Thomas Stevens enlisted for the East India Company
forces at Westminster on the 12th of October, 1843.  

According to War Services of Bengal Officers, 1862,
Stevens services was as follows:

“Ensign Stevens served during the Sutlej Campaign,
1845, 1846: present at the battle of Moodkee,
Ferozeshuhur, and Sobraon.  
Medal and 2 Clasps.  
Served during the Punjab Campaign, 1848, 1849.
Present at the action of Deenanuggur, and reduction
of the Fort of Oonah, December 1848.  Served with
Colonel Butler’s Force on the Jullunder Doab, in
January 1849.
Medal.  Served against the Hill
Tribes, Peshawur Frontier, in 1850, 1851.

Present at the action, near Subkundur, in April 1851,
and several skirmishes in the Hills.  Served
throughout the siege and capture of Delhi, from 1st
August 1857, and several times engaged in the
suburbs during the siege.  Served in the Agra
District in 1857.  Present at Futtehghur, 7th January
1858, at Alum Bagh, 7th February 1858.  Present at
the actions near Fort of Jellallabad, 21st and 25th
February 1858.  Present at the siege and capture of
Lucknow, March 1858.  Present at the actions of
Rugun, 15th April, Allygunge, 18th April, and battle
and capture of Bareilly, 5th and 7th May 1858.  
Medal and 2 Clasps."
Received the Commission of Ensign (Unattached) for several
acts of bravery, during the Campaign, 8th January 1859.