Medals to British Forces
Sergeant Royal Artillery: L.S.G.C.
Major 9th Lancers: Punniar Star, Sutlej, Punjab and Mutiny Group
Color Sergt, 2nd Bn 15th Foot, late 93rd Highrs and 78th Highrs: A veteran of the Thin Red Line
and the 2nd and 3rd Relief of Lucknow during the Mutiny
Major, HM 82nd Regiment
Colonel 92nd (Gordon) Highlanders
Colonel 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoon Guards
Paymaster and Honorary Lt. Colonel 14th Light Dragoons
Colonel 8th Foot (later General K.C.B.)
Sergeant Major 6th Dragoon Guards: Crimea and Mutiny Long Service Group
A British Cavalry officer who lost his life in an action in which a VC was won.
Sergeant 82nd Regt: Crimea and Mutiny Long Service Group
Two clasp Mutiny medal to a veteran who served her Majesty in multiple forces
Camel Detachment, 72nd Highlanders
Miniature Grouping CB, Afghan, Crimea, Mutiny, Al Valore,  Order of Medjide
Mutiny medal to a Lieutenant 8th Hussars
Family Grouping:- MGS/Waterloo and Mutiny/MSM
Mutiny, Egypt and C.B. Group (19th Hussars)
One of The Noble Six Hundred (17th Lancers)
Mutiny medal to a Colonel, 12th Lancers
A Veteran of the Crimea and the Mutiny (79th Highlanders)