Medals to H.E.I.C and other Forces
Sergeant Major, Madras Artillery and Royal Artillery: Mutiny  and HEIC MSM
Captain, Bombay Cavalry
Bengal Staff Corps and 38th BNI
Indian Mutiny medal to Lt. 65th BNI one of "the Fighting Ten"
Indian Mutiny medal and Abyssinia medal to 27th Bombay Infantry and Bombay Staff Corps
Lt. Colonel, Madras Cavalry
Indian Mutiny medal to Meerut Light Horse
Lt. Colonel, 8th Bengal Irregular Cavalry
Major General, Defender of Lucknow with the 71st BNI
Five Campaign Medals - General, Skinner's Horse
19th Hussars (late Bengal Cavalry)
Lt. Colonel, 25th Bengal Native Infantry
Captain, 1st European Light Cavalry
Lt.,  1st Sikh Irregular Cavalry
Lieutenant, Lahore Light Horse (late Bengal Yeomanry Cavalry)
Captain, 3rd Madras Light Cavalry
Captain, 2nd Punjab Cavalry: wounded at Delhi
Captain, Golconda Local Corps
RSM 4th European Light Cavalry
Lieutenant, 17th Punjab Infantry
General, Bengal Artillery and Royal Artillery
Private, 1st Bombay European Fusiliers: Punjab, Mutiny and Long Service Group
General, Bengal Cavalry
Lt. Col, 19th Hussars
Major, Bombay Cavalry
An early Victorian group to the Lt. Col, 1st Bengal Fusiliers
Lt. Colonel 1st Madras Fusiliers
A Victorian Trio to a Goorkha Officer
A Family Grouping (Punjab Infantry and various Crown units)
Colonel 5th Madras Light Cavalry
Colonel 44th N.I.:IGS/ Mutiny Pair
Bengal Staff Corps and Commandant 2nd Bengal Cavalry
Bengal  Cavalry and H.M. 21st Hussars
Major General's Victorian Group with K.C.B
A Victorian Group of Four (1st Bengal Fusiliers and 3rd Punjab Cavalry)
Native Adjutant,5th Regt. Oude Military Police Cavalry
Lt. Colonel, 3rd Infantry, Nagpore Irregular Force
Inspector General of Police, North-West Provinces of India
Mutiny and C.B. to a Political Agent
Major General, 15th Bengal Cavalry: Mutiny/ Afghan pair
Colonel, 19th Hussars late Bengal Cavalry
Colonel, 4th European Light Cavalry and Bengal Cavalry
Major General, Coke's Rifles
Sowar, 2nd Regiment Hodson's Horse
Lieutenant, Nepal Contingent
Captain 67th Bengal Native Infantry: trio consisting of  IGS, Indian Mutiny and China medals
Bengal Staff Corps and Commandant 18th Bengal Cavalry trio : Punjab, IGS and Indian Mutiny medals
Lieutenant, 56th Bengal Native Infantry
Captain, 1st Bombay Light Cavalry: Ghunzee, Punjab, Indian Mutiny Group
Punjab/Mutiny Pair-Bengal Cavalry
Sgt Major, Lahore Light Horse and late 9th Bengal Light Cavalry: Scinde, Indian Mutiny and H.E.I.C. LSGC
Colonel, Skinner's Horse
Colonel, 34th BNI and Commandant United Malwa Contingent
Major General 6th Bengal Cavalry
Colonel, Bombay Staff Corps and 12th Bombay Native Infantry
Colonel, Madras Army: China 1842 and Indian Mutiny
Bengal Civil Service