Colonel Francis George Savage Curtis, C.M.G.

6th Inniskilling Dragoons
(late 6th Dragoon Guards.)
Born Teignmouth, Devon, 8 July 1836;  Son of George Savage Curtis, DL.  Married 1858 Philadelphia Mary Grace, daughter of
William Stuart-Menteath.  Education: Eton.  Joined 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers) 15th December 1854;  Served Crimea,
1855 (Medal and Clasp, Turkish Medal);  Indian Mutiny 1858-59 (Medal and Clasp).  Boer War in South Africa, 1884-85
(Mentioned in Despatches and C.M.G.); Commanded Inniskilling Dragoons, 1883-86;  DAG at Cape of Good Hope, 1886-88;
Commanded Troops in Natal, 1891-93; AAG for Cavalry Horse Guards, 1892-93.

Recreation:  Fishing, Shooting, etc.
Club: Army and Navy.

Died 30 June 1906

Source:  Who Was Who.


Cornet (by purchase)                 15th Dec  1854  6th Drag. Gds.
Lieutenant                               24th Sept 1855
Captain                                     5th Mar  1858
Captain (by exchange)                15th Nov  1861  6th Dragoons
Brevet Major                               5th Jul 1872   Army
Major                                       23rd Jan 1878   6th Dragoons
Brev. Lt. Col.                             17th Nov 1879  Army
Lt. Colonel                                 1st Jul    1881   6th Dragoons
Colonel                                      17th Nov 1883   Army
Half-pay List                            13th Sep 1886    (Employed)
Colonel (Substantive)               23rd Oct  1888   Army
Retired                                       8th Jul 1893

War Services

Crimea campaign, 1855: with 6th Dragoon Guards; embarked for the Crimea on 21st July1855, disembarked at Balaclava on 14th.
August. Present at the battle of the Tchernya on the 16th August, where the 6th Dragoon Guards covered a battery of Howitzers
at Mount Hosfort.

Present at the siege and capture of Sebastopol, August and September 1855.

The regiment embarked in “Etna” and “Kangeroo” at the end of November and disembarked at Scutari, then went into winter
quarters until May 1855.

(Medal & clasp, Turkish Medal).

Indian Mutiny, 1857–1858: With the 6th Dragoon Guards stationed at Meerut at the outbreak of the mutiny. Present at the
parade on 9th May 1857, when the mutineers of the 3rd Bengal Native Cavalry were shackled and sentence to transportation.  
The remainder of the 3rd BNI and other native troops, mutinied on the 10th of May and killed many of the European troops and
civilians. The 6th Dragoon Guards, under Colonel Custance, were sent out but did not come into action.

Lieutenant Curtis served with the Right Wing of the Regiment in Brigadier Archdale Wilson's Column; in actions on the Hindun,
30th and 31st May; at battle of Bundlekserai, six miles north of Delhi, on 8th June, where the 6th Dragoon Guards and the
cavalry under Hope Grant attacked the rear of the enemy force. In advance on Delhi, subsequent siege and capture of that city.
Operations under Brig.Showers to west and south-west of Delhi, capturing Rivari, Jijhar, & Kanauri, and returning to Delhi on
19th October. With Colonel Gerrard's Column, 10th - 14th November, including the action at Narnul, where the 6th Dragroon
Guards, under Warlaw, and the Guides, were heavily engaged by superior numbers of the enemy.

In action at Mynpoorie in March 1858, and the action at Kukrowlie on 29th and 30th April, where they served with General
Penny's Column.

Capture of Bareilly on 5th May 1858, where the 6th Dragoon Guards formed part of the lst Cavalry Brigade.
With wing of 6th Dragoon Guards of Brigadier Jones' Column, May and June 1858; relief of Shahjinpore, advance on Mahundee,
and the reduction of Shahabad.

(Medal and clasp.)

Boer War, 1881:

With 6th Dragoons; commanded the cavalry of the column which regarrisoned Pochefstroom.

Bechuanaland expedition, 1884-1885: Commanded the 6th Dragoons in the force under Sir Charles Warren.

(Mentioned in despatches. C.M.G.)

Zululand, 1888:  Served as Chief of the Staff; served in operations against Dintzulu in June and July.

(Mentioned in despatches.)