John Hudson
Ordinary Seaman, H.M.S. Pearl
Indian Mutiny 1857-58, no clasp.  Impressed naming John Hudson, Ord. Pearl.

2nd China War, 1857-60, one clasp Taku Forts 1860. Un-named as issued.

Naval L.S.& G.C. VR, narrow suspension.  Engraved naming Jn Hudson Capt. Hold. H.M.S. Duke of Wellington.
John Hudson was born in Clapham, Surrey, on 7 December 1837. He joined the Royal Navy as a Boy 1st Class aboard H.M.S.
PEARL on 1st of April, 1856.  Hudson was advanced to Ordinary Seaman in January of 1858, and was paid off on the 16th of
June, 1859. For a portion of this time he served with the Naval Brigade of H.M.S. Pearl in the Indian Mutiny.  Hudson joined
the PEARL again a fortnight after she was re-commissioned on the 12th of August, 1859.  During this commission Hudson
participated in the final bombardment action of the Second China War, while on loan from H.M.S. Pearl to H.M.S. BUSTARD.
According to Captain Douglas-Morris, Hudson was the only man to serve during these two successive commissions of H.M.S.
PEARL.  It appears that only 13 sailors of the Royal Navy earned medals for both of the Indian Mutiny and the 2nd China
War, with only five of these men earning a clasp to their 2nd China War medal.

Hudson was advanced to Leading Seaman in January of 1863.  He attained Inferior Petty Officer rank when he was
promoted Captain of the Hold in 1864, prior to his being paid off on the 18th of June of that year.
Hudson served two more full commissions aboard H.M.S. ENDYMION from 1866 to 1869 and H.M.S. ROYAL ALFRED
from 1869 to 1872, completing his time while serving on H.MS. DUKE OF WELLINGTON.  Hudson received a Long
Service and Good Conduct medal in April of 1875.

The above information was obtained from the discussion of John Hudson’s medals on page 124 of Captain Douglas-Morris’s
seminal treatise
Naval Medals 1858-1880.  
Hudson's group is
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