Commander of the Indian Empire, gold and enamels, first type with “INDIA” on the petals.

Queen’s Jubilee Medal 1877, un-named as issued.

Indian Mutiny Medal, clasp for Central India, named to Lieutenant C. Wodehouse, 12th Bombay N.I.
Charles Wodehouse was born on the 8th of
May, 1838.  He was the second son of Colonel
Philip Wodehouse of Wribbenhall, Bewdly
(1788-1846).  Charles was educated at
Harrow School.

Charles was commissioned into the 12th
Bombay Native Infantry in 1855.  He was
promoted to Lieutenant on the 29th of
December, 1858.

Charles served throughout the Indian Mutiny
with the 12th Bombay N.I.  His war service
is given as:

Seige and Capture of Awah, Siege and
Assault of Kotah, pursuit of the Gwalior
Rebels, and Battle of Bunass.  (Hart’s Army
List 1881.)

For his services during the Indian Mutiny,
Charles received the Indian Mutiny medal
with clasp for Central India, named to him as
a Lieutenant in the 12th Bombay N.I.  

Charles married Jemima Forbes in 1862.  He
was promoted to Captain in his Regiment on
the 4th of March, 1869.  His service
subsequent to the Indian Mutiny seems to
have been more political in nature than
military.  His services are as follows:

1868-1871: A member of the Boundary
Settlement Commission between the states of
Baroda and Rajpuplee.

1871-1874:  Assistant Commissioner,
Hyderabad Assigned Districts (Berar

1875-1880:  Assistant Political Agent,

Charles was promoted Major on the 4th of
March, 1877.

1882-1889:  Political Agent, Mahikanta.

Charles was promoted Lt. Colonel on the 4th
of March, 1883.

1890-1892:  Political Agent, Kolapore.

Charles was promoted to full Colonel on
March 4th, 1887.  He received the Queen’s
Jubilee medal in 1877 and the Queen
appointed Colonel Wodehouse a Companion of
the Most Eminent Order of the Indian
Empire the same year.  (London Gazette 9
August 1887.)

Colonel Charles Wodehouse, C.I.E., died at
sea while returning from India to England on
the 18th of August, 1893. (Harrow School
Register, page 237.)   
Photograph entitled “Group of European men and women
outside the Residency at Bolarum”

Captain Charles Wodehouse appears from the annotation to
be the second man from the left standing in the back row.  
The photo is believed to have been taken sometime between
1868 and 1875.

(Photo copyright of the British Library.)