Little is known about C. Hunneman.  Most probably he was Eurasian and locally recruited.  
As a Dispenser of Medicine he was employed by the Subordinate Indian Medical
Department (not the Indian Medical Service).

Among numerous other medical ranks, there are twelve Dispensers of Medicine listed on a
medal roll for the Indian Mutiny medal dated 11 February 1862, submitted by Lieutenant
Colonel E.B. Johnson, C.B., the Officiating Adjutant General of the Army to the Secretary
to the Government of India, Military Department and C. Hunneman is listed on that roll.  
His service entitling him to the medal is stated to have been the “Campaign in Oude”,
specifically, the action at Doondeekhera on the 24th of November, 1858 and three
subsequest engagements.  No other details regarding C.Hunneman or his service are given.

It is unknown whether a “Dispenser of Medicine” was the equivalent of the rank (and
qualifications) of an Apothecary, a rank more commonly seen on Mutiny medals, which,
unlike today, was a medical qualification, not a pharmaceutical one. It has been suggested
that Dispensers of Medicine were used only by the Madras Army, but no evidence of that
has been found.  All that can be said with certainty is that when appearing on a Mutiny
medal, Dispenser of Medicine was a military rank and not a civilian title.