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Nominal Rolls

The White Lancer and the Vedette


Nominal Roll of Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and men of the above Regiment who were at, or south of ‘Kereri Ridge’ on 2nd September 1898.

Col. R. H. Martin.

Majors CroIe-Wvndham, Finn and Fowle.

Capts. Doyne, Eadon, Dauncv, Fair, Cordeaux, Kenna.

Lieutenants. Clerk, de Montmorency, Pirie, Smyth, Taylor, Champion,  Lewis, Protheroe Smith.

2/Lieutenants Nesham and Brinton.

Capt. & Riding Master King

Capt. & QM Graham

Lieutenants Vaughand & Wormald – 7th Hussars

Lieutenant Churchill – 4th Hussars

Lieutenant Brinton – 2nd Life Gds.

Lieutenant Molyneux – Royal Horse Guards

Lieutenant Connolly – 2nd Dragoons

Lieutenant Tabor – 3rd Hussars

RSM Wood

RQMS Laughton

FQMS Pollock

Squadron Sergeant Majors Hutton, Norman, Brennan, English and Veysey. Squadron Quarter Master Sergeants Stanton, Locke, McLennan.

Farrier Staff Sergeants Haycocks and Scholes.

Farrier Sergeants Hill, Haines and Jackson.

Saddler Sergeant Winton.

Sergeant Trumpeter Knight.

Sergeants Emby, Warrington, Craythorne, Hawken, Harris, Lynch, Bonnet, Dobbing, Seabrooke,  Higgs,  Allen,   Hotchkiss, Miller, Young, Foote, Corthine, Lawrence, Freeman, Jackson, Lelliott.

L/Sergeants Turner, Carter, Osgood, Atkins, Eadie. Puttick, and Simons.

Farrier Corporals Farndell, Harris, Trodd.

Saddler Corporals Overton and Pothecary.

Corporals Chalmers, Hagger, Clements, Standon, Range, King, Dyer, Davis, Swarbrick and Drew.

L/Corporals Coppins, Fitch, Wood, Knowles, Wylde, Pendred, Throp, Sawkins, Kelly, Wilson,  Scrivener, WelIer, Darling,  Lovatt,   Lowe,   Walker, Bushell, Baker, Frocock, Jones, Graham, Jones H., Smith 73, Parry, Raynor, Mansfield, Thompson, Trimmer and Benny.

Trumpeters Robinson. Morris, Steele, Watson, Gallagher and Wood.

Shoeing Smiths, Fisher, Head and Skelton.

Privates Acres, Allbury,  Allchim, Abbott, Atherton, Akester, Ayton.

Privates Baddlev, Barnes, Bateman, Baker, Behan, Blythe, Bohan, Brading, Brettle, Burnett, Buxton, Byrne 51, Bushell, Byrne 98, Brown, Binns, Berville, Birch, Badger, Bannister, Barrett, Barrow, Beattie, Blower, Booker, Brown 73, Brown 79, Bullock, Bushell 01, Butler and Bradshaw.

Privates Chaman, Chambers, Clayton, Coats, Colburn, Coleman, Case, Cook, Carswell Clarke, Corry, Carey, Carr, Carter, Chattawav, Clarke, Coates, Cefax, Cole, Copley,  Cowpley, and Curran.

Privates Dale, Daley, Deamer, Denton, Donegan, Doven.

Privates Easton,  Edwards, EIliott, Ewart, Edmunds, Everest, Etherington and Ellens.

Privates Farrington, Foreman, Fowler, Farndell, Fowler 39, Foy, Far, Fennel, Fowler 87, Fox, Freeman, Fry and Fuller.

Privates Gammon, Gerrard, Godfrey, Gordon 67, Gordon 56, Gore, Goodenongh, Gardner, Green 74, Gadenne, Gainey, Goacher, Green 62, Gregory.

Privates Ham, Harrison, Hiat, Hill, Hilton, Hiscock, Hope, Heslop, Holland, Hunter, Hewitt, Hills, Honeysett, Hadley, Hatter, Hallum, Hammund, Hand, Hankinson, Harper, and Harpley.

Privates Ing and Ives.

Privates Johnson 76, Jones 61, Jones 38, James, Jewkes, Johnson 08, Jones 77.

Privates Keane, Kelly 54, Kettle, Kevins, Kelly 41, Kemble and Knight.

Privates Linton, Lodge, Long 98, Long 41, Lowery, Lynch, Legerton, Lloyd, Lovett, Leonard, Lewis and Lonie.

Privates. March, Mean, Morgan 63, Morhall, Morton, Mulligan, McGinn, McWean, Mulholand, Moonev, March, Meek, Morgan 97, Mangan, Marsden, Mann, Martin, McKenna, McKerete, Mitchell 28, Mitchell 26, Morris 87, Morris 50 and Miller.

Privates. Newman and Nauzer.

Privates. Old, 0wens, Oldbury.

Privates. Pearson, Pedder, Penn, PinKney, Pink, Pollard, Pothecary, Powles 89, Payne, Pocock, Perkins, Plumb, Powles 25, Penfold, Plowman, Porch, Potter, Park, Paul, Pawson, Peacock, Pepper, Poole and Price.

Private. Quigley.

Privates Rix, Robins, Robinson 85, Roddis, RandaII, Rice, Rowlett, Readymartcher, Redfearn, Roberts, Reynolds, Robinson 42, Robinson 02, Roff, Rose.

Privates. Sadler, Sands, Sergent, Scotchman, Shrubb, Shillcock,   Short, Signal, Smith 29, Smith 10, South 04, South 36, Stace, Staples, Stephens, Stewart, Swann,  Sykes,   Searle,  Sherring, Smvthe, Seston, Skelton, Smith 41, Saxby, Scanlon, Scott, Shepherd 01, Shepherd 24, Smith 19, Sparshott, and Sparey.

Privates Tepsell, Tempest, Titmus, Titlev, Thompson 24, Thwaites, Tomsett, Turner, Thompson 60, Thomson 66, Thomas 22, Thomas 92, Tickner and Tillman.

Privates. Voisev and Varley.

Privates Watkins, Williams 99. Wise, Woods;. Wright,  Watson, Williams 75, Warburton, Woodside, Williams 16, Wilkinson, Wittaker. Walton, Watson 40, Western, Wilton, Ward 68, Ward 71, Warner, Wardrop, Waters, Wells, Watts, Westwood 62, Westwood 21, Whitebread, Williams 75, Wilson and Woolley.