Bengal Yeomanry Cavalry

Indian Mutiny Medal, without clasp,
named in correct impressed style to Corpl. Wm. Morey, Bengal Yeo. Cavy.

Contemporary dress miniature Indian Mutiny medal named to
Sergt. W. G. Morey B Y Cavy, with silver ribbon brooch.
William G. Morey is shown on the roll of the Bengal Yeomanry
Lieutenant William Davis.  It is interesting to note that Cornet
Copland also served in 2nd Troop and as a junior
officer would presumably have had frequent interaction with
the NCO’s of the troop, including William Morey.

William Morey’s service with the Bengal Yeomanry Cavalry
which qualified him for the award of the Indian Mutiny medal
is given as him having served with the Sarun Field Force under
the commanded of Colonel (later Brigader) Rowcroft from the
beginning of the campaign in early 1858 until its end in 1859.  
According to Colonel Rowcroft’s dispatches, the 2nd Troop was
active at the Battle of Amorah on the 5th of March, 1858, and
did good service at the Battle of Belwa on the 17th of April,
1858 for which they are specifically mentioned by Colonel
members of the Bengal Yeomanry Cavalry, including one named to D. B. Lamb, with a
clasp for Central India for which his service in the BYC did not entitled him.

David Lamb is shown on a Supplemental Medal Roll as having joined the BYC
subsequent to 8 October 1858, and like Cornet Copland and Serjeant Morey having
served in 2nd Troop.