Power Sobraon  
853 Private Peter Preston Sobraon
687 Corporal Frederick Price Sobraon  
1174 Private Thomas Priest Sobraon
1192 Private John Prodger Sobraon  
1183 Private Thomas Prosser Sobraon
794 Private William Prosser Sobraon  
1055 Private John Purcell Sobraon
677 Private Thomas Purvis Sobraon  
468 Private John Quigley Sobraon
1011 Private David Ramsden Sobraon  
964 Private John Rayson Sobraon Died 17/7/1846.
  Captain Edward R. Read Sobraon  
1211 Private James Read Sobraon
710 Private Timothy Reading Sobraon  
811 Private William P. Reeve Sobraon
481 Private John Reid Sobraon  
1106 Private William Reid Sobraon
1431 Corporal John Reynolds Sobraon  
Cornet William F. Richards Sobraon
926 Private William Richards (1) Sobraon  
1404 Private William Richards (2) Sobraon
788 Private Edward Richardson Sobraon  
891 Private William Rimel Sobraon
1050 Private Lawrence Ring Sobraon  
546 Private David Roberts Sobraon
  Lieutenant James W. Roberts Sobraon  
892 Private John Roberts Sobraon
740 Sergeant Richard Roberts Sobraon  
513 Private George Robertson Sobraon
1237 Private Charles Robinson Sobraon  
949 Private Edward Robinson Sobraon
1395 Private Henry Robinson Sobraon  
1371 Private John Robinson Sobraon
950 Private Robert Robinson Sobraon  
1145 Private William Robinson Sobraon
890 Private Thomas Robinson (1) Sobraon  
944 Private Thomas Robinson (2) Sobraon
1353 Private Benjamin Rogers Sobraon  
1210 Private John Rogers Sobraon
1249 Private John Ronayne Sobraon  
1043 Private William Roscoe Sobraon
1179 Private George Rose Sobraon  
Captain John R.H. Rose Sobraon
1218 Private David Rush Sobraon  
561 Private John Russell Sobraon
1072 Private Walter Rutherford Sobraon  
504 Private George Ryall Sobraon
765 Private Patrick Ryan Sobraon  
1375 Private Thomas Sallone Sobraon
895 Private John Salter Sobraon  
514 Private Thomas G. Sandall Sobraon
1162 Private William Savage Sobraon  
1048 Hospital Sgt. Gibson Sawdon Sobraon
1331 Private Timothy Scanlon Sobraon  
733 Private George A. Scoons Sobraon
555 Private John Scott Sobraon  
650 Private James Scott (1) Sobraon
920 Private James Scott (2) Sobraon  
Lt. Col. John Scott, C.B. Sobraon
1010 Private Henry Selman Sobraon  
1126 Private Richard Sharples Sobraon
1130 Private James Shave Sobraon  
633 Private Eli Shaw Sobraon
1423 Private Samuel Shears Sobraon  
1004 Private Charles Sinclair Sobraon
919 Private George Sinfield Sobraon  
1337 Private Thomas W. Skelton Sobraon
1061 Private Frederick Skoyles Sobraon  
364 Private Richard Slade Sobraon
1173 Private Thomas Slade Sobraon  
1220 Private Walter Slap Sobraon
1115 Private John Smart Sobraon  
704 Sergeant Joe Smith Sobraon
615 Private Stevenson Smith Sobraon  
907 Private Thomas L. Smith Sobraon
1299 Private Thomas W. Smith Sobraon  
1184 Private John Smith (1) Sobraon
1124 Private William Smith (1) Sobraon  
1226 Private John Smith (2) Sobraon
1422 Private William Smith (2) Sobraon  
1379 Private Thomas Smithard Sobraon
368 Private Thomas Solomon Sobraon  
1152 Private Noble Spear Sobraon
894 Private Samuel Speller Sobraon  
606 Sergeant David Spence Sobraon
  Captain Andrew Spottiswoode Sobraon  
1294 Private William Stanley Sobraon
942 Private Frederick Starkey Sobraon  
Asst. Surg. Walter G.L. Staunton Sobraon
754 Private James W. Stead Sobraon  
1402 Private Thomas Stead Sobraon Died 25/2/1846.
570 Private James Steer Sobraon  
983 Private John Stephens Sobraon
1112 Private Alexander Stewart Sobraon  
Asst. Surg. Archibald Stewart Sobraon
613 Private David Stewart Sobraon  
1110 Private Hawthorn Stewart Sobraon
1405 Private Charles Stocks Sobraon  
1046 Private George Stoddart Sobraon
1021 Private John Stone Sobraon  
1290 Private Robert Strongitharm Sobraon
1092 Private John C. Stuart Sobraon  
728 Private Charles Sutton Sobraon
612 Private James Sweeney Sobraon  
1383 Private Joseph Tabor Sobraon
622 Private Denis Tallmont Sobraon   Died 23/6/1846
1270 Private Samuel Tapsell Sobraon
1137 Private Thomas Tasker Sobraon  
991 Private John Taylor Sobraon
1408 Private Joseph Taylor Sobraon  
1168 Private Henry Terry Sobraon
1338 Private Robert Thomas Sobraon  
1282 Private William Thomas Sobraon
1284 Private George Thompson Sobraon  
566 Private Robert Thompson Sobraon
1091 Private William Thompson Sobraon  
1340 Private John Thompson (1) Sobraon
1346 Private John Thompson (2) Sobraon  
1398 Private John Thompson (3) Sobraon
534 Private William Thomson (1) Sobraon  
1105 Private William Thomson (2) Sobraon
727 Sergeant Richard R. Thonger Sobraon  
1172 Private Benjamin Thornton Sobraon
1414 Private Edward Thorogood Sobraon  
1376 Private George Tilley Sobraon
928 Private Charles Timolsen Sobraon  
1196 Private David Tinning Sobraon
1246 Private George Tranter Sobraon  
1240 Private James Trasey Sobraon
848 Private George Trasler Sobraon  
Lieutenant Frederick C. Trower Sobraon
657 Private James Tucker Sobraon  
361 Private William Tucker Sobraon
683 Private George Tynell Sobraon  
469 Sergeant Joseph Vanheght Sobraon
900 Private John H. Waddington Sobraon  
923 Private Thomas Wade Sobraon
902 Private Richard Wakefield Sobraon  
969 Private Thomas Walker Sobraon
1065 Private William Walker Sobraon  
1214 Private Charles Waller Sobraon
226 Sergeant Patrick Walsh Sobraon  
901 Private Simon H. Walter Sobraon
623 Private William Walters Sobraon  
974 Private John Walton Sobraon
1325 Private Charles Ward Sobraon  
1030 Private Peter Ward Sobraon
444 Sergeant Thomas Ward Sobraon  
589 Private William Ward Sobraon
789 Private Henry Warren Sobraon  
932 Private Thomas Wate Sobraon
796 Private Samuel Watson Sobraon  
1319 Private William Watts Sobraon
618 Private John Webb Sobraon  
1149 Private Martin Webber Sobraon
1252 Private Andrew Webley Sobraon  
Lieutenant J.R. Wedderburn Sobraon
1378 Private John Weedon Sobraon  
1387 Private George Welch Sobraon Sick at Landour.
750 Private Henry Welsh Sobraon  
1349 Private John Wharton Sobraon
1180 Private Edward Wheatman Sobraon  
1175 Private Joseph Whistler Sobraon
1038 Private Thomas Whitehead Sobraon  
996 Private Wright Whitehead Sobraon
1129 Private John Wholes Sobraon  
1006 Sergeant Grenville B. Wilde Sobraon
1200 Private David Williams Sobraon  
850 Private James Williams Sobraon
473 Troop Sgt. Major John Williams Sobraon  
956 Private Thomas Williams Sobraon
1239 Private Thomas S. Williams Sobraon  
1308 Private Henry Williams (1) Sobraon
1352 Private Henry Williams (2) Sobraon   To 16th Lancers.
Captain Francis Willoughby Sobraon Died 27/4/1846.
522 Private David Wilson Sobraon  
625 Private John Wilson Sobraon
1070 Private John Winstanley Sobraon  
921 Private William Witchurch Sobraon
1321 Private George B. Wood Sobraon  
1316 Private Robert Wood Sobraon
  Surgeon Arthur Wood, M.D. Sobraon  
1207 Private George Woodhall Sobraon
1390 Private Henry Woods Sobraon  
1403 Private Charles Woodward Sobraon
401 Corporal George Woodward Sobraon  
1094 Private Edward Wool Sobraon
976 Private William Woolhouse Sobraon  
1059 Private Richard Wright Sobraon
822 Sergeant Andrew Wrighton Sobraon  
903 Private William B. Yates Sobraon
852 Private James Young Sobraon  
1369 Corporal Henry Zeigler Sobraon
Medals Issued 632